Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Conservatives Need To Examine Trump Carefully! [Updates]

I must admit, there are a LOT of things that bother me about Donald Trump and his bloviating on his possible run for the presidency. Have you noticed? He is on almost every network out there in media-of-mass-deception land!  First of all, doesn't it seem strange that so many in the liberal leftist T.V. land are willing to interview him about the "birther" issue?  I still can't decide whether Trump is genuinely concerned about Obama not being a legitimate president, or if Trump is pushing the "birther" issue in order to:

1.  Fool Republicans into making him their GOP candidate.

2.  A "plant" by the leftist Democrats to continue the shift away from the REAL issue - the impossibility that Obama could ever be a natural born citizen of the United States of America because his father (if, in fact, his biological father was Obama Sr.) was never a citizen of the United States.

If you have been viewing many of Trumps interviews lately, perhaps you will notice the huge differences between Trump's interviews and the following CNN interview of Orly Taitz:

Creating Orwellian Worldview: CNN John King Shows Invalid COLB

If you watch the video all the way to the end, you will see how the other guest shouts down Ms. Taitz when she brings up the fact that Obama used (or is still using) a Connecticut social security number that was previously given to someone else. O'Reilly tried to shut down that fact on his show a while back [be sure to view the video at above link and watch Reverend Manning’s excellent analysis of Bill O’Reilly’s lying performance]
by claiming that Obama's father lived in Connecticut for a while and therefore, that is why Obama Jr. has a SSN from there. However, the sequence of numbers does not match numbers given out in 1961. Apparently, it matches numbers of someone much older. There is also a problem with the number used for Obama Jr's selective service application.

[Update: For more information about the fraudulent SSN:

The Steady Drip: Three Straws That Break aka Obama's Back]

Anyway, back to Trump.

While reading comments over at Patriot Action Network: Donald Trump, “If I Run, I’m Running as a Republican” there are some commentators who believe that "the Donald" would make a great candidate. Others, (like me) are far more cautious. Let's not make the same mistake with Trump in 2012 that the voting public made with Obama in 2008!

Take special note of the following comments and links:

 Reply by Cheri Vaughan 15 hours ago

By Gary P Jackson
Jonathan Hoenig, Managing Member of Capitalistpig Asset Management LLC, has some harsh words for “The Donald” in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal’sSmart Money blog: [emphasis mine]
Successful businessmen are oftentimes the worst defenders of capitalism. Recent financial interventions began not with President Obama , for example, but with the $30 billion bailout of Bear Stearns under the supposedly fiscally conservative Bush Administration and then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, former head of Goldman Sachs ( GS: 160.42, -1.05, -0.65% ) . The TARP slush fund , onerous Sarbanes-Oxley regulationand prescription drug entitlement were all their handiwork too.
Both Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway ( BRK.B: 81.68, -0.58, -0.70% ) and speculator/philanthropist George Soros are successful businessmen with extremely anti-capitalist ideals. Buffett proudly advocates for a highly progressive income tax where earnings are looted from one segment of the population and transferred to another . Soros has long supported centralized planning and heavy government intervention in the free market.
Yet because of their great individual wealth, their ideas are championed as business-savvy proposals which would lead to a stronger, more prosperous economy.
They would not – and neither would those of Donald Trump.
For example, Trump professes to support free trade, yet proposes a 25% tax on imported goods from China to level what he sees as trade imbalances in the global economy. It’s a contemptuous proposal which would immediately punish Americans by raising the price on virtually everything we buy.
He has also called for regulators to stop European stock operator Deutsche Börse’s ( DBOEY ) planned $9.5 billion buyout of the NYSE Euronext ( NYX: 37.85, +0.26, +0.69% ) , telling Fox Business Network, “I don’t want foreign countries owning the New York Stock Exchange.” If he was the president, he added, he “wouldn’t even have allowed the discussions to take place.” In a capitalist country, shareholders make that kind of decision, not regulators . Trump sees a clear role for governmentpicking winners and losers in the economy, just the same as the previous presidents he claims to critique.
On top of that, he has pushed for a one-time 14.25% tax on the rich as a means of supplementing funding for Social Security and Medicaid, along with universal health care .
Philosophically, those positions are indistinguishable from the anti-capitalist political establishment now in power.
Trump, of course, is free to run and support whatever platform he wishes, as are his many fans across the country. But despite his personal fortune, they should know his proposals and political philosophy are far from capitalist.Punitive and redistributionist taxes, centralized planning, barriers to trade and an entitlement “social safety net” are all ideas straight out of Karl Marx , not John Galt .
You need a person like me to run this country for a while because we have to get this country back so that we’re respected again.” Trump told CNN recently.
A businessman whose proposals seek to destroy capitalism? There’s nothing to respect about that.
Read more here.
The old saying “buyer beware” has never been more appropriate. Donald Trump is not what he seems.
Voters were hoodwinked by Obama and his rhetoric. Trumps record and ideas are more in line with Barack Obama [and Karl Marx] than any Conservative or Tea party member.
Trump is simply playing his supporters for fools, just like Obama did to his in 2008.

Reply by Kathleen B. Collins 12 hours ago

Thanks for passing Gary P. Jackson's clear and informative political analyses of Donald Trump.  I was also beginning to be duped by him, i.e. until I was told to listen to Mark Levin at: http://www.therightscoop.com/levin-rips-donald-trump-to-shreds/.  whose analysis is ultimately the same: Don't let his rhetoric fool you. There is no difference between Obama and Trump!

And there are MANY MORE postings to read regarding why conservatives, and especially TEA Party Patriots, should not be duped by Trump! In order to educate yourself, please read all of the posts by Cherie Vaughan over at Patriot Action Network:

Cheri Vaughan's Discussions


Hat Tips to all links.



The NEIN Blog: Barry Soetoro's Hidden Past

He's the biggest fraud EVER in the history of the United States of America!!


Alaphiah said...

I understand your caution. However I have noticed that Christians and Conservatives in general do not fight for what we believe. Scriptures tell us to contend for the faith.

Look around at this society we have allowed the enemy to take authority over it.

Donald Trump is not perfect. Yet he is the only one who is fighting for the most important thing. The integrity of the Constitution.

You think it's about a birth Certificate? Not so. It is about the idea that Democrats believe they can change the constitution be disregarding it.
ie the borders and Soetoro's eligiblity.

Every other conservative is afraid of this fight because Democrats have bluffed them off of it but not Trump.

Who can argue that these is enough evidence to warrant that the president show the American people at his is eligible?

I heard someone say today Obama doesn't have to prove it he's already president. Can you believe it?

The only problem with that reasoning is if people like you and me demand that he prove that he is a natural born citizen in full compliance with the constitution he cannot continue defrauding us if that is what he is doing. In any event it is his duty to belie the doubts of the American people to the best of his abilities.

Christinewjc said...


Thanks for coming by and commenting. Love your blog, BTW.

Don't get me wrong, I am glad that Trump has gotten the attention of the public on Obama's ineligibility issue. However, I am still being cautious about supporting him for president for all of the reasons that I included in this blog post. I don't want America to make another mistake like they did with Obama.

There are others who are fighting for the integrity of the Constitution. Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Allen West, just to name a few. However, they may not have the exposure or celebrity that Trump has.

Here in CA, so many Republicans were fooled by Arnold Schwartzeneggar. I wasn't. I voted for Tom McClintock who is a Conservative Republican. He would have cleaned up Davis' mess whereas Arnold only made it worse. Arnold is a RINO. And that is what I fear about Trump, too.

But I do see your point about the good qualities Trump possesses.

Trump may turn out to be quite the hero if he gets to the bottom of the eligibility issue and exposes the truth about Obama. As Sarah Palin once said, "more power to 'em." I'm just not sold on that power being the position of POTUS.

You wrote:

"Every other conservative is afraid of this fight because Democrats have bluffed them off of it but not Trump."

There are many conservatives who have been on this issue for three years! The trouble is, the media of mass deception refused to give them much air time to share their concerns. And when they did, it was only to ridicule them.

But they couldn't ignore Trump. That's one good thing!

"Who can argue that th[is] is enough evidence to warrant that the president show the American people {th]at h[e] is eligible?"

You won't get any argument from me against the need for that!!

"I heard someone say today Obama doesn't have to prove it he's already president. Can you believe it?"

Oh yes. I can believe it. The liberal bias on this issue is absolutely astounding. Could you imagine how crazy the libs and media would be if Bush tried to pull off such a scam??

"The only problem with that reasoning is if people like you and me demand that he prove that he is a natural born citizen in full compliance with the constitution he cannot continue defrauding us if that is what he is doing. In any event it is his duty to belie the doubts of the American people to the best of his abilities."

No argument from me on this one either! Trouble is, pride filled Obama is so used to lying and getting away with it for over 3 years, I bet he thinks he's invincible. We know what the Bible says about that, now don't we?

Pro 16:18 Pride [goes] before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.

Euripides said...

Trump won't garner the Republican nomination because he's not the usual Republican insider. If he runs as an independent, he'll pull enough conservative votes away from the Republican so that Obama wins the election.

That alone is enough to make me distrust him, even though he's not afraid of taking on the current government establishment.

GMpilot said...

I warned you about Trump already, hostess.
With the talent the Cons have in their corner, why throw it away and bet on a guy like Trump?
What does he have to offer besides his claim that Obama is actually a foreigner? What's his stand on foreign policy? The deficit? Libya? The environment? Does he sound like the GOP's best hope, or is he just another one-trick pony?

But if he's your choice, let him run! He'll go the way of Ross Perot, and you guys will spend another four years lamenting a wasted opportunity. When it happens, I will refrain from saying I told you so...but I won't refrain from a chuckle or two.