Monday, November 08, 2010

The Collapse of the Global Financial Market

I finished reading Dr. David Jeremiah's book, "The Coming Economic Armageddon" this week. I think that every person - not only every Christian - should read this book!

In the latest T.V. installment, Dr. Jeremiah points out some very interesting details about the ancient city of Babylon as recorded in the Bible (and the tower of Babel that was being constructed) while he shares the ties that Saddam Hussein and our current sinful culture has with the emergence of the new Babylon. The coin [Note: see coin in Turning Point video - link below] created with Hussein and King Nebuchadnezzar gives proof to the fact that Hussein was intent on rebuilding Babylon.

After Saddam Hussein's demise and the huge victory of the U.S. military in Iraq, the work on rebuilding Babylon is continuing. Don Koenig of The Prophecy Years is quoted as saying in his piece "The Rebuilding of Babylon":

The only thing that is holding up the rebuilding of Babylon Iraq from emerging into a world class tourist center for the rich and famous is the violence in Iraq and the development of their oil. Some now think that Iraq has larger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia and by 2020-2030 Iraq could be [the] world's leading oil producer.

That statement coincides with what Dr. Jeremiah shares in this week's television broadcast. He states, among many other prophetic signs, that oil will be the "booty" that all the world will be going after which will ultimately lead to the battle of Armageddon.

The similarity between what happened in Nebuchadnezzar's time and what is prophesied in the Bible to happen in the end times is quite fascinating - and very scary if you are not a saved Christian.

You can watch yesterday's broadcast at the following link:

David This Week’s Television Broadcast
The Collapse of the Global Financial Market Week of November 7, 2010

When we think of the world's great cities today, we think of New York, London, Tokyo, Rome, and others. But a city is coming in the future--an ancient city that has lain dormant for ages--that will dwarf today's world-class cities in opulence, commerce, finance, and sin.

The last chapter of Jeremiah's book gives us such hope that all of the previous chapters of doom and gloom melt in the warmth and light of the reality that will come when Jesus Christ returns to judge the world and create his kingdom on earth for 1,000 years in the Millennium.

Dr. Jeremiah gives solid advice as to how to prepare for what is coming. Most of all, we are instructed to prepare our hearts, minds, and souls for what will surely come to pass. We are instructed to do what really matters - evangelism. Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all who have "ears to hear what the Spirit says to the churches." Tell anyone willing to listen about why Christ died on the cross at Calvary and what that means for all who answer his question correctly (as Simon Peter did), "Who do you say that I am?"

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Susan Smith said...

Hi Christine,

Some say the kingdom of God is upside down. Scripture tells us God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise; God has chosen the things the world counts weak to shame the strong (1 Corinthians 1:27).

Maybe things do sort of run in reverse! My hearing seems to be getting better as I get older! I liked your words, especially when you talked about the “warmth and light of the reality that will come when Jesus Christ returns…”

You are beautiful when you talk about Jesus! You are loved!! (ss)

Christinewjc said...

That's a great Scripture to share and an accurate point that you made Susan!

How true it is that our "hearing gets better" as we age! I can attest to that! I think of how clueless I was in the past when I didn't read or study God's Word. The amazing thing is that we NEVER stop learning from the Bible!

Thanks for the encouragement and the love!

Love in Jesus,
Christine said...

I am of the opinion that even if we face an economic collapse, God will use it to draw His people closer to Him. More "luke-warm" Christians will seek a deeper understanding of the privileges that we enjoy as members of the Body of Christ- Praise God that we are in the world, but not of the world! Haggai chapter 2 delivers some real encouragment on this subject-