Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Roger Ailes Tells Why Beck & Palin Were Nixed + Christie's Speech

A big hat tip to Gulag Bound for pointing out an article over at - Roger Ailes: Beck, Palin Were 'Branding Issue'

Personally, I think that Gulag Bound's title of "Roger Ailes Tells Why Beck & Palin Were Nixed" is a more accurate title.  It has become increasingly obvious that Fox News is leaning left.  How sad.

Last night, I was watching Hannity's repeat broadcast at 9:00 PT. Hannity was showing Gov. Chris Christie's speech at the President Ronald Reagan Library. Governor Christie was invited via letter by Nancy Reagan to be the keynote speaker. As Gov. Christie started to tell the truth about Obama, Hannity's coverage of the speech abruptly stopped. Was this by design? After reading about Roger Ailes in the above article, I would venture to say that it certainly was by design. Just like the rest of the media of mass deception, Fox News Channel is leaning towards the leftist side of the political spectrum these days.

When Hannity stopped broadcasting Christie's speech, I went over to C-Span, hoping that it was being covered there. It must have been a repeat broadcast because at the time I changed the channel, Christie was just beginning his speech. [See entire speech at C-Span: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Remarks at Ronald Reagan Library Event] So I listened to the first part again and was very pleased to hear what he had to say against Obama's terrible non-leadership and awful policies. It was so good to hear about President Ronald Reagan's leadership again and hear famous quotes he made. I truly believe that Reagan was one of the last true American presidents. Others since then have shown agreement with the "new world order" and have adhered to the global initiatives that the progressive left and RINO progressive right have imposed upon our nation. To hear Gov. Christie state that there is no need to apologize to ANYONE in the world regarding America, and when he discussed Reagan's belief in American exceptionalism again - I found myself thinking how awesome and refreshing his words were!

Back to the Fox News Channel.

My husband and I have tried to watch "The Five," - the Fox News Channel show that replaced Glenn Beck in that time slot. Bob Beckel is way to annoying (and WRONG every day!!) and all the rest of the panel does is argue. Even five people (some of which I like and admire) cannot hold the attention of viewers like Glenn Beck did. I would love to know what the ratings are in that time slot now. Anybody reading here know? I'm sure that viewership has absolutely plunged since Glenn left.

Also, I didn't realize that Sarah Palin lost her "Fox News Contributor" role. But now that I think of it, she has only appeared on Greta's show lately. I found it really distasteful that several commentators at Fox are now saying that Sarah should not run for the presidency. What back stabbers they all are!!!

Back to Christie's speech.

Governor Chris Christie shared a quote from then Senator, Barack Obama in 2007, who claimed that he would unite this country. After almost three years of his bullying kind of leftist/Marxist/Islamo-fascist Frances Fox Piven strategy and Saul Alinsky lies, division, and harm against America, people are seeing how much of a mistake the election of Obama was in 2008. Slogans like "2012 - The End of an Error" are cropping up all over the blogosphere.

I am so glad that Christie spoke out against Obama. And, he used Obama's own lying words against him!

I shake my head in disbelief at all of the corruption that this current bAdministration has wreaked upon our nation. I pray that they don't get away with the Gunrunner/Fast and Furious Scandal or the Solyndra $535 billion dollar taxpayer dollar scandal! These people belong in JAIL - NOT THE WHITE HOUSE!!

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