Saturday, August 11, 2007

San Francisco passes resolution condemning radio personality Michael Savage

S.F. CA.- Gerardo Sandoval introduced a resolution Tuesday condemning the “defamatory language used by radio personality Michael Savage against immigrants.” Sandoval’s resolution comes after Savage’s July 5 broadcast, during which he made a number of comments involving a group of students who were fasting to advocate for immigration policy change

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While driving back from Huntington Beach yesterday, I listened to a large portion of Michael Savage's radio program. Sometimes I just can't believe what this lunatic Sandoval in San Francisco gets away with!! The first that I heard about him was when he was front and center in the fight to get that Naval ship out of the S.F. port. He also made one of the most stupid statements I've ever heard!! He doesn't think that the U.S. should have a all!!

How do ignorant loons like him ever get elected?? Are most of the liberal loonie voters in S.F. on drugs or what??

Now, we have this awful situation with radio talk show host Michael Savage. I'll tell you what...they picked on the wrong guy! If and when he makes the decision to counter-sue, he will follow through on his lawsuit against them and he, as well as free speech in this nation will win! He may have to get past the crazy 9th Circuit Court of appeals, but we know that he will keep his word (unlike many politicians these days) and go all the way to the Supreme Court if he needs to!

Note the following from Michael's website:

Iliberalism is not only a mental disorder it is fascist at its core.

This schmuck says my comments are "symbolic of hatred and racism." And they want the City to sue me for "symbolism." There is no basis in American Law for such a suit but the larger point is the astonishing hate speech this putz is engaging in. To stop OPINION by threatening legal action is akin to using the power of the State to control thought and speech. This is something out of Kafka and the ex-Soviet Union. Moreover, this illegitimi is working on behalf of a foreign government AGAINST an American Citizen. Does this constitute harassment against me? My attorney will soon answer this question as I ponder suing the City of San Francisco.

- Michael Savage

This is yet another example why "hate crimes" laws would be so dangerous to our free speech rights in America!!

This is just another example of the far left attempting to force the oxymoronically titled "Fairness Doctrine" down the throats of America's majority who listen to conservative radio.

Michael sees right through their sleezy, slimy, deceptive motives. He's willing to fight against their corrupt propaganda and stupid lawsuits. Even if you don't agree with everything that Mr. Savage says, every normal, rational, conservative American needs to stand by him on this particular issue.


Anonymous said...

I'm not shocked by anything that comes out of San Francisco, it's like a whole other country, thats been infested with a American Hating, God Hating mental disorder.

Everything is racist and Homophobic to them, even when it's not. On a side note, I bet Mental Therapist make a killing in that city!

Bob said...

Well put. It is true, the "hate crimes" and "fairness doctrine" are not truly about protecting anybody. Homosexuals are already protected, if somebody attacks a homosexual they can call 911 and have the attacker tried, just like me.

The issue is speech. Now you can not even say anything negative about homosexualiity without being a "bigot". On the other hand Rosie O'donnel can say Christians are just as dangerous as Islamic terrorists on national TV but we don't call it hate speech and try to get laws written to stop people from criticising Christians. That's the point of free speech. Speech that is aimed at rallying people to violence is already able to be prosecuted by law, we don't need further laws for that. What this is really about is silencing those whom the Liberals don't want talking, Mr.Savage took the brunt this time.

Jaded said...

Someone needs to tell this idiot that the right to free speech doesn't also inclue the right to not be offended by it. If he doesn't like it, he can change the station he's listening to. It's a simple as that.

Jaded said...

(pretend there are no typos in the above comment, please)

Christinewjc said...

Hi Robert,

S.F. is indeed, loonie-ville. That's why I panicked when Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House. Her rabid liberal-left activism is so dangerous. To think that she is 2 steps from the presidency chills me to the bone!

Hi Bob,

Nice to see you back here! I've missed you and your great wisdom!

Your analysis is so true! I just hope and pray that everyday Americans are finally catching on and will reject both stupid ideas.

You wrote:

"What this is really about is silencing those whom the Liberals don't want talking, Mr.Savage took the brunt this time."

Exactly right!!

Hi Jaded,

Typoes? Whaat tipos? (he he)

I think that the liberals know how popular conservative radio, cable TV stations and even conservative internet bloggers and columns are that they have to enforce the oxymoronically labeled "Fairness Doctrine" in order to shut us all up.

They're nothing but Stalinist, commie-pinko fascist, propagandists; as well as truth of the Bible hating loonie left dafts!

(How's that for free 'hate' speech?)