Thursday, October 20, 2005

Good News in the David Parker Case

Article 8 Alliance email update:

1. BREAKING: District Attorney decides not to prosecute David Parker, drops criminal trespass case!

2. David Parker to be on The O'Reilly Factor national TV show Monday evening.

3. And more. . .

"The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." - Plato

=== 1. District Attorney decides not to prosecute David Parker, drops criminal trespass case! ===

Yes, this is a victory! And. . . the first of several to come!
No admission of guilt -- David Parker is still legally and officially presumed innocent. "It's a great result," says Parker's lawyer.

Middlesex County District Attorney Martha Coakley informed the court this morning that her office has decided not to pursue the criminal trespassing charge against Lexington parent David Parker. Officially, using a relatively unusual procedure the case has been ordered delayed, and will eventually disappear.

The jury trial had been scheduled to begin this morning in Concord District Court. But it has been clear for a while that the government was looking for a way out of this one!

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It would appear that the DA (who is rumored to be planning to run for Attorney General next year) realized that the rest of the state (and country) is not (yet) as insane as Lexington. And that prosecuting a father who's willing to stand up and protect his son from homosexuality is not a great campaign issue, even here.

Well, for some reason, the pro-homosexual activists who were there to demonstrate against Parker didn't seem as perky as usual! A few even seemed a bit depressed about today's events. Good!!

But it's not over: Lexington Superintendent continues to ban Parker from all school property. The fact that this guy sides with the people playing with a child's mind against his parent's wishes is unbelievable.

Will there be more to come?

Read our report -- and stay tuned!

=== 2. David Parker to be on The O'Reilly Factor national TV show Monday evening. ===


And this horrible, offensive incident really does have the rest of the country taking notice about what could happen to them.

Tune in to the O'Reilly Factor on Fox News Monday evening!!

=== 3. And more. . . ===

David Parker on the ABC-TV World News Tonight show Wednesday evening. Very interesting. They didn't use the "best" clips of Parker and Brian Camenker (after all, it is the mainstream liberal media), but the word got out!

The worst part: the Lexington Superintendent claimed that Parker wants to control what kids say to each other in school, which is blatantly untrue. We'll have a link to the clip on the web site early next week, in case you missed it!


UPDATE AS OF 11/20/05

Article 8 Alliance - MassResistance - ** Nov. 20 Email Update **It's gone too far: Get involved! Join the movement to take back our government in Massachusetts! (Feel free to pass this along to others) Help by Donating!

In this email update:
Lexington superintendent lifts ban against David Parker!
(But continues order against parental notification.)

"Better to fight for something than live for nothing." - George S. Patton

=== Lexington superintendent lifts ban against David Parker! ===
After nearly seven months, the Lexington Superintendent of Schools has finally bowed to the inevitable, and lifted the ban against parent David Parker, which had ordered Parker to stay off of all school property in the town under threat of further arrest.

David Parker was arrested and led from the Estabrook Elementary School in handcuffs on April 27 over his insistence that he be notified when adults discuss homosexuality or transgenderism with his 6-year-old kindergartner during a scheduled after-school meeting with school officials. The school first had told Parker they could come to an agreement, then at the last minute reneged on the deal. Parker said he would not leave until some assurances could be made. Instead, the school officials had him arrested. See Article 8 report here.

The Town of Lexington charged Parker with criminal trespassing over the April 27 incident, and Parker was immediately banned from all school property indefinitely. The Superintendent Paul Ash and the Lexington School Committee also continued to malign Parker in various public venues. For example, on October 19, the Superintendent appeared on the "ABC World News Tonight" and said that what Parker really wanted was to control what kids said to each other about homosexuality -- a complete misrepresentation of Parker's position.

But on October 20, the Middlesex County District Attorney decided not to pursue the case, and Parker is completely clear of any wrongdoing.
Last Tuesday, November 15, Superintendent Paul Ash agreed to meet with Parker to "discuss" lifting the ban. The meeting, which also included Parker's attorneys, and the attorney for the Lexington schools, lasted about an hour. But Ash gave no indication whether he would lift the ban.
On Saturday, David Parker received a letter at his home from Ash saying that the ban was lifted -- although it was worded rather unusually.

Nevertheless, this is a move that is sure to anger the already enraged local homosexual activists, who have put great energy into publicly demonizing Parker and his family, and actually formed an organization dedicated to opposing him and his efforts to get parental notification. One of their goals has been that Parker never be allowed to return to any school building. On the other hand, thousands of supporters of Parker in Lexington, across Massachusetts, and around the country have bristled at the obvious punitive nature of the ban against him that seemed no more than a way to intimidate other parents from challenging that agenda in the schools.

In the letter -- reprinted below -- Ash seems to want to get a final "dig" in by add an insulting (and possibly libelous) phrase that suggests that Parker represents a threat of "disrupting the school environment and operations." In fact, Parker has at all times behaved in a very calm, unthreatening, and certainly nonviolent manner, even during the April 27 incident. Even at the contentious "anti-bias" meetings, he remained calm when others occasionally became agitated.

November 18, 2005

Dear Mr. Parker

This letter confirms your assurances made to me at our meeting on November 15, 2005, that if permitted on school property, you will promptly leave if asked to do so by the Superintendent or Principal or their designees, and that you will otherwise avoid disrupting the school environment and operations.

As I trust that you will abide by these assurances, I have decided to lift, effective Monday, November 21, 2005, the No Trespass Notice that was issued to you by the Interim Superintendent of Schools on April 27, 2005, and amended on June 8, 2005.

Paul B. Ash, Ph.D.Superintendent of Schools

cc: Miriam Sousa, Administrative Assistant Christopher Casey, Chief, Lexington Police Department Lexington School Committee Joni Jay, Principal, Estabrook School Rebecca Bryant, School Counsel

Superintendent continues citywide order against parental notification of homosexuality.

Despite all this, the schools still refuse to notify Parker if they are discussing homosexuality or transgenderism with his son, now in first grade. Even worse -- on Sept. 21 Ash published a statement in the local newspaper informing the town that he has told all teachers that they have no obligation to notify parents at all on subjects of homosexual relationships, even in lower grades. As a way to bypass the state parental notification law, Ash used "decision" from the state Department of Education on another matter, and re-interpreted it (quite wrongly, we believe) to fit his desires. See our analysis of that here.

To our knowledge, this order by Ash is the most arrogant, anti-parent act by any school system in the country regarding homosexuality and schoolchildren -- essentially telling parents that they have no right to interfere with what the school decides to teach their kids about sexual morality.

We have a feeling this fight is far from over. . .


Christinewjc said...

The prosecutor KNEW they had NO CASE and WEREN'T GOING TO WIN so they had to save face and drop the charges.

This fiasco helped the cause of parents rights tremendously because it brought into focus just how radical, mean and persecuting these people were!

Forcing their 'gay curriculum propaganda' on a 6 year old child in kindergarten shows what their true motives silence a Christian man who only wanted his parental rights to bring up his son as he sees fit in accordance with Biblical Christian faith.

When David Parker appears on O'Reilly Monday evening, millions more parents will become aware of the terrible results of the outrageous judicial decision to legalize 'gay' marriage in the state of Massachusetts.

jpe said...

The prosecutor KNEW they had NO CASE and WEREN'T GOING TO WIN so they had to save face and drop the charges.

It's not uncommon for dinky charges like that to be dropped.

The real question: has he filed a lawsuit yet to enforce his alleged parental rights? If not, what's he waiting for?

If he hasn't, and the circumstances haven't changed, it sounds like he's just a publicity hound.

This fiasco helped the cause of parents rights tremendously because it brought into focus just how radical, mean and persecuting these people were!

Most people will either shrug or think that Parker's a nutjob. Extremists, already convinced that they're right, will take heart, for sure.

Christinewjc said...



How intolerant of you to presume such a thing about a man you know very little about...

Admittedly, I am a distant, casual observer regarding this case and can only rely on the impressions that I get through the various articles and statements that have been released concerning David Parker. From what I've read, he seems to be a humble man and didn't do this because he's a 'publicity hound'.

At the Article 8 Alliance site, I'm sure that you could find copies of some of the letters that Mr. Parker and his wife wrote to the principal when they became concerned about the pro-gay material being shared with their son. From what I recall, their letters were, of course, filled with statements of concern, but they were also always gracious, respectful, and well mannered. They often signed their letters stating, "God bless you."

When the principal read that, I could just imagine the look of disdain on his face as his head spun around while spitting green pea soup...

Anyway, from what I have seen and read, they are a devout, Bible-based Christian family. In fact, they probably handled this whole mess in a much more courteous, humble, and respectful manner than I would have.

In another recent email, the Parkers indicated that they were glad the case was over. Mr. Parker was quoted as saying, "My wife and I are satisfied with the outcome," he said.
"We will continue to move forward as we always have with
tolerance and patience in these matters."

jpe said...

How intolerant of you to presume such a thing about a man you know very little about...

Intolerant? The man refused to leave another person's office until he got his way. That's not how rational people act.

In another recent email, the Parkers indicated that they were glad the case was over.

The trespassing case is over. But the school hasn't backed down from its position. If he were actually interested in changing the school's position, he'd have filed a suit, no?

Perhaps there's a good reason he hasn't, and he may yet file suit, but it's reasonable to infer at the moment that he's in it for the publicity. He certainly doesn't seem interested in changing the school's policy.

On second thought, he might not think he's being a publicity hound; he probably thinks he's being a martyr. Six on one hand, half a dozen on the other. Maybe he and Cindy Sheehan should swap tactics some time.

Christinewjc said...

Yeah but...

"Notice that Driscoll shamelessly uses the "tolerance and respect" excuse to dismiss the parents' concerns and twist the meaning and intent of the law.

But also notice that Driscoll still states that if the skit had portrayed "homosexual relationships," then his decision not to require notification would not apply. Paul Ash ignores this. Clearly, a same-sex "couple" constitutes a homosexual relationship. But Ash is so intent on pushing the agenda on Lexington's children that he decides not to let this "detail" get in his way."

6 year olds need to be exposed to this?? C'mon.

Christinewjc said...


Been meaning to ask did you happen to come across this blog?

jpe said...

"Notice that Driscoll shamelessly uses the "tolerance and respect" excuse to dismiss the parents' concerns and twist the meaning and intent of the law.

Here's an advisory opinion from the MA Dpt of Ed.

Here's the law itself.

The plain face of the law applies to formal sex ed - a strict constructionist would find the diversity ed at issue here outside the scope of the law.

That said, I'm sympathetic to his (and your) position: these are sensitive issues, and the more deference given to the parents at the moment, the better (so long as it's practicable). That's why I don't understand why he's acting like such a maniac. He's got a reasonable case (albeit a tough one, cuz the law looks pretty clear to me), so he should act like a reasonable person and sue for his rights.

I think it's the victim politics that rubs me the wrong way. If there's a problem, buckle down and try to fix it. So it's not his position (which, I'd like to stress, I agree is a reasonable one) so much as his tactics that irk me.

I found this blog through the GodCom site. I grew up in an righty evangelical family, and remain interested in the trends and such in the community. Yours is a good blog and a good indicator of that community, I think.

Christinewjc said...


Ah, I see.

So...shall I take your comment regarding the 'righty evangelical' beliefs of your youth to mean that you are now questioning them and/or you no longer adhere to such beliefs?

Thanks for the compliment about the blog. I appreciate that.

Christinewjc said...

Here is one very distraught person's reaction to the two anti-Christian kindergarten cases that have been in the news:


I am absolutely beyond words regarding your two articles, "School censors 5-year-old boy's poster" Here and the parent in handcuffs because he dared to suggest to the school that they notify the parents first before they teach homosexual stuff to children Here. Children!

Where are we as a nation?

Isn't this enough to know that public education in this country should be shut down? How much further do we as American citizens continue to allow this to go? This is a blatant, all-out, corrupting attack on children.

I am so sick I am about to throw up.

America, where is the country I knew?

More than that, where have all the legislators and the judiciary been who have been witnessing the rapid degradation of our public schools and the outright taking of parents' rights to determine what's best for their children?

Who or what organization do I contact to fight this horrific trend and stop these obscene and flagrant attacks by an educational system that is concerned with doing away with any parental authority whatsoever and replacing it with their own?

Cindy Haase


I would suggest that she contact the Alliance Defense Fund which is an organization that has battled (and won!) hundreds of cases fought against the ACLU and other organizations that have the goal to remove God and Christianity from the public square.

Shutting down the public schools would be too drastic and isn't the correct solution, but getting the parents attention as to what is actually and intentionally happening in them is essential for any nationwide reform to take place. No wonder charter schools and homeschooling are becoming more and more popular every year! But not every family is able to take advantage of that option.

There are parents who I think fall under several different categories regarding the corruption of the minds and morals of children in public schools.

1. Some don't know about the outright flagrant and sometimes subtle indoctrination that is going on.

2. Some don't care.

3. Some have been brainwashed into believing that it's about "tolerance and safety" rather than the truth that it is about something else entirely. That being, the hidden, underlying fact that it's about intentional indoctrination with the aimed goal at taking away parent's rights to raise and teach their children as they see fit.

4. Some approve of such indoctrination because it agrees with their own political, social and moral views.

5. Some view it as nothing wrong because of the misinterpretation of the Constitution that claim it is a "separation of church and state" issue. So, according to their logic it is OK to indoctrinate children into any type of leftist secular beliefs but Bible-based Christian beliefs have no voice or place in public schools.

6. To busy with their own lives to even care.

7. Have their heads in the sand and hope that it will all just go away.

I'm sure that others reading this could add more to this list.

Kupelian's "The Marketing of Evil" shows us how and why ideas contrary to Judeo-Christian values have been winning in the public education arena's court of ideas and just how such marketers have accomplished their goals. It's truly frightening.

Anna said...

Hi Christine -

I'm happy about the outcome for David Parker and his family. However, I'm wondering where he will go from here in trying to protect his son. Is he going to pursue this cause in some way? Is he going to take his son out of public school?

I hope he doesn't just withdraw from the fight. What happened was awful and shows the lack of respect for parental rights.


Christinewjc said...

Hi Anna,

I hope he doesn't abandon the effort, either. Perhaps we will learn more about his future plans at the Article 8 Alliance website and also when he is interviewed by Bill on the O'Reilly Factor Monday evening.

We need to keep this in our prayers! It could be a great opportunity to turn the tide back towards parents rights in MA as well as in the entire U.S.

In Him,

Christinewjc said...

Just to let everyone know, the interview with David Parker on the O'Reilly Factor has been postponed because of the coverage of hurricane Wilma. Article 8 Alliance sent me an email and said it will be rescheduled. When I find out when, I'll let everyone know.