Monday, October 31, 2005

Straight Talk Radio Debuts

Monday’s Broadcast – “A Heart for the Homosexual – Pt. 1 "

Straight Talk Radio debuts with Stephen and Irene Bennett today – worldwide! Stephen and Irene felt it appropriate to begin the radio ministry with a special, two part series titled “A Heart for the Homosexual.”

When you get to the site, go to the upper left hand corner and click on either "Windows Media" or "Real Audio" to listen to today's half-hour broadcast.

A Heart for the Homosexual


Susan Smith said...

The broadcast on Straight Talk Radio was superb! I have never heard a ministry with such love and compassion for those in bondage to the most deceptive sin I know. How can I be so sure and know homosexuality is a lie and a scheme of the devil? Because I lived as a lesbian for more than 20 years and during those years, I believed God made me that way.

God's power delivered me. Your blog is a blessing, Christine. Love in Christ from East Talpiot in the City of Peace. (ss)

Susan Smith said...

I just listened to Straight Talk Radio program #2. This program is a blessing to the world available 24/7!

Blessings from the City of God. (ss)

Christinewjc said...

I have been listening too, Susan.

In fact, today's message (11/2) made me laugh (the 'Estelle Getty' story was hilarious) and then, cry.

You said, "I have never heard a ministry with such love and compassion for those in bondage to the most deceptive sin I know."

Many people are now going to know the truth about this issue, the deception involved in homosexuality, and what this life-changing ministry is really all about. They will learn what God has to say on this kind of sin through the prophets as recorded in the Bible. It is a much needed ministry and I am praying for "Straight Talk Radio" as well as Stephen & Irene's entire ministry.

Realizing that "God never made you that way" was the first step. Your mentor had the willing heart to witness His Love and Power in your life and now, you have left the bondage of your past sins.

Wow...after 20 years that is truly an incredible transformation! It was done by the Lord through your mentor and now you live a life of total release from that former bondage. Your salvation story gives everyone hope!

Praise His Holy Name!

Love in Him,