Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Paul Ryan & GOP Heroes vs. Obamafraud

I watched most of the budget plan presentation that was laid out by Paul Ryan and several Republican House members online at FoxNews.com. The reason that I missed some of it was because Fox News Channel T.V. abruptly cut away from the press conference to allow a commentator to speak about what had already been discussed. After a commercial aired, I had hoped that the press conference would be presented back on T.V. When it didn't, I checked the other cable stations and they had commercials airing. It was then that I decided to go online so that I could watch the entire presentation without interruption.

Why did Fox do that? I'm highly disappointed in them. It appears to me that they are now leaning left towards what Obama would want presented (and not presented) on T.V. What an absolute shame! What a sham! Maybe the broadcast station went back to the GOP news conference. I hope it did. But thank God for the Internet and live streaming video to assist us in getting all of the information that the American people need to read, hear, and see!

I even checked C-SPAN, and the news conference wasn't broadcasted there either. Sometimes they re-broadcast later in the day so I will check the schedule in order to see the parts that I had missed.

It was kinda weird that the cameraman did not show the chart that Rep. Ryan had on display and referred to during the discussion. However, I did get a glimpse of it at the end of the segment and saw a high red line going steeply up over the years which was what the do-nothing spending pResident would want (and possibly the Dem controlled Senate) for our nation's future. This was in stark contrast to the green productive course that Ryan, using CBO numbers and the plan he laid out in detail during the press briefing, would give towards the future of our nation and our children and grandchildren over the next decade.

After the video was over, the front page of FoxNews.com showed this headline:

"Sources Tell Fox News That the White House Won't Except GOP's Short-Term Spending Bill"

This Manchurian pResident isn't even hiding his contempt for the will of the American people and their desire to get out of the debt and deficit quagmire we are in; while increasing job growth and fiscal dicipline to STOP THE HUGE AMOUNT OF GOVERNMENT WASTE!!

Ironically, I recently watched the movie, "The Manchurian Candidate." Although it was different in some ways from what we are currently experiencing with this radical Islamo-fascist, Fabian Socialist, (be sure to look that term up!!!) Marxist, anti-Israel, pro-Islam, anti-Founding Fathers, anti-Constitutional Republic Manchurian pResident (who is actually just a puppet of the Soros-led puppeteer billionaire and radical Islamic clerics, and Communist Union boss influencers [please note: I did NOT SAY UNION WORKERS]); in other ways it showed exactly what the evil powers-that-be who buy votes through lying and covering up criminal acts can do to wreak havoc and chaos upon our beloved nation and WE THE PEOPLE!!

I will continue to share the truth here at this blog so that more Americans who are doing searches on the Internet to find out all of the lies of the radical leftists in control of the media of mass deception are spinning and purposely hiding from all of us. Unfortunately millions of individuals who were lied to and fooled by Obamafraud in 2008 fell for his "hopey,changey" hooey campaign fairy tales. I pray to God that they won't get fooled again!



Read The Path To Prosperity [Note: PDF form].

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