Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Brief History of Significant Events in the Bible. [Update]

There seems to be a deep divide amongst Christians regarding the new History Channel mini-series called The BIBLE

Joe Kovacs of WND has written an article claiming how unbiblical it is; claiming that "Famous Christians of today deviate from Scripture in TV series." However, he certainly takes the opportunity to hawk his own book.

I think that the problem could have been alleviated from the very beginning if the producers titled the mini-series differently. Since they could not possibly include the entire Bible in a 10 hour, 5 week series, they should have included a subtitle which reads, "Brief History of Significant Events in the Bible."

This commentator at WND writes:

I’d say the the TV miniseries “The Bible” is not only unbiblical, but totally disappointing, and even more so because of the professed “deep Christianity” of the producers ["Just how unbiblical is 'The Bible'?"].
My family watched the entire first episode, and even the kids said, “They sure left a lot out.” From the way things jump around it’s almost as if this is a MTV video production. The producers did NOT have the conviction of their beliefs and just kissed the behind of political correctness.
We sure won’t be wasting any more family time on this load of slop. We learned a lot more about the Bible and Bible history from (irony of irony) the History Channel’s “Battles of the Bible.”
Mike Martin

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/03/no-more-of-the-bible/#VDP2gzqhlEoftA8A.99
People are certainly entitled to their own opinions, of course.

I will agree that "it skips around" a lot and the fact that there are portions that appear to be "politically correct" [e.g. when the Sodomites were after the angels that appeared at his home to help Lot and his family escape before God's judgment destroyed the city, the reason why these men wanted to "know them" sexually was completely left out].  Apparently,  it was safer not to stir the ire of the homosexual community than to tell the truth of the matter.

Also, I read elsewhere an opinion that since Samson came from the tribe of Dan, it wasn't possible that he could be black.  While my husband and I were watching that particular episode, we wondered  whether or not someone would bring up the "race card" about the actor who portrayed Samson.  It wasn't long after that I discovered a blog post that did just that.  *Sigh*  Haven't we had ENOUGH of that over the past 5+ years of this BADministration utilizing such tactics?

Another thing.  It wasn't nice to make Satan resemble Obama.....

Nah!  Just kidding!  Psych! 

The blogs and Twitter universe lit up about it, but I didn't see anything about it on the Lamestream media.  Now...if the character of Satan had been portrayed by any Republican or Conservative look-alike, the media and late night comedians would have been all over it!  I only saw an article written at Fox News where the producers claimed that the resemblance was accidental and not done on purpose.  They obviously didn't want to offend anyone in that instance, either!  How ironic that millions of people saw Obama in that portrayal!  The actor doesn't even look like that in real life.

[Update on 3/20/13 @ 8:03 a.m. PT:  Yesterday, several Fox News analysis and talk shows discussed the fact that the depiction of Satan in the mini-series, The BIBLE, did resemble Obama.  These are the shows that I happened to be watching that covered it:  The Five, The O'Reilly Factor, and Hannity.  I don't know if any other news stations on cable or regular TV had any segments on the controversy.]

In the comment section of this post a new blogger visited here at Talk Wisdom and shared a Face Book page dedicated to questioning the authenticity of the mini-series. Today, while re-visiting the page I noticed that Jim Wallis (a liberal leftist who claims to be Christian but supports social justice issues like abortion and homosexual behavior) apparently provided some commentary about the upcoming episode that includes the Passover meal [a.k.a. The Last Supper], what was said, and what the focus was in that particular episode.

 My heart sank.

 It was what I feared might happen to the true Gospel. I feared that it might be watered down in some way. Stand Up For The Truth.com has the details. If Wallis was "consulted" on the production of the mini-series, we now know why the account of the Days of Lot eliminated any Scriptural reference to homosexual behavior as one of the sinful practices that caused the destruction of the city. I suppose that Wallis had a pre-screening of the episode since it hasn't aired on the History Channel yet. Hopefully, it is just his unfortunately-skewed views of God, the Bible, Jesus Christ, and the true Gospel that were concocted by him in his own commentary. I'm still holding out hope that the extremely important points of the Last Supper, the Crucifixion of Christ, His subsequent Resurrection to life, and ultimate Ascension into heaven back to the Father are depicted accurately. We shall see on Resurrection Sunday, March 31, 2013.


GMpilot said...

Has Jesus wept yet?

Christinewjc said...

[Update on 3/20/13 @ 8:03 a.m. PT: Yesterday, several Fox News analysis and talk shows discussed the fact that the depiction of Satan in the mini-series, The BIBLE, did resemble Obama. These are the shows that I happened to be watching that covered it: The Five, The O'Reilly Factor, and Hannity. I don't know if any other news stations on cable or regular TV had any segments on the controversy.]

steve said...

Let not your heart be troubled Christine. What could we expect? Of course being the non-television watcher I am I didn't see the program. Beyond the fact that the "Old Boy" looks like Barry Hussein I doubt I missed much.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks Steve. I needed to hear a word of support.

The compromise that is happening in and around Christendom is absolutely astounding. But like you wrote - "what could we expect?"

God's Word tells us the truth in every way, in every age, in all situations, for every purpose, for every soul; and exposes the lies of those who despise His Word.

Not only do we have to deal with the fact that naysayers want to challenge it with lies, disbelief, fraudulent claims, fear, and loathing; we also have to contend for the faith against the heresies and apostasy of so-called "believers" that we were warned about and was prophesied in Scripture long ago.

The book of Jude informs us how bad it will get the closer we get to the end times.

Thanks again for being my friend, Steve! Always appreciate your input here!

Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel said...

Right from the git-go I told my wife that this "Bible" mini series wouldn't amount to a hill of beans. The History Channel has a history of molesting the divine revelation. Truly, the prince of this world [the evil one] is busy at work perverting God's Word. And, he has not changed his methods since his presence in Eden's garden........

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

Christinewjc said...

Hello Pastor Emeritus Nathan Bickel!

Thanks for sharing your intuition that the series would not be all that we hoped for. I'm still hoping and praying that they at least get Christ's crucifixion, death, Resurrection to life, and Ascension into heaven correct. IMHO, a LOT is riding on the Easter Sunday episode.

Even Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ got some things wrong. But I still think that it spread the Gospel to many who may not have heard (or previously believed) before.

Thanks for all that you are doing at your blogs! Even though there are those who continue to hate and throw darts at your work, you can rest in the knowledge that Jesus told us it would be that way here on this fallen earth. Those who rail against the Truth of the Word of God do so because they are lost. As the book of Jude informs us, "pulling some out of the fire" will rescue many. But there are those who are destined (unfortunately) for destruction. It all depends on whether or not they come to the Cross of Christ, repent, and accept Him as Lord and Savior of their lives.

The most important question each of us must answer is when Jesus asked, "who do you say that I am?

God bless!

~ Christine

Arlen said...

It's been years since I commented here, but I thought that I would add my two cents (which is probably what it is worth.)

I love the Bible and though the mini-series "The Bible" is flawed (what human endeavor, especially compared to God's isn't), I still am thrilled when I see the stories portrayed. If nothing else, I believe the series will inspire people from all walks of life to "read the book," where they will see the truth.

Thank you for your blog, for your faith in Jesus, for your encouragement and for presenting all sides to the issue.

Best to you,

Christinewjc said...


It's so good to hear from you again! I SO appreciate all that you do at your very important news site Gulag Bound.

Thank you for your words of encouragement regarding my blog. And special thanks for your excellent words of advice regarding The BIBLE series! I was encouraged after seeing tonight's program, and I'm praying that your words of wisdom come true, "If nothing else, I believe the series will inspire people from all walks of life to 'read the book,' where they will see the truth."

It seems to take some of the darkest moments in history to get people to turn back to God, read the Bible, and seek the Lord Jesus Christ. It happened after 9/11/01, but quickly faded only a few years later.

With THE most corrupt government in American history in office, the exponential turmoil in the Middle East, the rise of radical Islam, the resurgence of Liberalism=Socialism=Communism and the nuclear threats of Iran and North Korea, we can't help but believe that the end times must be very close!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Arlen. It was great to hear from you again!

Love in the Lord Jesus,