Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Quick Hi

The welcome tonight at the Godblog Conference was wonderful! I got some gifts already! The first lecture tonight was awesome. Can't wait to write about it. Well, just dropped in to say hi. Off to see "Elizabethtown" with the group. I'm so glad that my daughter is joining us!

Tomorrow is jam packed with activity, but if I can stop in at the library for a quick post I will!


P.S. Here's a link to an article about the Godblog Conference at Fox News website!,2933,172054,00.html

Added on Sunday, Oct. 16th:

Here is another link:

In fact, I attended Dr. Muehlhoff's breakout session and I can share what was said in the session that wasn't included in the article above! I'm tired tonight, so I need to get a fresh start in the morning! It has been a very busy weekend for me!


Susan Smith said...

Thanks for the "hello" Christine. I am looking forward to hearing all about the conference. (ss)

Christinewjc said...

Hi Susan,

The movie was really good! Could have been better if they bleeped out two foul words...but the story line was really moving!

I just dropped in for a quick post. I'm off to watch my son pitch in a Fall baseball game against Cypress. It's about a 15 min. drive and the game starts soon so gotta run!

Love from me to you at the Godblog conference!


Susan Smith said...

Who won the game?

I will smile when you can slow down and take a deep breath... reflect on what God showed you at this conference and share your divine appointments with your readers.

I am praying for the Lord to bless you mightily as you seek His kingdom first. In His Love from Jerusalem. (ss)

J. A. Gillmartin said...

No one will understand if I say anything about your fetish with leg shaving so I guess I won't. You should consider AALS, tje Christian 12 Step Version tough,

I'll nominate you for a panel if you let me know your field of interest.

John @ The CRIB

J. A. Gillmartin said...

Darn spell check busted again!

Christinewjc said...

Hi John,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Now you've done it! EVERYONE is gonna wonder and want to know about my newly revealed 'fetish'! ;-)

Nah. I was just kidding. I'm a 'small fish in a big pond' as far as blogging goes.

However, I do agree with several people who have mentioned La Shawn Barber as a good choice for 'female representation' in a panel at next year's GodBlog Convention.

In Christ,