Thursday, January 26, 2006

Independence and Peace or More Terror?

The elections in the Palestinian Territories did not turn out favorably for either Israel or the United States. The saying, "one election does not a democracy make" applies here. Hamas is a terrorist organization. The obvious dissatisfaction of the people with the government of the Abbas' Fatah Party has resulted in the election and elevation of a terrorist organization to the government.

This news isn't good for either Israel or the U.S., however, we shall see what happens from here.

One thing is for certain. Hamas must renounce the part of their platform that calls for the destruction of Israel. They must cease and desist from sending suicide/homicide bombers into Israel.

President Bush was absolutely correct when he announced at his news conference this morning that Hamas must change in light of these elections. The U.S. will not negotiate or work with terrorists. Period. I totally agree. The proverbial ball is in Hamas' court and what they do with it will determine where the Roadmap for Peace goes from here.

If Hamas continues on their evil and corrupt path, their government will then fall into the category of a terrorist state. If they change their ways and embrace democratic policies and a government that displays peaceful ways toward Israel and the U.S., then they can join the growing community of new democracies (along with Afghanistan and Iraq) and work toward a free and peaceful Middle East region.

I dislike being negative on this issue, but I am worried that Hamas will not change it's terrorists ways or tactics towards Israel. Why do I feel this way? The two links here will show why I have much skepticism. The end of Aaron Klein's article accentuates my suspicions:

Still, the terror chief said he will not amend the official Hamas charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel by "assaulting and killing," and rejects all peace talks with the Jewish state.

I am keeping the beloved Holy Land of Israel in my prayers.

More to come...


I have always liked and agreed with Benjamin Netanyahu and his policies regarding Israel. I knew in my heart of hearts that giving any land over to the Palestinians was a huge mistake!



Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu says following Hamas victory in PA elections ‘state of Hamastan – an offshoot of Iran - has been established before our eyes; we cannot reach an understanding with Hamas, as their main goal is to annihilate Israel’

In this article, Bibi states, "This event (elections) has produced an extreme Islamist country; the hands of all its leaders are stained in blood,” he added.

“Today is the day for soul-searching, because the writing was on the wall. The free withdrawals from Gaza and the northern West Bank gave Hamas a winning card.”

As to the speculations that Hamas will become more moderate now that it has won the elections, Netanyahu said, “This is what they said about the ayatollahs when they took control over Iran."

“We cannot reach an understanding with Hamas, as their main goal is to annihilate Israel. We must return to the Likud’s policy of deterrence,” he concluded.

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