Friday, September 07, 2007

Osama Bin Dead Still Propagandizing

I find it odd that Osama Bin Hidin’ (who I actually believe has Bin Dead for quite a while now) still talks about Donald Rumsfeld as Sec. of Defense and doesn’t even mention Robert Gates who was nominated (and subsequently confirmed) back in November of 2006.

I wonder. Is it just a coincidence that Osama rama ding dong was rumored to be dead around the same time??

I read the entire transcript (found via Hot Air) and there is nothing in there that could not have been recorded earlier. In fact, it appeared to be a rambling piece of propaganda and most of it could have been recorded over a year ago.

Since we don’t actually hear Bin Laden’s voice (which is a wise move by the media, btw), could the one paragraph that discusses Brown and Sarkozy have been added by someone else? If that were found to be true, would our government be better off telling us about it or keeping it classified? Hmmm….

And…don’t even let me get started on Bin Lunatic's stupid rant at the end where he claims that Jesus is a “prophet of allah” and Jesus and Mary are mentioned in the “nobel” (more accurately, some sections plagarized from the Bible) Quran.

What a propagandist piece of s**t that is!!!

Sorry. It makes me angry when terrorist leaders talk about Jesus as if they had any clue regarding the truth!

I am honored, actually, to be a part of the “neoconservatives” that such filthy terrorists hate.

HT: Hot Air

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Christinewjc said...

P.S. The rabid, liberal left lunatics must be so proud to have some of their "members" (i.e. Chomsky) be mentioned in this latest bizarre piece of "hate America first" propaganda. As some bloggers have already mentioned, the rant sounds like it came from the likes of a Daily Kos post!

Savage is correct. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

What's worse is realizing that filthy terrorists can relate to the democrat mindset and fool them into doing things that actually help the terrorists get what they want through their jihadist ways.

Shameful...simply and utterly shameful!

I pray that no democrat ever becomes president (except Joe Lieberman) of our country ever again!

Jaded said...

First, I think that's pretty unfair of you, Christine. To say that you pray that no democrat will ever become president? Being republican doesn't automatically make someone good. As we can plainly see, some are drunk on the power they have and are as corrupt as corrupt can be. And there are deomocrats who do good work, and are good people and who are Christians. I think it's irresponsible to vote for someone simply because he or she is one party or the other, without bothering to see what the other candidates stand for.

Most reports I've read say that the voice on the tape is really Osama's. They say that the text sounds like it was written by an American who has been charged with treason because of his allegiance to Al Qaeda. Apparently, he says the same stuff about capitalism all the time.

As for the transcript of this terrorist's speech, well, I found one part particularly interesting, when he was talking about how the Koran has mention of the prophet Jesus and His mother. He speaks of this as if the fact Jesus and Mary were mentioned in the Koran makes his assertions that Islam is the one true religion. Of COURSE they were mentioned! Mohammed wasn't even born until almost 600 years AFTER Jesus' death! Mohammed didn't read or write, and based much of the Koran on both the Torah and the Bible. The rest he just made up. Oh, wait, he says that the Arch Angel Gabriel revealed the truth to him over a period of more than 20 years. He lists Noah, Jesus, John the Baptist, David, Job, Joseph and others as prophets. It's not like he could pretend Jesus didn't exist!

It seems to me that if I'm going to believe one person over another, it's going to be the one who is the Son of God on earth, and proved it by rising from the dead after having been crucified. It's not going to be the one who "made up" his own religion and says that an angel told him. Why would anyone believe him when even HE admits that Mary was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus?! None of it makes sense to me.

I know there are those who thing both scenarios are crazy. That's fine. But even Mohammed knew that Mary was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus. No other 'prophet' before or since has been conceived by a virgin. That only happened to prove that Jesus was the Son of God, with the true word from His Holy Father.

I'm rambling, I know...I'm tired! I hope that made sense!