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Beck's Show: In Defense of Israel

The Glenn Beck Program aired "In Defense of Israel" yesterday and it was one of the most important, most riveting, and highly effective topics that he has ever presented on his show!

It is so chock full of pertinent information that I need to watch the video again in order to absorb all that was stated by the guests and presented during the show!

Watch Glenn Beck: In Defense of Israel

Commentary at site:

Tonight: A must-see program. Why should the U.S. be standing with Israel? Israel is the only country in the Middle East that shares American values. They are constantly provoked and attacked, yet despite having a heavy nuclear arsenal they have not yet launched a single one. If that wasn't enough- in the Bible, God promises His wrath on those who turn against Israel. We should be standing with them- but at least so far, we have chosen to remain silent. Joining Glenn and the studio audience tonight are Pastor John Hagee, Rabbi Joseph Potasnik and former Israeli Amb. to the United Nations, Dore Gold.

I personally think that it is terribly appalling how this current U.S. administration has treated the Sovereign Nation of Israel and her current leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as the military and all of the people of Israel.

After you watch the entire show, think about all of the instances (e.g. the flotilla incident, the brutal murder of a Jewish family etc.) and recall how this current gangster government masquerading as "leaders" of our nation, reacted (or didn't react) to such incidents. The media of mass deception (except for Glenn's show on Fox) didn't even discuss the murdered Jewish family.

How disgusted most of the American people (who are paying attention to what is really going on) must be to see one of our most loyal and treasured allies in the Middle East being treated like "enemies," while this administration caters to the REAL ENEMIES - the radical Islamists and dictators in the Muslim world! How much more are we supposed to take of this!!!!????

The election of 2012 can't get here fast enough.

I think that the press is lying about Obama's favorability ratings. I think that they are MUCH LOWER than they are presenting in the so-called polls that are out there.  I pray every day that God would have mercy on our nation and that Obama WON'T be re-elected.

As I had stated before in this previous post, America needs a candidate who loves God, His Word, and our Nation! Included in loving God and His Word is the fact that the nation of Israel is the "apple of God's eye" and the people of the nation are HIS PEOPLE!!

Lest we forget, during the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, Jesus was a Jewish carpenter! His ministry was first for the Jews, and then for the Gentiles.

One thing that stood out to me during the broadcast was a brief exchange between Pastor John Hagee and Rabbi Joseph Potasnik where Hagee mentioned the return of the Messiah. He stated that the Rabbi and him may disagree on Who the Messiah is. But it was interesting to note that the Rabbi said, "I want to be there with you."

This reminded me, once again, of an exchange that happened between Reverend Billy Graham and Larry King one night when King was interviewing Graham on his show. The dialogue went something like this (paraphrased here):

Billy Graham: If Jesus were to return today, what one question would you like to ask him?

Larry King: Is this your first or second visit to this earth?

Yes. It is true that some Jews do not see Jesus Christ as the Messiah they have been waiting for. They did not recognize Him when he came to this earth to save mankind from his sins over 2,000 years ago. But what happens when Christ returns and they DO recognize Him at His Second Coming? This is what many Christians believe will happen.

There are also Messianic Jews who hold to the Old Testament traditions, but also recognize Jesus Christ as Messiah.

I do not mean to be simplistic within this commentary, but I hope that what I have shared (though, definitely not comprehensive) helps demonstrate the unique relationship between Christians and Jews and why we must STAND IN DEFENSE OF ISRAEL!!!

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