Saturday, December 29, 2012

G. Beck's Monologue: The exotic life of Barack Obama

As this video goes on, the more I chuckled; and eventually broke out into a belly laugh!  It does start out with a serious and dangerous quote of a  statement of violence against whites.  However, as the discussion goes on, the hilarious monologue that Glenn does with the audio of Obama's book describing a zoo in his childhood back yard led to the biggest belly laugh!  Enjoy:

Of all people, Barack Obama should know that Americans are not a people that are close-minded or bigoted. Need proof? No one has had a more unique upbringing than the President. And yet, could a man with the diverse and exotic life of Barack Obama been elected President if Americans weren’t a nation of people who were open-minded? Glenn lays out all the evidence in the amazing monologue above!

And if you need a reason to watch, check out some staff photos from the rehearsal at this link!


It's the end of the year...we all need a laugh!

~  Christine


Hat tip: Glenn

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