Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Who Will Be Blamed For Gov. Shut Down?

If the Democrats think that the Republicans might be blamed for the possible shut down of the government, they need their heads examined! I do not even think that the media of mass deception will be able to spin this one. Take a look at the poll results (so far, as of 7:13 a.m. PT) over at Fox News:

America's Newsroom Poll
In case of a government shutdown – who’s to blame?




America's Newsroom Poll
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RESULTS SO FAR  (as of 7:13 a.m. PT):

Republicans                          1.16%

Democrats     93.8%

Both                                     4.86%

Neither                                 0.18%

Go vote! Fox

Poll Update @ 10:11 a.m. PT:

America's Newsroom Poll
In case of a government shutdown – who’s to blame?

0.86%   (30 votes)

93.19% (3,256 votes)

5.84%   (204 votes)

0.11%   (4 votes)


Just in case you need more proof of the conniving spin that Democrats in the Senate want to place on the current budget battle, read this email that I received yesterday:

Hat Tip:

MRC Action
From the Desk of:
David Martin, Executive Vice President
Media Research Center



Last week, microphones caught left-wing Sen. Chuck Schumer giving marching orders to other Senators on how to best attack fiscal conservatives.

Laying the groundwork to blame Conservatives for any impasse in the ongoing budget fight, Schumer said it was important to describe as "extremist" any proposed budget cuts and the fiscal conservatives pushing them.

Schumer's underhanded tactics and bravado about defying the will of the voters are due in large part to his knowledge that the Obama-aligned media will protect him and his tax-and-spend liberal cronies.

Any doubt about the slavish relationship that the media have with Washington, DC leftists can be put to rest, as all three networks chose to ignore this major gaffe by a leading DC liberal.

Media Research Center Founder Brent Bozell discussed this during his appearance on Friday's "Fox & Friends". Click to watch the segment and to take action to break the "unholy" alliance that exists between President Obama and the liberal media.

+ + Budget Showdown Demands Your Attention!

Christine, Schumer's unwitting comments exposed the liberals' budget strategy. This isn't about deficits or the burdens that they place on our children and grandchildren. This is about power. Chuck Schumer and his friends in the liberal media would rather turn our country into an economic basketcase than allow conservatives to successfully cut spending.

Liberals like Schumer know the media are on their side. They know that even when opposing baby steps towards fiscal sanity, their hatchet-men in the liberal media will defend them while rushing to blame Tea Party Conservatives for their "extremism."

As liberty-loving Americans, we must be aware of what is taking place between the media and liberals in Congress and respond with solidarity and strength!

That's why the MRC has marshaled its bias-fighting resources to expose, neutralize and break the Obama-media alliance. But, we need to quickly build a coalition of citizen activists who are willing to work with us to break this radical leftist scheme!

Go here now to watch Brent's Fox News interview and to take action with the MRC by adding your name to our important petition demanding the media end their unhealthy and dangerous partnership with Obama and his leftist cohorts.

David Martin


Euripides said...

Sure, FOXNews can say that, but left in the hands of MSNBCBSABCNN, the media will still find a way to blame the Republicans for a government shut down AND make the shut down seem worse than a melted reactor in Japan.

We can always count on the consistency of the media....

Christinewjc said...

Sadly, you are probably right Euripides. However, maybe the general public has wised up a bit more and is no longer taking the word of "MSNBCBSABCNN" as gospel anymore? We certainly can hope so! I need to work on an appropriate negative acronym for all of those initials - ha!

Over the weekend, I ran across a woman who watches all of the networks and "forms her own opinion" about what is real and honest, vs. what is false and distorted. She labeled herself as a "moderate Republican." We agreed on many issues but her liberalism was obvious when it comes to social issues.

But...(and this is a big "but")...she dislikes Obama but admires Hillary Clinton and the job she is doing as Secretary of State! I asked her how Hillary could have taken the job when she and Bill obviously disagreed VEHEMENTLY with Obama in the primaries and we got on a discussion about how Hillary was forced out by the Obamafraud machine at work within the progressive/socialist/Marxist rabid left wing of the Democrat party. But she never did answer my original question.

She also stated that she doesn't think Sarah Palin is presidential material. I wanted to tell her what Jay Leno (I think?) said when Bristol Palin was involved in "Dancing With The Stars." He said something like, 'at the rate Obama is going, even Bristol Palin could defeat Obama in the next election!"

I think that the media spin machine isn't working anymore and intelligent people WHO ARE PAYING ATTENTION will NOT get fooled by Obama's crap a second time around.

Euripides said...

Conservative thought has two things going for it, the power and truth of the US Constitution and founding principles, including the morality of Christianity and the new media where such principles can be shared throughout the internet despite the best efforts of leftist media. A case in point is MSNBC's attempts to get more and more dogmatic in order to attract viewers, only to alienate most but the radical left. Newsweek, the New York Times, all are failing to the new media and the center right ideology of the US.

Christinewjc said...

VERY good points, Euripides. The leftists were demolished in the 2010 election and I think that with all of the scrutiny going on against Obama and his hidden records, there is no chance that he would be re-elected unless widespread voter fraud occurs again.

I hope that Trump reveals what his investigators are finding out in Hawaii and keeps telling the public that Obama was an unvetted candidate in 2008. Plus, the criminality surrounding this evil administration can't be concealed forever. The truth always comes out!

I'm SO GLAD that Speaker Boehner is NOT backing down on his promises to the TEA Party in this budget battle. The Dems will be held accountable for the looming shut down of the government.

The latest update of the poll at Fox News:

America's Newsroom Poll
In case of a government shutdown – who’s to blame?
1.11% (46 votes)

91.85% (3,810 votes

6.89% (286 votes)

0.14% (6 votes)

Dan E said...

Unfortunately, I wouldn't rely on a FOX News poll NOR an MSNBC poll for the full picture of national voter thought on the issue. Since most viewers of Fox are conservative, I would bet that many of the respondents align with a blame on the Democrats. If MSNBC or other outlet did the polling, it would probably be skewed to the other side.

I guess my point is that I never give too much credence to these polls in the media. We almost need an independent statistically diverse sample and poll - that is what I'd be interested in.

Christinewjc said...

Dan E,

I'm sure that there are plenty of polls out there. But all the rest are most likely to skew leftist.