Sunday, March 17, 2013

History Channel’s The BIBLE's Stunning Look-alike

Oh my....

When my husband and I saw the character of Satan on the History Channel's mini-series, The BIBLE, we just could not miss the uncanny resemblance to Barack Obama!

Well, it looks like the blogosphere universe (and Twitter) are all discussing the unmistakable resemblance!

Here are just a few examples:

Saving The Republic: History Channel's Satan From The BIBLE Looks Like Obama - Has Social Media On Fire

Little Green Footballs: History Channels' Incredibly Obama-Like Satan [ The blog owner adds:  "Coincidence? We don’t think so."

Daily Paul: Did Obama Appear On The Mini-Series The BIBLE? My 2nd Grader Thought So


Part 3 of 5 appeared tonight on The History Channel, and in this installment, Jesus was tempted in the desert right after His baptism...
Have a look at the character cast to play Satan!
Our 2nd grader literally said; "is that Obama?"

RT @kesgardner: Wait....The Bible series used an actor who looked like Obama to play Satan? BAWAHAHAHA!! When art imitates life (or something like that)... Obama As The Devil? The History Channel’s The Bible’s Stunning Look-alike

Hat tips to all links.

The ObamaBorgBots must be all bursting blood vessels over this!!!


Pascal Fervor said...

Actually, that hoodie provoked a related thought. Much like Obama said that if he had a son, Trayvon Martin would look like him, it looks like Obama could be that guy's son,

Christinewjc said...

Ha ha! Many are saying that it looks like an "older version" of Obama. Kinda creepy when you really think about it, but everything that surrounds Obama and his ilk IS CREEPY!

Christinewjc said...

Woke up too early this morning (@ 5:00 a.m.) and decided to check out the morning cable news shows to see whether or not anyone would report on the Obama resembles Satan story. I tried to watch the "News Zone" (which is a channel that has 6 cable news shows on the screen at the same time), but after an hour of that I fell asleep! Did not see it mentioned on any of them (includes CNN, CNBC, FNC, MSNBC, HLN, Weather channel). Maybe the news analyst shows (like O'Reilly, Hannity etc.) will talk about the resemblance this evening.

Drudge picked up the story last night. And when I did a search, there were many more pages of blogs and websites reporting this information.

It's funny...the conservative blogs laugh about it, but the liberal blogs are outraged!

Some bloggers are pointing out that the HBO show "Game of Thrones" had a look-alike image of President George W. Bush depicted on a stick. scroll down to see it here.

Christinewjc said...

In keeping with the humor behind the hysteria, there are some really funny comments out there!

There is difference: Satan writes whats on the the teleprompter, Obama reads it.

- SoundOfMind , Minneapolis, United States, 18/3/2013 15:34

Why are people insulting the actor? All he is doing is working,which few in America have been able to do lately.

- Maynard G Kreebs , Shelton WA., 18/3/2013 15:32

You keep saying that the series is a surprise hit. No, it isn't a surprise. There are more Christians in America than Hollywood wants to believe. There are still people who wish to have quality programming that doesn't shove progressive agendas down our throats. Will Hollywood learn from this success? No.

- Sylvia, Texas, 18/3/2013 8:35

"Barack Hussein Obeezlebub" I used that term a while back, interesting

- Stormy1, Huston, United States, 18/3/2013 8:29

Well, considering how much they got wrong on the show, nice to see they got the Obama thing right.

- Stormy1, Huston, United States, 18/3/2013 8:23

One thing is for certain -- atheists and other assorted Christian-haters have been, and will continue to be, out in force to derail and defame this series in any way possible. An actor resembles obama, oh my. Just one silly example.

- Myles, Portsmith, United States, 18/3/2013 8:14

One difference: No golf club.

- JkensIngton, New Jersey, United States, 18/3/2013 8:08

Many people voted for Obama because they believe he is "The One." As it turns out, he is the other one.

- googs, Minneapolis, United States, 18/3/2013 8:01

Obama was too busy, flying around and fund-raising, so they had to find a double. As they say, "Close enough for government work!"

- Tom in Oregon City, Oregon City Oregon USA, 18/3/2013 7:48

Ridiculous...I suppose if the Devil looked like a Republican..the media would never mention it.

- Rick, Pace, USA, 18/3/2013 6:27

Hmmm, looks as though the minions are up and about down dinging for their lord and master.

- Rosie Bumme, Worcester, United States, 18/3/2013 6:26

It has been pointed out that the new Pope looks like Woody Allen...what no outrage? Get a grip people...

- poorhardworker, Germantown, 18/3/2013 6:25

It's not their fault Obama looks like the devil. He looked that way before the show too.

- WPDiddy, Nassau, Bahamas, 18/3/2013 5:58

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GMpilot said...

HA! I knew you'd be unable to resist commenting on this!
The legend of the doppelganger says that everyone has a double somewhere in the world; and that if they ever meet, one or the other must die soon after. Now there's a thought--why don't you initiate a fundraiser to get the two of them together, eh?

Tina Fey made an excellent Sarah Palin a while back, but you didn't talk much about that.
You're getting to be as weird as your 'Hollyweird'.