Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ongoing Saga of Obama's POTUS Ineligibility

The ongoing saga of Obama's ineligibility to be POTUS continues with several must read blogs that have many details previously not shared here at Talk Wisdom blog:

1. The Right Side Of Life: Eligibility Update: HI Democrat Party Analysis, Trump Continues the Hunt

2. Radio Patriot: The long and winding road…that leads to his door.

3. The Daily Pen: OCON DOCS: Hawaii Ballot Chief...Grandma, Called Obama To Hawaii In 2008

I am glad that Trump is keeping Obama's ineligibility front and center in the news. No matter how the media of mass deception would like to spin it, the fact remains that Obama is hiding something - AND HE'S HIDING SOMETHING BIG! In Obama's own [slightly paraphrased here] words, 'The only people who refuse to tell the truth, are those with something to hide.'

Yep....and YOU Mr. Obama-Soetoro-Dunham...or whatever your real name is certainly have proven that you have something to hide. Otherwise, why not release the long-form COLB? Why spend almost 2 million dollars to keep the truth from coming out in all of the court cases???

Hat tips to all links.

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