Thursday, March 06, 2008

Why I Will Vote For McCain

I have been thinking about the upcoming election and reading several blog posts written by Christians who have already declared that they will not vote for any of the possible, presidential candidates.

The reasons are varied, but many say that it is because they cannot vote for a candidate whose moral values and ethics do not line up with theirs.

I can certainly appreciate that sentiment. After prayerful consideration, I can certainly respect their decision to do what they think is best.

I understand their dilemma. My husband and son put me on the spot a few weeks ago. They both asked me, if you HAD to choose between Hillary or Obama, which one would you pick? I said, "neither...I'd rather die first!"

They both laughed at me. But I stated that I could not vote for either one because they are pro-death for unborn babies. That is the one issue that I cannot, with good conscience, ever compromise on. Therefore, that eliminates both of them from my personal voting consideration.

Yesterday, I went around asking for signatures to place a CA Constitution amendment on the ballot in November to finally keep the definition of marriage as a union of one man and one woman. This is necessary because the CA Supreme Court is due to make a decision any day now on whether to overturn Prop. 22 (which was voted on by 63% of the state in 2000 to keep marriage as "one man and one woman"in the state of CA).

In fact, if you are interested, here is a link to a live blogger commentary.

Both Hillary and especially Obama, are pro-gay activists and pro- same-sex marriage advocates.

Ironically, the first two people I ran into yesterday both stated that they would have liked to have signed the marriage petition, but both are not registered to vote! I was really surprised. The first young woman (whom I have gotten to know over just the past 2 months) said that it was "against her religion." I asked, "what religion is that?" She said, "Jehovah's Witnesses." I said, "Oh." She did go on to say that she agrees with the one woman, one man definition for marriage.

I have to admit, either I didn't previously know that Jehovah's Witnesses do not vote or I just plain forgot that fact about them. What a shame. Never taking the opportunity to exercise your voice in the voting process here in America? Oppressed people all around the world would LOVE THAT FREEDOM AND OPPORTUNITY!

The next person (whom I have been casually acquainted with for about 2 years) also told me that she is not registered to vote. I know that she isn't a JW; she is either Catholic or Christian because we have had conversations about Jesus in the past. But she was busy working at the time and I didn't have the chance to ask her why she isn't registered to vote.

If I had to choose regarding the importance between the above two issues, I would say that being pro-life is the more important one. Even though abortion is legal today, 30 years of science, knowledge, and now the 3-D imaging of the baby in the womb is changing minds towards the pro-life side. Even if same-sex marriage becomes legal (God forbid!) I will still fight for biblical morality, values and ethics regarding that issue, too.

But, there is one issue that tops even those two issues today. This election year, THE most important issue when choosing a president is who will do the best job in fighting for the safety of our country against global terrorism? Out of the three top contenders left, John McCain is the only one that I have confidence in who will do just that!

This morning, we all heard the bad news about a bomb being planted and blown up near the military center in New York's Times Square. That bomb was planted to deliberately target the military recruiting center where it went off.


Authorities in New York City are looking for the culprit who set off the rudimentary explosive device in Times Square early Thursday, with one witness describing a hooded man on a bicycle wearing a backpack and acting suspiciously just before the blast at the recruiting station.

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said an ammunition box was found at the scene.

"This was not a particularly sophisticated device," he said during the Thursday press conference.

Kelly said police were talking to a witness who was in the area shortly before the 3:45 a.m. explosion. The witness described a male bicyclist wearing a hood, dark clothing and a backpack and acting strangely — but said didn't see the man's face, according to Kelly.

It is not yet known who is responsible, but since the device was described as "unsophisticated," we might surmise that the culprit could have been an anti-military/anti-war extremist.

This means that act of home grown terrorism is to blame.

How nice.... /sarcasm

Lunatics, like those who protest in Berkeley and San Fransicko against our military [ Warning: Some disturbing, graphic content in the photos at that link *] just don't seem to comprehend the threat of Islamo-fascism and the reality of the danger they present around the world. To mock, threaten, defame, degrade, insult and reject our military; and those who want to volunteer in our armed services; and then have the gall to protest against these military recruiting centers by planting a bomb is just totally despicable!!

It's like a person finding out that he/she has cancer; yet another person who "doesn't believe in cancer" protests and fights against those who would administer the necessary treatment to fight and cure such a cancer.

Radical Islam is a cancer being spread throughout the world. Our brave military men and women are doing a MAGNIFICENT JOB in fighting against this brutal enemy!!

When I hear the Democrats and liberal RINOS gripe about the war in Iraq, and Nancy Pelosi & Company going on vacation so that the House doesn't have to vote on renewing the terrorism surveillance bill (which has dramatically helped to keep our nation safe since 9/11/01) it just makes me ill!!!

If either Hillary or Obama gets into the office of the presidency, our nation will once again be severely depleted of the protections put forth by the Bush Administration (just like they were depleted during the Bill Clinton years - eliminated protections which definitely helped lead to the 9/11 attack!!). If either one of them get into office, our military will most likely be ordered to pack up and come home from Iraq - whether victory is achieved or not - and that new democracy being built over there will be left vulnerable to takeover by Al Qaeda and Iran. The carnage that would occur would be awful!! Just like the millions who were slaughtered after the Vietnam War.

The people who are following after Obama and his empty-suited rhetoric of "hope" and "change" must not have any knowledge of history and/or the dire consequences of the Marxist philosophy that he would place upon America.

Yesterday afternoon, I was driving by a Unitarian Universalist church. The marque message this week read, "hope dies last."

Isn't that an odd statement? I thought it was. It reminded me of a sign that was being carried by a man dressed in Muslim garb at a San Fransicko anti-war protest (I plan to locate actual photo and post it):

"Thank you S.F. die last."

HT: Fox News


* There are also some really good counter-protest photos of American patriots at that rally who stood up against the Code Pinko lunatics.

Zombietime quotes:

"The confrontations and disrespect continued as the afternoon wore on. Predictably, the children had only the feeblest grasp on any of the issues, and essentially no knowedge of history prior to approximately 2003, so trying to have a serious discussion with any of them was an exercise in futility. Someone must have taught them that confidence, self-esteem and volume were an acceptable substitute for logic."

YouTuber "vindogrks" took a revealing video of Code Pink protesting at the Marine Corps office shortly before the demonstration, in which they state their honest opinions, including that the Marines are "war criminals" -- in fact, that the U.S. military is "full of war criminals" -- that World War II was "wrong" and that we shouldn't have reacted to the bombing of Pearl Harbor because "What the the hell were we doing in Hawaii anyway?", that the War on Terror is a "lie" and "Al Qaeda is not a threat," that the U.S. military intentionally targets children and babies, and "What's wrong with communism?", and more.

Truly jaw-dropping -- and it shows that the carefully crafted slogans on the Code Pink banners are just made to assuage middle America -- underneath the emphasis on "peace" is a very deep hatred of America.

Update @ 12:35 p.m. PT

Concerning the CA Supreme Court upcoming decision on marriage, please see:

Jim Campbell: Reflections After Oral Argument in the California Marriage Cases


Stacy said...

Good post Christine,

I agree with you on all counts. Except I do take serious issue with McCain's support of embryonic stem cell research. That is not prolife, in fact, it's killing the smallest among us.

Maybe he can be persuaded or conned into voting to ban it in the future. I'm not sure. But we'll have to see.

I'm certainly not crazy about the man for other reasons, and I won't be campaigning for him like I did Huck, but if push comes to shove I may hold my nose and vote for him primarily because of his stance on the war.

On the other hand, if he picks a real liberal VP, that could wipe out my vote for him

Susan said...

Hi Christine -

Like you, I'm voting for McCain - unenthusiastically. Anything is better than Hillary/Obama.

There's talk that they could be running together. Ugh. Two for the price of one?

Christians better not sit this one out. Not voting is a vote for Hillary and/or Obama. McCain is not the perfect choice, but he's better than those two.

BTW, it's okay for churches to have voter registration drives as long as they don't tell people what part to sign up for. It's amazing how many people don't bother to take the time to register.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Stacy,

I didn't know that McCain supports embryonic stem cell research. But at least he doesn't support abortion.

With the new evidence that adult stem cells present far more success in combating illnesses and disease, perhaps the push for embryonic research will be dropped and the controversy will finally be solved. One can only hope!

McCain wants to win the election. Hopefully, he will be smart enough to choose a conservative-leaning VP. If he doesn't, then he will lose his Republican base!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Susan,

You have made the best argument with this paragraph:

"Christians better not sit this one out. Not voting is a vote for Hillary and/or Obama. McCain is not the perfect choice, but he's better than those two."

I agree wholeheartedly! I am praying that Christians will show up on election day and vote for McCain; even if they have to do so as a result of seeing him as "the lesser of two evils [or three evils - if Clinton/Obama ticket becomes a reality...UGH!!]!

Matt W. said...

I think that in this case you are reasoning from a false premise. That is the premise that McCain is good for National Security.

I understand that McCain would not abandon Iraq, but realistically, neither would Clinton, she might say it now, but she wouldn't actually do it... Obama, who knows? Anyway, while Iraq is important, it's hardly the most pressing National Security issue that we have.

McCain has proven that he cares nothing for securing our borders. He says he is not for Amnesty, but in the next breath denies that the bill he was supporting actually called for Amnesty, which, as we all know, it did, so he hasn't changed his possition, nor does he have any intention of doing so. What he has done is some light pandering to try to pick up some votes. As I said, he will not fight for secure borders, which is the single biggest threat that we face today.

He also wants to close Gitmo, and supports extending full Constitutional rights to Terrorists, so that they can be tried in our Courts with all the rights of American Citizens. Surely we can't consider this a strong stance for security.

McCain is very Liberal on most issues, and HATES Republicans, but HATES!!!! Conservatives even more.

It seems to me that McCain gets a lot of National Security Credit based on his Iraq stance alone, but that credit is unwarranted. If that is the only reason you would vote for him, you should really think again.

For me, I will vote 3rd party. I know that everyone will say that I'm throwing my vote away, but that is only because so many good, intelligent people like yourself will vote for a liberal RINO, who you yourself fully and readily admit is evil, out of fear of the Democrats. Can't we start a Grass Roots movement to elect a 3rd party Conservative Candidate?

Regardless, get the message out DON'T NEGLECT THE CONGRESS!!!!!!

With much Respect,
God Bless you,
Matt W.

Anonymous said...

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Christinewjc said...

Hi Matt,

Points well taken. We all know that McCain wasn't the best choice for Christians or Conservative Republicans. With that said, I must state that there are MOUNTAINS of differences between Hillary and McCain. Obama and Hillary are like two peas in a pod, when it comes down to most issues. It seems that the only thing they argue about is what type of government-run health care they want to impose upon our nation.

I will agree with you that Hillary probably would not pull the troops out right away. However, I also believe that she doesn't care whether we win there or not. McCain does.

I also believe that she sides with the liberal Dems who do not want to renew the terrorist surveillance act. That is REALLY dangerous and I don't think that McCain agrees with her or the liberal Dems on that issue. There are plenty of differences between Hillary and McCain, but I won't bore you with the details.

As far as border security goes, I really believe that McCain has learned his lesson via the failed "amnesty" bill. He has stated many times during his stump speeches that he understands that the will of the American people is to close the borders from the tide of illegal immigration (II), THEN the country would be willing to talk about what to do with illegals already here and how to handle that situation. We can't just pack them all in a truck and carry them over the border. That's certainly not realistic.

I don't have the numbers to cite but I have heard that many illegals have gone back to Mexico because of the crackdown in some states in reporting them. I also heard that abandoned houses (due to the mortgage crisis) were previously occupied by illegals. I don't have numbers on that either.

Like I had already stated, McCain has learned from his mistakes regarding II.

The Gitmo controversy is not only limited to McCain. Aren't there lawyers getting involved? I could be wrong, but I thought that McCain agreed that the detainees should be tried by a military tribunal.

I certainly agree that the elected members of Congress is highly important. Look at the damage that Pelosi & company have inflicted upon our nation! Their approval rating is absolutely dismal!!

I think that your idea for a third party CONSERVATIVE candidate is a good one. However, I also feel that we would need at least 4 years to get any kind of momentum going on that. It's too late (IMHO) for this particular election.

Many people believe that Nader took votes away from Gore in 2000. What I worry about is that a new third party candidate that draws many conservatives away from the Republican candidate may end up being the "Nader" factor in this election - which would give the election to the Democratic nominee. I, for one, do not want to risk that!

I respect your views, Matt, and I know that you must do what your heart tells you to do under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I truly understand completely. There will be many Christians who will either sit this one out or vote for a 3rd party candidate. That is their right.

Maybe the amount of Hillary supporters who would refuse to vote for Obama (there are thousands, if not millions!) would instead vote for McCain. I have also heard that if Hillary gets the Dem nomination, many Obama supporters would refuse to vote for her and turn to McCain. The Hillary/Obama ticket might be a huge challenge for McCain. But, from what I've heard, the animosity against Hillary by Obama would mean that he would NEVER pick her as his VP running mate. Who knows though. Makes for an interesting election though...don't you think?

God bless your day!
In Christ,

Christinewjc said...


Thanks for the links regarding Jehovah's Witnesses.

What a tragedy that JW parents would refuse blood transfusions for their dying children. They base such ridiculous decisions due to skewed interpretation and/or application of false premises in regard to certain passages of Scripture; or, due to their twisting of the Scriptures and the true meaning of the writers who were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

The idea that they don't celebrate birthdays because John the Baptist's head was delivered to the daughter of the king (see Mark 6:24,25) because she requested is as her birthday "present" just shows how ridiculous their cultic practices really are.