Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Real Life "God-on-Trial" Plot

In light of the trial of a priest who has been challenged by a judge to "prove Jesus existed," you must see Doug Power's post entitled: "A lawsuit they couldn't refuse: Italian court to decide if Jesus existed" on this topic.

This "Prove Jesus existed" trial sounds eerily like the Judgment movie. Has anyone visiting here ever seen it? It's really powerful!

Maybe the trial lawyer representing the priest should view it!!

Or, bring Simon Greenleaf to the rescue!

Here are a few reviews about the movie:

Larry Leech, Editor
Christian Retailing Magazine

"This movie will put steel in the backbone of Christians and challenge even the hardest atheist with a strong presentation of the gospel.. I give it 4 stars!"

John Tillack, Promise Keepers

Mitch's [Corbin Bernsen]dramatic crisis of faith."

Dr. Ted Baehr, MovieGuide

"The courtroom drama of Judgment is an arresting contrast to the action-adventure of earlier titles in the series. Add to that the "God-on-trial" plot and the film keeps one glued to the action start to finish. Corbin Bernson, Myriam Carvell and Leigh Lewis's performances were the most outstanding in keeping attention focused on the thread that runs through the story.

Non-Christians will find in Judgment not a sermon, but a well-told tale of villain and hero scripted in an entertaining context. Every element of a great movie is there -- intense conflict, superb acting, intriguing plot, excellent production quality.

Randall Murphree, American Family Association

"Judgment is a captivating film that not only entertains but provokes thoughtful engagement in Christians and non-Christians alike. The flow of events keeps the viewer off balance while clearly providing a portrait of the scriptural truth in a novel way. It is a fresh and interesting portrayal of the age-old truth about the coming hostile environment and the need for people to choose whom they will serve.

It goes beyond the usual superficial treatment of global struggles and invites thinking people to consider their loyalties."

Kevin W. Mannoia, PresidentNational Association of Evangelicals

(Note: bold, mine)

Hat tip to The Powers that Be.

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