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Directionless Apathy

The phrase "War On Terror" was an accurate one. I don't know about readers here, but I had always felt safe under the protection of the Bush Administration. Not so with ObamaFraud in office. Somehow, the phrase "Overseas Contingency Operation" sounds more like a child's board game from the 1970's and does not properly express the danger that we face in this world due to Radical Islamic Terrorism.

I had several titles in mind for this blog post. They included: "Obama's Detrimental Policies," or "Panetta's Pantywaist Blame of Cheney," or "The Left Now in Uncontrol of Events."

Nah...those other titles might be good, but "Directionless Apathy" is more descriptive of the clueless ObamaFraud and his hapless appointees.

In response to Panetta's drivel against Mr. Cheney. Guess what Leon? Dick Cheney is no longer vice president! Sorry...but you're stuck with that clueless idiot and verbal gaffe machine - Joe Biden.

But allow me to switch gears a bit for a moment.

I have become a fan of the T.V. show "Burn Notice." Since it is now in its third season, I have some episode "catching-up" to do! I have already seen the first season and many of the second season episodes. Last night, my husband and I watched the end of season one, a two-part cliffhanger. It was really intense and good!!

Too bad the "burn notice" idea can't be used for politicians! Lol! I can certainly think of a few that our nation could (and should!) get out of office and replace!!

Even though it's just a T.V. show, the main characters have strength, purpose, excellent training, fearless execution of often dangerous tasks, care for protecting loved ones, empathy for helping out people in danger, and heroic and brave attitudes in fighting the good fight.

The Bush Administration may have made some mistakes, but I always felt that President Bush and his Cabinet members had the best interests of this nation front and center in all that they did.

I do not get the same feeling about the Obama Administration.

Everything that they are busy doing is undermining our strength, robbing our tax money and placing a huge debt upon our children; nationalizing banks, corporations, and businesses; making America and our brave military members around the world less safe... etc. I could go on and on - but most clear thinking and intelligent Americans already see the big picture. It's known as Marxism destroying Capitalism. Dangerous Progressivism replacing our Constitution and Charters of Freedom - and destroying the Conservative values that our Founding Fathers based this nation on.

Our current government is not telling us the truth about anything anymore.

While reading The NEIN Blog - Report: French DGSE Find Islamic Jihadists Were Onboard Air France Flight 447 one commenter used the terms "directionless apathy" [which is where I got today's blog title] to aptly describe the weaknesses of the Obama Administration - especially when it comes to fighting the War on Terror.

Question: Why didn't the Lamestream Media of Mass Deception report that Islamic Jihadists were on board Air France flight 447? Why would the Obama Administration want to keep such a thing from being generally known by the American public?

Well...perhaps the following blog post excerpt gives us a hint.

Lame Cherry: Leon Panetta - CYA [CYA means "Cover Your A**]

What sounds like a "political spat" (at first) turns out to be much more.


The good news is CIA Director Leon Panetta is a CIA man CYA. The bad news is the CIA by Director Panetta's statements just confirmed in The New Yorker Magazine that a massive or massive series of terrorist attacks are in the final stages against the west by the Islamocommunists backed by the Bolshevik's, Maoists and central European axis.

Director Panetta's quotes of,
"I think he (Vice President Dick Cheney) smells some blood in the water on the national security issue".

"It's almost, a little bit, gallows politics. [Note: there's that word again...recall Obama uttered "gallows humor" when he appeared punch drunk on 60 minutes??] When you read behind it, it's almost as if he's wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point."

Translates as, "Vice President Cheney has a direct off the record briefing feed tracking the terrorist movements and planned attacks which he is speaking of.

The Vice President in pointing this all out prophetically before the events will gain a great deal of support for Conservatives who have correctly labeled Barack Obama's policies as making America less secure.

My (Panetta's) comments are designed at this point to try and alleviate the entire damage in this on the CIA who Democrats will blame as the nation blames Barack Obama".

None of this is a good sign for America if the CIA Director is moving to try and protect the CIA and deflect as much "blame on Cheney as his speaking of this brought this on" to protect the left now in uncontrol of events.

It is astonishing to witness the cover up going on in the downed French flight. This blog noted immediately in analysis that the jet broke up violently at altitude and it took days for the "experts" to even confirm this to the press.

France and it appears the entire west (if this 99% terror event was somehow a 1% combined multiple malfunction of an Airbus which has never experienced such a condition ever), is just like in TWA Flight 800 trying to buy time in covering this up, so it will not have to be dealt with.

The problem is that this French flight was no doubt a test run and that multiple terrorist teams are now positioned to bring down multiple flights. Logic would dictate that a combined event would not be over water to cover the evidence, but in the next stage to bring the jets down over populated areas for ground collateral damage.

The terrorists with the intelligence, transportation and logistics support could hit in any of one hundred ways or a thousand combination of ways.

This is what Leon Panetta knows from the intelligence coming in and he also knows, but will never admit it that Barack Obama's detrimental policies have magnified the risk factor by 10 and within 6 months the risk factor is going to be 100.

Barack Obama is showing weak to every despot and he is really pissing off people in North Korea who have nuclear bombs and is really steaming Jews who do not like being lied to, pushed around or told to wait around and die.

See Obama by negating Mosaad and the IDF in American briefings which President Bush included specifically, is sending a message to Jewish intelligence that they might not have to share intel like before 9 11 and it would be in Mosaad interests if America was attacked again.

Silence goes two ways. Obama humiliating the Jews by keeping them in the dark, means Jews who have operational information have stopped briefing Panetta's CIA.

Know what this means people? Leon Panetta DOESN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!

Lame Cherry ends with some chilling thoughts:

There is not any way of stopping the events in the pipeline as they are flooding ability to police them.

Obama has ruled out the only option which might stop this in a massive pre strike on key positions, the key position is Iran.

For the common Citizen, 9 11 should have taught them to have already moved from large cities, not to fly commercial, not to be in areas of mass gatherings and not to vote for Obama.

Obama proves the masses learned nothing as Darwin candidates.

It only makes strategic sense for Iran, North Korea, Syria, Hamas, Russia, China etc... to not wait for Obama policy to shift on his learning curve. To strike when there is weakness is to create a 100 fold more force blow. Obama has taken a struggling America and strangled her to weakness.

This is why Leon Panetta is CYA.

You voted for this America. You got your hots in Sarah Palin being assaulted. You laughed with David Letterman. This is your policy and the blood of the French flight is the beginning.

Your responsibility Obama voters. Soothe yourself though like Leon Panetta in trying to deflect this on Vice President Dick Cheney pointing it all out.

Hat Tips:

The NEIN Blog

Lame Cherry

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