Friday, March 15, 2013

Sharing Some Thoughts on a Friday Afternoon

After all that has been said and done during these difficult years of the wannabe dictator, Barack Hussein Obama, it appears that the way his agenda will be defeated is when more and more incidences of him, his handlers, and his cronies end up falling on their own swords of destruction.

It was interesting to see how quickly BHO changed his tune when his poll numbers took a 6 or 7 point dive.  The "new" BHO came out and suddenly decided to have dinners, lunches, and discussions with House and Senate Republicans.  I was glad to here Rep. Paul Ryan state that even though they had a long conversation where he had the first opportunity to talk with BHO for more than two minutes, the discussion of sharing of his opinions and the truth regarding what is needed to balance the budget will only mean something if BHO's actions speak much louder than words.  BHO is notorious for saying things to groups and individuals that they want to hear while his actions end up doing the complete opposite!

Talking heads at Fox News have stated that BHO probably has 12 - 18 months to "get something done" regarding the budget, deficit, debt ceiling, and other huge problems we currently face, but after that he will most likely be a lame duck pResident.

I have to say that our Founding Fathers were absolute geniuses!!  The Constitutional Republic that they set up at the start of our nation; with the three branches of government having equal power, has prevented BHO from becoming a dictator  - and he knows it. 

The gun laws being debated, discussed, argued about, and held for a vote will not pass the House.  Their efforts are just more of the BHO and his ilk's smoke and mirrors campaign - and the public is taking notice of this. 

The Ted Cruz vs. Diane Feinstein exchange was notorious!  DiFi lost her temper and said some REALLY stupid things!  She mentioned a "bazooka."  A bazooka cannot be sold without government approval!  It's already illegal to own a bazooka in America!!   Mark Levin had a great retort to DiFi last night on his radio show as he stated, "that a 'career Senator' presenting the idea that they can fundamentally alter the Bill of Rights is unacceptable to those who know what that means."

Dozens of bloggers have written about this, The Blaze is just one of them.

The Daily Caller article is entitled, "Ted Cruz Offends Dianne Feinstein by Bringing Up The Constitution."

Then, the author simply states, "Democrats hate that."

So true!

Don Surber had some fun with it on Twitter:

donsurber @donsurber
Nixon: "I am not a crook." Obama: "I am not a dictator". Feinstein: "I am not a sixth grader"
Moving on.

This morning, Fox News reported that the BHO BADministration now admits that maybe it wasn't a good idea (YA THINK????) to eliminate interceptor missiles on the West Coast now that North Korea's latest little dictator is threatening to launch a nuclear missile  that could potentially reach Hawaii, Alaska, or the West Coast of America.   Now, the BADministration is busy getting 14 interceptors in place for further protection. 

When President George W. Bush had such interceptors put in place in 2002, the left erroneously believed that they wouldn't be necessary.  Well, now they have to eat their dumb words and admit their stupidity about the efforts of BHO and his ilk to eliminate any of them!

Moving on once again.

We are learning that the injured survivors of the Benghazi attack in Libya on 9/11/12 are NOT being allowed to be interviewed!!  Why not??  What's the problem?  The father of one of the survivors discovered that his son was in the hospital under a different name!!  It looks like a subpoena from Congress will be needed to get to interview them!  After six months, it is about time the American people get the truth about that horrible attack and the subsequent cover-up.

Lastly, I must mention Nancy PeLIARsi has perhaps surpassed BHO in the obvious liar category.  She is quoted as saying that "Obama doesn't do anything for political reasons."

Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa!  That would be SO FUNNY if it wasn't so seriously an outright LIE.  Isn't it scary to know that this woman was formerly speaker of the House and two steps away from the presidency?  It chilled me to the bone knowing this.

I have accused BHO, PeLIARsi, and Harry ReiDUNCE of being perpetual liars on this blog.  Those who apparently believe in the "politically correct" mantra of not saying anything negative or bad about such government officials (except if one is speaking about George W. Bush or any Republican or Conservative) hold to the ignorant premise that these people deserve respect - no matter what.  In fact, I had a former friend "unfriend" me years ago when I was still on Face Book because she thought what I was writing on my blog (which came up on her feed on Face Book) was "offensive" to her friends.  Well, after enduring 4 plus years of BHO, I wonder if she still feels that way?  But I digress.

I think that when a person is caught outright LYING - they should be reported, exposed, criticized, and condemned for doing it.  Why should they get a pass?

In the case of DiFi (story above), is her belief that her "position" and "years of being a Senator" should exempt her from answering difficult questions and being challenged a fair one?  What is the Senate?  An Ivory Tower where people are coddled even when they are wrong about an issue and need to be exposed? 

I could just imagine the liberal media of mass deception calling for Ted Cruz to apologize to Dianne Feinstein.  However, The Blaze article (link above) claims that DiFi ended up apologizing to Cruz.  Wow!!  Hang out the flag!!

It appears to me that the Ivory Tower of political protection for Obama and his ilk is beginning to collapse.  There are books out (one written by a former White House insider) and hundreds of websites that are showing the true colors of this BADministration and how many lies and crimes are now being exposed despite the media of mass corruption's continued non-reporting and swooning over BHO. 

We The People who have been diligent in exposing BHO and his ilk have known the truth for a very long time.  It is time for the rest of the public to wake up and see what is really going on behind the facade that the media has put up on our T.V. screens.

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