Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Somber Tenth Anniversary of 9/11/01

The grief we all felt on that horrible day just comes rushing back. This morning, as I tuned the T.V. on to C-Span and watched the reading of the names of those killed on 9/11/01, the pain, sadness, and grief all comes back as if the terrorist attacks just happened. Seeing children, who appear to be around the ages of 10-14 reading the names of loved ones at the podium is heartbreaking. Most of them were either infants or up to the age of 4 when this awful tragedy happened to their loved ones.

I could not help but notice the absolute grief on the faces of Michele Obama and Laura Bush. Laura was visibly crying as the cameras panned over to where they were standing with their husbands.

Seeing the names listed along the very long edges where the pools of the Ground Zero memorial stands, makes us realize how many were lost - close to 3,000, when maniacal religious terrorist Muslim zealots used airplanes as missiles and crashed them into the two towers of the World Trade Center and into the Pentagon. The last plane, on that fateful day, in which the heros of Flight 93 fought back and caused the place to crash before reaching its intended destination was the first American effort to fight back against the terrorist cowards. The lives saved on that day by the courageous efforts of the passengers on Flight 93 cannot even be calculated. It is truly satisfying to see the word "deceased" across the face of Osama Bin Laden at the end of one of the 9/11 documentaries.

But the war on terrorism continues to this day. Our brave military will do the work necessary to wipe them out. It will happen, one day. If not by our military strength, then by God's hand when He chooses to send Jesus Christ at the culmination of all history.

We will never forget all of those innocents who lost their lives on 9/11/01. We will keep their loved ones in our thoughts and prayers, asking God to continue to comfort them.

We continue to pray for protection from all evil.

Our Father, who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy Name
Thy Kingdom come
Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day
Our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil

For thine is the Kingdom, and the power and the glory now and forever. Amen.

May God bless our nation - the United States of America.

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    Anonymous said...

    Hello Christine;
    I hadn't visited for a while; but I knew you'd have something edifying about 9/11 and I was right. Thank you for sharing your feelings.
    I doubt seriously you wouldn't want to know mine, as we differ greatly emotionally on the subject. Of course I feel the saddness and heart felt sorrow for the victims of that tragic event. But I feel much more anger and outrage. I'm not going to intrude on your blog with my thoughts beyond that. Many of my very conservative friends don't agree with me, yet I can't escape the fact that we "apt to close our eyes against a painful truth".
    I hope you have a good week.

    Christinewjc said...

    Hi Steve,

    Glad to see you back here. Even though we may disagree on exactly what caused the terrorist attack on 9/11/01, I'm sure that neither one of us know all of the facts on the incident.

    After seeing the corruption that Obama & cohorts are getting away with, I can visualize a scenario where something was not properly done to prevent the terrorist attack on 9/11/01.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts. People who post comments here don't always agree with me anyway. Also, I have many, many blog posts where I discuss content under the "Talk Wisdom Reports - You Decide" label. When it comes to knowing and understanding what is the truth or what is a lie in the everyday world we live in, it can become difficult to discern. However, there is One in whom we can turn to who IS the ultimate truth - Jesus!

    In my personal life, I have found that things I thought about certain instances and people were not always correct. In one recent revelation - the information proved to be much worse than what I originally thought. I can be quite naive in that way.

    We want to think the very best of people - especially those closest to us. But sometimes the truth coming out destroys what we previously knew about them. It is heartbreaking.

    It helps to realize that only one Perfect Man has ever lived - Jesus Christ. When we focus on Him, His Word, the Bible, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit then we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. It is the truth that matters most anyway. The truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. On that we can completely depend and find solace in times of trouble.

    Jesus told us, "In this world you will have trouble (tribulation). But take heart! For I have overcome the world."

    It has become increasingly difficult to tell people about Jesus Christ and the Gospel. It's not politically correct to claim that one knows (or has) the absolute truth. But you and I KNOW Who does hold the truth! And it is in Him that we can rest in His grace and mercy.

    Again, Steve, please feel free to share your thoughts here at any time. I'm glad that you found my post uplifting.


    Anonymous said...

    Thank you for your most kind reply Christine. I need to ask you to pray for a dear friend of mine for nearly 40 years who does missionary work in Africa. He goes several times a year and may go back in October to Tanzania and possibly Sudan. I fear for his life. Please kind of include him (Dale) in your prayers if you would.
    I suppose to have an unedited, un-watered down of how I feel about 9/11, if you have a chance, visit my blog at Cry and Howl. The home page should have several posts concerning that topic. I really need to check out your other blogs and I promise I will soon. Take good care and have a great week.
    Your friend in Texas,

    Christinewjc said...

    I am happy to include your missionary friend Dale in my prayers. Already sent one up today! God bless him and keep him safe during his travels into such dangerous areas.

    This morning, I read a story about Georges Houssney who has been witnessing to Muslims for 40 years. His stories are riveting. His family had suffered attacks for years and he became a thug to fight against the Muslims, avenging his family and ancestors. But when he read the gospel of Matthew, he became a Christian found his heart changed towards evangelising Muslims. He wrote that more Muslims come to Christ after 9/11 than at any other time in his ministry. He wrote a book called "Engaging Muslims" and I plan to order it soon.

    One effort to try and share Christ with a Muslim was many years ago when a man came into my home to replace the Culligan water filter. It was then where I learned that many Muslims believe that Judas was crucified on the cross - not Jesus! He actually tried to get me interested in the religion of Islam. I countered every one of his arguments with Scripture. I did encourage him to read the Bible. I stated that the Bible tells us (in Revelation) not to add to this book. I mentioned that the Mormons added their book and therefore, it is not genuine Scripture. I had hoped he'd take the hint that the Koran was also adding to the Bible.

    I don't know what influence or affect I had on that young man. But at least it was a civil discussion.

    My only other encounter with a Muslim was via my blog several years ago - a woman came on here to state Koran passages and stand up for her religion. Eventually, she never returned. I guess I gave her too many Bible verses to counter her beliefs?

    I did read your blog posts about 9/11. I can see how upset and angry you are about what you perceive as truth being suppressed. Suppressed truth is rampant these days and as I stated before, it is difficult to discern the truth about things when men lie continually here on this earth. It is depressing to dwell on all of the lies coming out of the Obama administration. They are piling up so fast now that I can't even keep up with it all!!

    Anyway, thanks for continuing to visit and comment at my blog. I truly appreciate your input and insights!

    God bless,