Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Next on school agenda: Teaching communism

A new plan by a California lawmaker would allow schools to be used to promote the overthrow of the U.S. government, and let teachers in public district classrooms "inculcate in the mind of any pupil a preference for communism," according to a traditional values advocacy organization.

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Commenter Jgills at Digg:

Meanwhile, be "politically correct" and sneer at conspiracy theories. Listen to the Marxist "talking heads" in the media. Elect Marxists. Be "tolerant" of perversion, subversion and sedition. Smile quietly, make no protest, while your kids are brainwashed with seditious, perverted, Godless ideas and values, by America-hating Marxist "professors."

And, people claim that the gay indoctrination of children in this nation doesn't matter!!??

Perhaps you are wondering whether or not these two topics are related?

Some may say no.

However, the gestapo tactics being used by the rabid homosexual agenda minority is highly evident now. Their goal? The silencing of those who don't agree with their homosexual activist agenda. What does this lead us towards? It is leading to this...Marxism in America!

Get educated people.

The MSM isn't going to tell you the truth anymore. They are part of the problem!!

Read all of these articles listed below. I challenge you to read all of them!!

If you are not shocked and dismayed by what you read, then go ahead and put your head back in the sand.

If you want each of these liberal indoctrination policies forced upon your state, your schools, your colleges, your church, your family, your children and the future of America...then vote for Barrack Hussein Obama. He would be the type of Marxist leader to 'CHANGE' America into communist amerika...

I just thank God that SOME of the truth about the man is now coming out in the MSM!! FINALLY!

Christian friends, PLEASE do all that you can to counter the awful indoctrination agenda that is now occurring in states like California and Massachusetts.

Our future, as a God loving, Bible believing, redemption through Jesus Christ following and Judeo-Christian valued nation DEPENDS ON YOU AND WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT INFORMATION!



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Christinewjc said...

Read this, too:

Oh No! Not Me!

GMpilot said...

The details of this alleged 'subversion' are based on ignorance of the subject, just as today's high-school kids (all born since 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell) are ignorant on what communism is, and what it has done (and not done).

I do know, however, that it's mighty hard to study feudalism without knowing how it works (i.e. monarchy); and AFAIK, no one in this country is interested in living under a king.
Like that political system, communism has a history behind it, and it's been far less successful than monarchy has been.

Forty years ago, this would have been unthinkable, when communism was apparently on the march all over the world. Today, however, it seems to be working only in China and Vietnam, who have adopted some old-style "robber baron" capitalism to keep themselves economically viable. The remainder--Cuba, the DPRK--are basket cases, in every sense of the term.

With such a sorry track record, why not teach it, to show why it has failed?
Or do you want us to become exactly like them?
As mentioned elsewhere, I had to study communism during my service days, and neither I nor my mates found anything particularly likable about that ayatem.

Christinewjc said...

Well stated GMPilot! (Did I really say that? Yikes!)

Except for the first part of the first sentence (...details of this alleged 'subversion' are based on ignorance of the subject); I would agree with most of the rest of what you have stated.

However, there is one huge caveat regarding your idea to teach communism. The fact that the teachers of communism would most likely portray it in only a positive light while teaching the children (a.k.a. propaganda!). This is the similar technique that has worked over the last 30 years to brainwash (braindirty) our children in public schools towards the acceptance of homosexual behavior!

I blame our baby boomer generation for this!! The anti-American, anti-establishment, pot smoking, drug-taking, anything-goes- sexually hyped up psychotic hippies of the 60's and 70's are now (unfortunately) the majority of the professors in all the liberal colleges!

GM? Perhaps you and your buddies could visit schools and teach on that topic! You would have first hand knowledge about how detrimental such a system of government truly is!

I agree with you that the young people today have absolutely no idea that the Marxist ideas (like those that Obama is touting) under the guise of 'change' are actually headed towards communism! Marxism is being disgustingly disguised as "hope."

I don't know what they teach in public school history classes these days, but they certainly aren't getting the truth.

Christinewjc said...

Hey Mike -

Just to let you know, I am re-posting your comment from the email bin so that I can convert it to a hyperlink. The reason for this is that posting a long link in the comment section often skews the entire blogpost down the page.

Here is Mike's comment:

here's something i found today:

Evolution vs. Creation: A Debate Gone Wrong.

mike rucker
fairburn, ga, usa

P.S. For those who might want to learn how to convert links into hyperlinks, here is what I did [Note: When creating one that you want to actually work online, you MUST ELIMINATE ALL OF THE SPACES that I purposely placed inbetween the words, slashes and the < and > marks...except for the ONE space between the a and the href].

Here's how it's written:

< a href = " http : // divineanointing .com /2008 /03 /05/ evolution-vs-creation-a-debate-gone-wrong /" > Evolution vs. Creation: A Debate Gone Wrong. < / a>

Remember, leave the space a href between the "a" and the "href" intact.

It was only after several months of blogging that someone showed this to me! I found it very helpful. Hope you do, too.

Christinewjc said...

Oops! I put your comment in the wrong thread Mike!

Sorry about that!

Putting it in the "Expelled" blogpost comment section now.

GMpilot said...

"Propaganda" is a two-edged sword. ("THEY tell propaganda...WE tell the TRUTH!") Well, guess what the other side is saying.
Yeah, some teachers might portray communism in a positive light...but do you really think the military would emphasize communism's good points?

More importantly, if that were to happen, I would hope (pray?) that some student would be perceptive enough to ask, "But if communism was supposed to do this, then how did that happen?" Some of my teachers did that with me, long ago; they would describe Point A, then Point E, and then stopped, which forced us students to work out for ourselves the how and why and where of Points B, C, and D.
Schools are not supposed to teach children what to think; they are supposed to teach them that they should think, and show them how. You have a BA in Education and I'm only a high school grad; I shouldn't have to tell you that!

You must remember, Christine, that when the Communist Manifesto was written, the world was still run almost exclusively by kings and emperors; tiny groups of people who held most of the wealth, and all of the power. Communism was in fact a reaction to that situation, one which sought to balance that social inequality--as opposed to laissez-faire, robber-baron-style capitalism, which exploited and perpetuated that same inequality. (Yes, it did; where do you think the term "sweatshop" originated?)

I don't know what they teach in public school history classes these days either, but they have NEVER told the truth. Governments have their own agenda, and no matter the type of government, the agenda's always the same one, and always has been throughout history: to ensure that its citizens are obedient little taxpayers in times of peace, and obedient little soldiers in times of war.

I suppose I could travel to schools and tell the students what I know, but it's not really necessary. Communist (or rather, socialist) states still exist, and the best indictment against them is this: people are usually desperate to get out of them, not into them.

Christinewjc said...


Keep in mind that this was true when we were in school:

"Schools are not supposed to teach children what to think; they are supposed to teach them that they should think, and show them how. You have a BA in Education and I'm only a high school grad; I shouldn't have to tell you that!"

But not anymore! I have seen and heard how children are taught what to think not how to think and it's such a tragedy!

Did you see my latest post? Did you view the photos and read the captions?

The person who took those photos and witnessed what happened at the disgraceful anti-military recruiting protest in Berkeley had this to say:

"The confrontations and disrespect continued as the afternoon wore on. Predictably, the children had only the feeblest grasp on any of the issues, and essentially no knowedge of history prior to approximately 2003, so trying to have a serious discussion with any of them was an exercise in futility. Someone must have taught them that confidence, self-esteem and volume were an acceptable substitute for logic."

YouTuber "vindogrks" took a revealing video of Code Pink protesting at the Marine Corps office shortly before the demonstration, in which they state their honest opinions, including that the Marines are "war criminals" -- in fact, that the U.S. military is "full of war criminals" -- that World War II was "wrong" and that we shouldn't have reacted to the bombing of Pearl Harbor because "What the the hell were we doing in Hawaii anyway?", that the War on Terror is a "lie" and "Al Qaeda is not a threat," that the U.S. military intentionally targets children and babies, and "What's wrong with communism?", and more.

Truly jaw-dropping -- and it shows that the carefully crafted slogans on the Code Pink banners are just made to assuage middle America -- underneath the emphasis on "peace" is a very deep hatred of America.

This is what happens when patriotism for our country is excluded from our schools and the liberal left commie-manifesto is promoted by teachers and professors who grew up hating America ever since the 1960's and 70's.

I think that your idea about traveling to schools is a GREAT one and I hope that you and your military buddies might consider doing just that!!

Be forewarned that you will probably meet with much resistance at first. However, I would certainly applaud your efforts to get what sounds like a wonderful and educational program started in schools!

God knows how desperately it's needed today!

It just might be the spark needed today in order to stem the tide of groups like Code Pinko from forming because students are terribly ignorant about our military efforts and goals.