Monday, September 12, 2005

The Man Who Predicted 9/11

Last night, I watched a series of documentaries about the 9/11 terrorist attack of 2001.

What was new to me (personally) was the story about a man who predicted that 9/11 would one day happen and how he continually warned about it and insisted on emergency evacuation improvements at the World Trade Center towers.

The documentary showed that this man was probably the biggest civilian hero because of the emergency evacuation plan he had in place for the employees of the company (Morgan Stanley) he worked for. Rick Rescorla did not have an exact date within his prediction, but after the 1993 Twin Towers bombing, he knew it was just a matter of time when Muslim extremists would attempt to completely destroy the buildings this time, with the goal of taking thousands of innocent lives. Crashing planes into the towers was a scenario that Rescorla worried about for 6 years!

Rick Rescorla saved hundreds of his fellow employees as well as thousands of others that day. Tragically, he did not make it out of the second tower (which collapsed first due to the lower impact and destruction where the second plane hit) because he wanted to make sure that everyone got out.

A true American hero who gave his life to save others.



THE MAN WHO PREDICTED 9/11 (WORLD PREMIERE Sunday, September 11 at 8pm ET/PT)

In 2001, Rick Rescorla was the 62-year-old head of security at the Morgan Stanley Bank situated high up in the South Tower at the World Trade Center. For 6 years Rescorla was convinced that terrorists would use jet planes to try and destroy the World Trade Center. Long before September 11th, he developed an evacuation plan for the bank, unpopular amongst some city whiz kids who worked there who thought he was mad. His evacuation plan however ultimately saved 2,700 lives.

Rescorla's evacuation plan was put into effect after the first jet hit the North Tower. When the second jet hit the South Tower, he averted panic and organized a rapid evacuation of Morgan Stanley staff. Rescorla sang Cornish folk songs to calm nerves while thousands trooped down the stair wells. Rescorla went back inside to help those injured and trapped get out. He was still inside when the building collapsed. His body was never found.

THE MAN WHO PREDICTED 9/11 tells Rescorla's extraordinary story from his English childhood, to his heroics in Vietnam to his work as a/the security officer at the World Trade Center where he became convinced that an attack was imminent. It follows the dramatic timeline of what happened to Rick between 8:45 a.m. when the first plane hit Tower 1 and 9:58 a.m. when Tower 2 -- and 500,000 tons of steel and concrete -- collapsed on top of him. It features interviews with his biographer, Pulitzer Prize winning author James Stewart, his wife Susan, many of the men and women whose lives he saved that day, and footage of Rescorla making his predictions.

Executive Producer for The History Channel is Marc Etkind. Produced for The History Channel by Testimony Productions.

And, for those who STILL think that Saddam Hussein had 'nothing to do with' or 'no knowledge/connection with' 9/11, read the following article and prepare to have your mind changed!

Cindy Sheehan should be ASHAMED OF HERSELF for the anti-American propaganda she is spouting!!



Thursday, June 17, 2004 8:54 a.m. EDT

Saddam Predicted bin Laden's 9/11 Attack

The 9/11 Commission claimed on Wednesday that there is "no evidence" of cooperation between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden in attacks against the U.S. But the Commission's staff statement has nothing to say about an array of evidence suggesting otherwise. In fact, some of the most compelling evidence of a link comes from Saddam Hussein himself, who warned before 9/11 in official government publications that bin Laden would carry out a devastating attack against America - and then effusively praised the 9/11 mastermind after the attacks.

On July 21, 2001 - less than two months before 9/11 - the state-controlled Iraqi newspaper Al-Nasiriya carried a column headlined "America, An Obsession Called Osama Bin Ladin." In the piece, Baath Party writer Naeem Abd Muhalhal predicted that bin Laden would attack the U.S. "with the seriousness of the Bedouin of the desert about the way he will try to bomb the Pentagon after he destroys the White House."The same state-approved column also insisted that bin Laden "will strike America on the arm that is already hurting," and that the U.S. "will curse the memory of Frank Sinatra every time he hears his songs" - an apparent reference to the Sinatra classic "New York, New York." [Two 9/11 families were awarded over $100 million in May 2003 by U.S. District Court Judge Harold Baer based on this and other evidence that Iraq was involved in 9/11.]

Saddam's threats of a 9/11-style attack before 9/11 weren't limited to that single report. In 1992, his son Uday used an editorial in Babil, the newspaper he ran, to warn of Iraqi kamikaze attacks inside America, saying, "Does the United States realize the meaning of every Iraqi becoming a missile that can cross countries and cities?"

Then in the late 1990s, according to UPI, "a cable to Saddam from the chief of Iraqi intelligence was transmitted by Baghdad Radio. The message read, 'We will chase [Americans] to every corner at all times. No high tower of steel will protect them against the fire of truth.'"

Coincidence? Perhaps.

But after the 9/11 attacks, Saddam became the only world leader to offer praise for bin Laden, even as other terrorist leaders such as Yasser Arafat went out of their way to make a show of sympathy to the U.S. by donating blood to 9/11 victims on camera.The day after the attacks, in quotes picked up by Agence France-Press, Saddam proclaimed that "America is reaping the thorns planted by its rulers in the world."

"There is hardly a place [in the world] that does not have a memorial symbolizing the criminal actions committed by America against its natives," AFP quoted the Iraqi dictator complaining, based on reports in the Iraqi News agency. After excoriating the U.S. for ending World War II by using nuclear weapons, and for its involvement in Vietnam, Saddam gloated, "[He] who does not want to reap evil must not sow it, and [he] who considers the lives of his people precious must remember that the lives of the people in the world are precious also."

"The American peoples should remember that no one ever crossed the Atlantic carrying weapons to be used against them. They are the ones who crossed the Atlantic carrying death, destruction and ugly exploitation to the whole world."

A day later, Saddam told visiting Tunisian Foreign Minister Habib ben Yahya, "America brought the hatred of the world upon itself."For his part, Uday flat-out praised the 9/11 attacks, saying, "These were courageous operations carried out by young Arabs and Muslims," according to quotes picked up by the Saudi daily Asharq al-Awsat.

Editor's note:
"CATASTROPHE" Reveals the Secret Story Behind 9/11

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Thomas said...

Thanks Christine for not providing an attribution for that Saddam & 9/11 article. Skepticism at work once again. I'll bet you got it from some some crazy place like freerepublic or wingnutdaily, n'est-ce pas?

It's rather rich for you to accuse Cindy Sheehan of spreading anti-American propaganda. Wasn't it just a few days ago that you implied that all of those Katrina victims had it coming? That sounded pretty anti-American to me.

Muslim fundamentalists hate America because we tolerate gay people and let women drive cars. Christian fundies hate America because we tolerate gay people and let women use birth control. Why can't you guys get along?

Christinewjc said...


It is actually an article that was written and posted back in 2004.

Perhaps the reason you probably weren't aware of it might be because you most likely only tune into CNN (aka Communist News Network or, previously known as Clinton News Network) for your left wing-nut news?

Thomas stated: "Wasn't it just a few days ago that you implied that all of those Katrina victims had it coming? That sounded pretty anti-American to me."

Ah...the typical liberal looney left spin on previous statements. Thomas, you are so obvious. And, your little rant about Christian 'fundies' takes the cake of absurdity.

Here's the link to where I obtained the article.

Christinewjc said...

I have just added links to the Newsmax article, an important book on the subject, and more articles related to the subject within my blog post.

I thought these links were in the article when I originally posted it. However, I had some trouble updating my blog this morning and maybe that had something to do with the html links not being posted. It has been corrected now so go ahead and read what CNN would never want to tell you!

Thomas said...

Oh, I see, Yeah, that's real reputable and objective and stuff.

CNN went Communist? That's news to me. I come from a long line of Communists, and trust me, none of us rely on the corporate cable news shoveled out by those lackeys of the bourgeoisie. It's "Le Monde Diplomatique" and the Manchester Guardian for me, read slowly over a cup of soy chai latte and a plate of mung beans. Anyway I don't even own a TV - I entertain myself by watching the avant-garde Maoist kabuki troupe down the street, and on Sundays I take in a nice gay orgy at the local Unitarian church. It's a great way to relax.

By the way, there's no way Saddam was behind 9/11 -- nothing that sophisticated could have been pulled off without the help of the gays. It's a good thing I was on the ACLU mailing list, so I had advance warning. You've got to sign on to the grand secular humanist homosexual conspiracy, my dear -- in addition to getting a heads up on all future terrorist attacks in this country, you get a free Darwin fish to stick on your car. Atheist Clintonian communism is a real bargain compared to other religions, especially the Scientologists. Keep in touch!

Christinewjc said...


A little advice from someone who is probably old enough to be your mother...

Lay off the crack cocaine.