Thursday, September 13, 2007

Change is Definitely Possible!

New scientific study demonstrates that Researchers Say Sexual Orientation Can Change

So much for the naysayers that claim, "change is impossible!"


Jody said...

From Christianity Today:

"Most of the individuals who reported that they were heterosexual at Time 3 did not report themselves to be without experience of homosexual arousal, and did not report heterosexual orientation to be unequivocal and uncomplicated...We believe the individuals who presented themselves as heterosexual success stories at Time 3 are heterosexual in some meaningful but complicated sense of the term."

That applied to 11 people, out of a non-random sample of 98 highly motivated people, with 25 people dropping out of the study, 29 people saying they experienced no change, and 3 people experiencing an increase in their homosexual feelings.

At best, 11% of people experienced a the Larry Craig sense.

And that's being kind.

ebsfwan said...

Shhh...we don't let the facts get in our way...