Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hooray For Herman Cain!!

What an ABSOLUTELY PLEASANT SURPRISE it was for me today to learn that Herman Cain won the Florida GOP Straw Poll!!! The more I hear from this man, and the more I learn about this man, the more I like!!

My stats have indicated that I have been getting hits at this blog almost every day where the person typed in the question, "did Herman Cain vote for Obama?" Even if he what? My brother (and several other relatives who wouldn't listen to my warning about Obama) voted for him back in 2008 and I have forgiven them for their errors! Ha! Many have admitted what a huge mistake they made.

The individuals who typed in that search phrase about Mr. Cain found the following blog post entitled Herman Cain Opens Up About Obama. It wasn't quite what the searcher was looking for, but at least they had the chance to read that way back in April, Sarah Palin endorsed Herman Cain as her possible choice for the GOP nomination.

I thought that Mr. Cain's debate answers in the Fox News/Google/YouTube debate on Thursday were awesome! Hearing about his personal struggle with colon and liver cancer, his victory over the dreaded disease, and how Obamacare would have slowed the process for his treatment and complete recovery, was one of the best moments of the night.

Nice Deb as a great post up about Mr. Cain.

And the Fox News Channel website article has over 4,328 comments!!

There is a lot that I like about Herman Cain. He is supportive of the platform of the TEA Party (and does a great job countering the false accusations that the TEA Party is racist). He is a successful businessman who knows how to create jobs because he already has done so in the private sector. He would most likely chose a great VP and Cabinet - based on the knowledge of the individuals, not because he needs to pay back supporters (like Obama did with the liberal lunatics and union bosses). He is a Christian, he loves America, and HE IS A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN OF AMERICA! His 999 tax idea sounds wonderful, and he is NOT an establishment Republican type like Romney and Perry.

I still need to do more research and learn more about Mr. Cain, but what I already know about him makes me so happy that he is breaking away from that previously "unknown" status due to winning the Florida Straw Poll!!

Way to go Herman!

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