Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Greatest Stunt and Scam In American History?

Talk Wisdom Reports, You Decide. The question being asked within the video below: "Is Barack Obama a Saudi Muslim 'Plant' in the White House?" Could it be that we were set up by the Muslim world and perhaps the king of Saudi Arabia? Could this be why Obama bowed to the Saudi king in 2009?

Certainly explains the "bowing" incident to the Saudi king - doesn't it?

Hmmmm.....perhaps this is why the Fox News Channel allows Glenn Beck to go after George Soros, and all the socialists, Marxists, Communists etc. related to the ObaMAO administration on his daily television show. But have you noticed that Beck doesn't touch the subject of Obama's Muslim ties? Even when Beck did a mini-history on him, he skipped over Obama's obvious Muslim background while a child in Indonesia.


Could it be because the Fox News Channel is partially owned by Saudi investors?

I'm admittedly a bit lazy at the moment (strained muscle in my back doesn't help either) so I'm giving readers here an assignment. Find out if the Saudi king (and the investors at Fox News Channel) are Sunni Muslim or Shiite Muslim. Might be interesting to know. We know that these two sects within the Islam have been at each others throats for centuries. I'm also wondering if that American Born "radical cleric" [more specifically - RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST] Anwar al Awlaki is Sunni or Shiite?

As time goes by during this pResident's first term, only more questions, doubts, fears, and concerns come up about just who this guy REALLY is!


Hat Tips:

Commentator Jacqlyn smith at Citizen Wells Blog

Islam Watch


Teresa said...

It certainly is quite possible that Obama is a Saudi Muslim plant.

madmath1 said...

Anything evil coming from this man wouldn't surprise me anymore.

Anonymous said...

It is becoming quite clear that Obama has a higher agenda than serving America. He is a dangerous man.