Thursday, November 18, 2010

Soros Owns Obama (Added Links)

With all that we know about billionaire, hate-America atheist George Soros and how he funded ObaMarxist 's presidential campaign, how could anyone believe that Obama is a genuine Christian believer? I wrote about the evidence that showed Obama was not a Bible-believing, born-again follower of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, way back in 2008. My suspicions have continued to be confirmed over the course of the last two years. Take a look at the 60 plus posts I have written on the topic of Muslims not to mention how many posts you would find here on Radical Islam and how Obama and his evil cohorts always seem to take the side of Islamists, while hating ordinary Americans who protest at TEA Party events!

Today, I wanted to revisit that first linked post and reiterate the reasons why my points were highly accurate regarding Obama's fake Christianity.

Ask yourself this question. Since Soros absolutely hated George W. Bush (a professed born-again Christian) and spent billions to (unsuccessfully) prevent Bush from becoming president both in 2000 and 2004, why would Soros spend additional billions backing Obama if he ever thought or believed that Obama was a genuine Christian? Just that fact alone supports my belief that Obama is anything but a Christian. Who knows what he is. An atheist? An agnostic? A secret Muslim? All three? Pretending to be all three?

We do know that Obama is a socialist, Marxist, redistribute-the-wealth red diaper doper baby (thanks for that descriptive title, Michael Savage) because the history of his life, including his parents, show them all to be atheistic, Communist-leaning socialists who desire to "transform America" from what the Founders intended (Constitutional Republic) into a member of a global socialist-like "utopia" nation. Trouble is, we know how each and every Communistic experiment in history turned out. Millions of people murdered!

New Zeal has a post up today introducing the blogosphere to a new site called Six Degrees of George Soros. There are some names there that I don't immediately recognize, but I plan to read up on them and their connections to Soros.

I find it somewhat amusing when Glenn Beck shows concern for Obama's "safety" because Soros & cohorts might "cut him loose" from the puppet master strings if he doesn't do their bidding while usurping the Oval Office. I don't think that Obama would be in any danger to his person, per se, but perhaps his political career would come crashing down when all of the media gets the word to trash him because of his failed policies. I suppose Beck has to be magnanimous in his attitudes towards Obama because of the Saudi influence over at Fox News Channel. As I have stated many times before, it is eerie how Beck can go on and on about Obama's Marxist connections to Soros, but his Muslim roots and associations are never investigated by Beck & Company.


Anyway, the fact that someone like John Podesta (see following link)

Did CAP’s John Podesta Urge The President To Use The Armed Forces To “Advance Progressive Change”?
posted by nicedeb at Nice Deb » Did CAP’s John Podesta Urge The President To Use The Armed Forces To “Advance Progressive Change”? - 4 hours ago
John Podesta’s policy recommendations for the President have garnered quite a bit of attention in the past couple of days, mostly because of his unconstitutional (and hypocritical) advice on the use of ex...

would write to suggest that Obama rule by executive order fiat and make Congress irrelevant should chill every American to the bone! If you have been on the sidelines thinking that all is well, you need to WAKE UP and take notice that the progressives would do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to keep Obama in power.

We shall see how far the new House in Congress will go (especially the work of Darrell Issa) in exposing all of the criminality that surrounds this White House group of America haters and traitors. The mote of sewage is growing exponentially around these people with each passing day. How much longer will the American people stand by and let their freedoms be taken away by these creepy criminals?

God help us in our hour of need!

Hat tips to all links.


More evidence of public enemy # 1 - George Soros' - unethical, criminal, unconstitutional, dangerous and anti-American shenanigans:

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