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The 112th Congress Makes It An Historic Day

The new 112th Congress with the huge Republican majority is certainly a breath of fresh air! The stench of corruption led by the biggest corruptocrat of the Democrat Party, namely Nancy Pelosi, has been stripped of her powerful position. How scary it was to realize that she was second in line behind Biden to the presidency!

With John Boehner at the helm, and the many freshman members (many of which are TEA Party supported), perhaps the House will be FINALLY cleansed from the wasteful government spending and the damaging 5.2 trillion that was added to our nation's debt under Pelosi's rule.

I attempted to watch the entire historic reading of the U.S. Constitution on the floor of the House, but was called away for some of it. I started watching it on the Fox News Channel, but when I noticed that they were not revealing who was a Democrat or Republican when each representative was reading their particular segment, I switched over to C-SPAN.

I wondered whether or not any protesters would interrupt the proceedings - especially when the reading of Article II Section 1, clause 5 (only Natural Born Citizens qualify for POTUS) was read. Like clockwork, a single protester did shout from the gallery. You can read about it over at Gateway Pundit:

Bummer. Screaming Protester Interrupts Reading of Constitution – Upset About Obama’s Citizenship (Video)
posted by Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit - 10 hours ago
Bummer. After all of the resistance by democrats then this happened… A protester interrupted the reading of the Constitution on the House floor today screaming about Obama’s eligibility to be president.

There is some discussion about whether or not the protestor was a plant by the Democrats, but the "Birther" is revealed at Death By 1000 Papercuts.

Anyway, it wasn't until I saw The Glenn Beck Show later today that I found out that some portions of the Constitution (deemed "offensive" by some members) were NOT read out loud during the session. Glenn pointed out (as he has done in the past on his show) that the 3/5ths clause was actually a way for the Founders to start the process of freeing the slaves!

Another portion that was left out was the Eighteenth Amendment (known as the prohibition against alcohol), but the Twenty-First Amendment (which included the repeal of the 18th) was read on the floor.


Well, at least MOST of the U.S. Constitution was read during this historic start of the 112th Congress!

While I watched the reading of the Constitution, I noticed that C-SPAN included some details about each Congressperson under their name and party affiliation. It was interesting to see so many freshman Congressmen/women get into office through winning some very close races! I don't have names to share, but some wins were by margins of 1 - 3 points, while other victories were won by just 500 votes!

I think that God, in His mercy on America, answered our prayers and gave us this huge victory to help us bring America out of the clutches of the Socialist, progressive movement being forced upon our nation by Obama and his evil cohorts, back towards what our Founders had created - a Constitutional Republic!

We must remember that God has created unique people to accomplish a variety of purposes throughout the world. Of course He would also follow through in the same way here in America. We may not always agree, but each person's influence has a unique role to play. Sometimes it is difficult to remember that.

As an example, some commentator once quipped that if Obama hadn't become president, then the damaging agenda and goals of the progressive socialist movement would not have been so highly exposed as it has over the past two years. Americans would still be asleep and not awakened like they were through the efforts of the TEA Party movement and shows like Glenn Beck's radio and T.V. show on Fox News Channel.

I see it now as God's goal to put ourselves (America) in situations that may even scare the crap out of us in order to wake us up out of our stupor of complacency regarding our liberty, freedoms, and the ability to pursue happiness in our lives. We were, individually and as a nation, put in a place where it genuinely required God to come through for us. And He has!! But it's not over - not by a long shot!

There is a saying, "there are times like these that try men's souls." But is it possible that those particular times have been the most meaningful and satisfying in our lives? Could we admit that they were actually the times when we truly experienced life and God? After all, Jesus DID warn us that "in this life you will have tribulation (trouble). But take heart! For I have overcome the world."

Isn't it times like these where we pray more? Depend on God more? Grow closer to God? Pursue Christ more?

Living for Christ takes deliberate pursuit and attentiveness. I know these facts intimately because I have been on the other side (before becoming a Christian) and can now see how much I ignored God during those years!

I know that I wasn't very conscious of heaven in the past. But Dr. David Jeremiah's book, Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven study guide helped change that!

I love the devotional that talks about Greater and Lesser Lights. Dr. Jeremiah concludes at the end of that devotional:

Only by taking His light with you can you enlighten the world.

The gift we Christians are given in the Holy Spirit describes what we are to be doing to advance the kingdom of God during our brief life on this earth. In the following passage, it is Jesus Himself speaking:

I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. When he comes, he will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment...When he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. - John 16:7-8, 13

Without the Holy Spirit of truth in our lives, we cannot be guided "into all truth." Some may have a portion of the truth, but just like the mistake that some people make about the meaning of the 3/5ths clause in the Constitution, they can also make mistakes about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God's Word, the Bible which exists to lead us "into all truth."

We never stop learning from God's Word! And with the guidance of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18 tells us, "Be filled with the Spirit.") in our lives, we know that being "filled with the Spirit" isn't a one-time endeavor, but is something we are to do always and repeatedly.

I have found that when I am caught up in the scary chaos of what is going on in the world, [special thanks to my blogging friend Stevex09 for that link!] I am not focusing very clearly on "what the Spirit says to the churches." [See Revelation 2:7 and 2:17]

When you and I appear at the Judgment Seat of Christ, I pray that we will all be able to proclaim what Paul did in 2 Timothy:

2Ti 4:7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished [my] course, I have kept the faith:

2Ti 4:8 Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.

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