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Herman Cain Opens Up About Obama [Update]

I became interested in learning more about possible presidential candidate Herman Cain when he was endorsed by Sarah Palin.

Mr. Cain discusses the fact that he wants Obama's eligibility proof because he himself is willing and able to produce his own long form COLB. You can read the entire interview here:

WorldNetDaily: Another presidential hopeful wants Obama eligibility proof
Says during interview: 'I'd produce birth certificate. End of discussion'

One point that Cain hit upon has been utmost in my mind ever since Obama came onto the national scene. I have had many of my own questions about how Obama mistreats Christianity and disregards our Christian heritage. I think that it is appalling how he mistreats Christians who adhere to Bible-based faith and happen to be Conservative in their morals and values. Obama's fuzzy faith is highly apparent in all of the things that he does (omitting "Creator" three times from the Declaration of Independence), as well as the things he doesn't do (Read the Bible or go to church regularly).


He [Herman Cain] earlier leveled another type of criticism against Obama.

He said Barack Obama's long list of incidents in which he disregards America's Christian heritage may be intentional.

"I have been able to get the pulse of the American people of not only what's in their head but what's in their heart," Cain told CBN News Correspondent David Brody in an interview. "What's in their heart is they love this country. They love the values upon which this country was founded, and they don't like it when the president omits 'endowed by their Creator' from reciting the Declaration of Independence."

Brody asked Cain, "Do you believe that was intentional by the president?"

"I believe it was intentional because he did it three times, two of which I know about, and a friend of mine actually knows of a third one," Cain answered. "With all of his teleprompters, how could you not put that in there? No. I believe it was intentional."

The initial reason why I could never vote for Obama for office was the fact that his ideology was so rabidly pro-death to unborn babies that he voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act of 2000 - legislation that allowed medical personel to give medical care to babies born as a result of a botched abortion attempt. The second reason that I could never vote for him was because I perceived him as being such an overtly fake Christian. It appears that Herman Cain sees right through his facade as well.

Read it all and view a brief video HERE

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Update Alert! I have made the decision to utilize my The Way of God in Truth blog for the purpose of warning Christians about all the reasons why they should NEVER vote for Obama.

In the 2008 election campaign, Barack Hussein Obama lied to just about every group that he appeared in front of at his campaign rallies. Now that we have seen the carnage his awful policies have created, the further destruction of our economy, the ineptness of his handling of foreign affairs, the anti-Christian rhetoric that he and his minions project via the media, and the horrible anti-Israel, neo-Fascist, pro-Islamic, anti-Christian, anti-Constitutional Republic Fabian Socialist agenda that is being forced upon our people and nation, I have decided to dedicate this particular blog to alert my Christian friends to all the reasons why NO true follower of Jesus Christ should EVER elect this man for ANY government position - especially when it comes to the presidency of the United States of America.

The presidential election of 2012 is going to be THE most important in the history of the United States. Will we drift further down that despicable Fabian Socialist, radical Islam appeasement road with pResident Obama? Or has our country FINALLY been awakened to the dangers that this puppetman and his puppet masters have wreaked upon our beloved nation and elect a Conservative who believes in the Constitutional Republic ideals that our Founders created?

Christian voters - what would God have you do in such a time as this?

In this effort, I am willing to post essays, commentary, guest blogger emails, and blog posts from other blogs out there that share the same concerns and want to alert the voters - all voters, but especially Christian voters who may not be paying close enough attention to the carnage of the Obamafraud administration - here at this blog for the duration of time until election day of 2012.

I will begin with a blog post that I recently posted at Talk Wisdom blog.

In Christ's Service,

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