Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obama's Health Care & Cap & Tax Plans Disastrous

This morning, Fox News did a report on how private practice is making a come back in Canada. Why? Because people like one woman in the story would have had to wait 30 months for an MRI. She paid the expense of flying to the U.S.A. and got her exam (and was found to have a brain tumor and given 6 to 9 months before she would be completely blind) and treatment within days. The doctors stated that she would have died if she had to wait 30 months.

Obamacare is more like ObamaDOESN'TCARE! It will end up being a death sentence - especially for the most vulnerable people - premature born babies and the elderly, not to mention all of us in between those stages of life!!

Most Americans are happy with their health coverage. You certainly wouldn't get that same answer in Britain or Canada - where nationalized health care has become a nightmare!

Wake up America!! Don't let this terribly expensive and horribly inefficient ideology of the rabid-liberal-left trap us into such a failed health care system!!

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Also read The Heritage Foundation: Real Health Care Reform

Beware of the other ObamaFARCE!

CNS News: CBO Ignores Economic Impact of Democrats’ Climate Bill

Although people are so angry that this bill passed the House, I have heard that it will be difficult to get it passed in the Senate. THANK GOD! However, take NOTHING for granted!! Call and email all the senators telling them NOT TO PASS THIS AWFUL TAX BILL DISGUISED AS A "CLIMATE BILL." WHAT A CROCK!!!

Link to Heritage Foundation Video on Cap and Trade.

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Glenn Beck video clip: Title:
What Lies Beneath?
Published: Mon, 29 Jun 2009

Description: What provisions are buried in cap-and-trade bill?

From The Obama File:

Obama Suppresses His Own EPA Report

A top Republican senator has ordered an investigation into the Environmental Protection Agency's alleged suppression of a report that questioned the science behind global warming.

The 98-page report, co-authored by EPA analyst Alan Carlin, pushed back on the prospect of regulating gases like carbon dioxide as a way to reduce global warming. Carlin's report argued that the information the EPA was using was out of date, and that even as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have increased, global temperatures have declined.

"He came out with the truth. They don't want the truth at the EPA," Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla, a global warming skeptic, told FOX News, saying he's ordered an investigation. "We're going to expose it."

The controversy comes after the House of Representatives passed a landmark bill to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, one that Inhofe said will be "dead on arrival" in the Senate despite Obama's energy adviser voicing confidence in the measure.

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Anonymous said...

obama and his crones are trying to pass bills that are not even written down nor reviewed OR made public!!! WTF

how can this happen