Monday, January 10, 2011

A Note To Sarah

I think that it is AWFUL that so many in the Media of Mass Deception are trying to pin blame on Sarah Palin for what that lunatic murderer did during his shooting rampage in Arizona. The following is what I recently wrote on Sarah Palin's FaceBook page:

Dear Sarah,

I heard your heartfelt response to Glenn Beck's letter to you on his radio show today where you denounced violence of any kind towards anyone. Thank you for being the very classy lady that you are and not falling for all the vitriole the rabid leftists spew at you.

I know that Jesus is your "Rock" and your faith in Him gets you through the ugly mess that people often sinfully cast against you. In this world of hateful rhetoric, you stand strong and above it all.

Our Lord loves you, and you love Him. No matter what the haters say about you and/or your family, they can NEVER take away what you and Todd have accomplished.

The Lord must have great things in store for you because the totally undeserved persecution going on against you is spoken of and revealed in the Bible about those who follow the Lord Jesus. I'm sure that through it all, the Lord Jesus is saying, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."

God bless you and your lovely family!



GMpilot said...

If you wish to send a mash note to Sarah Palin, I don't especially care. But why expose it to us here? We all know where Facebook is.

BTW, have you gotten the correct name of that anti-government, anti-immigration, anti-Zionist, white supremacist group...called "(something) Renaissance” that Loughner was supposedly a member of? Or has that resolution gone down the hole?

Christinewjc said...

Unless you are willing to search through thousands of comments, I thought it better to post it here also.

The name of the group was "American Renaissance." Apparently, one of the group leaders claims that they never heard of Loughner so he probably wasn't a member (unless the leader deliberately lied about it).

Anonymous said...

"The Journal reported that Smith did not think Randy Loughner had worked since his son was born, but raised the child while Amy Loughner had a steady job."

"Smith told the paper that he did not know the couple's last name until Saturday, despite having lived across the street since 1972."


You pretty much have to blame society for Jared Loughner. He bought ammo despite having been arrested for drugs so blame the judge for him passing a background check.

The left doesn't want to ban Grand Theft auto. Their argument is probably that people play it but then they don't immitate it in real life because they would say it is only a game and they have rights.

Why aren't some books banned in America?

Why do some people want to read Mein Kampf or the Communist Manifesto?

And the two quotes from the web show that the parent(s) weren't involved with their neighbors.


GMpilot said...

One can't blame all of society for Jared Loughner, Sosthenes. After all, the same society that produced him also produced you--and unless you also stalk public officials with a gun, there's a world of difference between you and him.

Grand Theft Auto has been on the market for over 13 years now. Did you just notice it, or did you play and lose, that's got you so upset about it? No one tried to ban Left Behind: Eternal Forces despite the fact that the player had to convert or kill everyone he encountered, but it died a quick death because it was so unplayable.

No books are currently banned in America, but many have been--or hadn't you noticed?

If the Bible were subjected to the same standards as other books are, it too would be limited to adults only, if not banned outright. Murder, mass murder, incest, extortion, adultery, mutilation; I don't think even Grand Theft Auto contains all of that!

Why do some people want to read WorldNet Daily, or Gone With The Wind? The answer in all cases is because they want to. I read Hitler's book because I wanted to; I read Marx's book because I was advised to. In the military it's considered wise to study what the enemy thinks and reads.

Some families don't like getting involved with their neighbors. If you lived adjacent to people who had frequent visits from the police, for instance, would you want to involve yourself with them?

Anonymous said...


He didn't get in trouble a lot before this so the cops weren't regularly called and you would think the neighbors would have been friends before Jared was born. He is approximately 22 so 2011 -22 = 1989 and the family has been neighbors since 1972?

"And comparisons are being made between Loughner and Robert De Niro's crazed character in the classic movie Taxi Driver."

If Jared was really misguided by political rhetoric then would you be the first to take him home after 20 years if he could possibly be eligible for parole? Would you reform him or would you become like his victims because if you become like his victims then it really isn't anything Palin said especially when the alleged shooter allegedly said "words have no meaning".

[Quote]Gardere tells INSIDE EDITION, "Someone who would shave their head like that, who would shave their eyebrows for no apparent reason is someone who is trying to get rid of some sort of a persona and perhaps switch into another one."[Quote],-the-face-of-evil.aspx

He set up altars in his back yard. He was possibly mentally ill or allegedly under the influence of drugs and demons.


Jinx McHue said...

"No one tried to ban Left Behind: Eternal Forces"

Oh, really? No one?

That's an awful lot of "no ones."

"despite the fact that the player had to convert or kill everyone he encountered"

Not true. Not even close. Such accusations are based upon lies and not any knowledge of the actual gameplay. I've played the game and there is no "convert or kill everyone encountered" in it.

Anonymous said...

I saw this article that someone else wrote so I thought I would share it:

My Name is Betsy. I'm a Killer.