Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ya Gotta Laugh

This is one of those "time out" posts. Has the Democratic race for the presidential nominee battle gotten to the point of absurdity or what?

Heard just half of a story about the latest sparring episode between the two candidates on Fox News this morning. It was, once again, just another one of the never ending battle-of-words that have been relentlessly flying back and forth between the Clinton and Obama campaigns. The funny part is, just the answer made me laugh! However, since I didn't hear the question/comment, and only heard the answer, I thought that I would put this on my blog and make a word game out of it.

In a similar pattern with the game of Jeopardy, I give you the answer, and you provide the preceding question/comment.

The answer is:

The audacity of nope!

Now, you create the question/comment!

C'mon people...don't be shy...use your imaginations!

heh heh


Holly said...

"Barack Obama, what made you think you would not get busted for supporting the twisted message portrayed in your "church's" doctrine?"

Holly said...

Or maybe it was....
"Why do you refuse to wear an American Flag lapel pin?"

Doug said...

"Mrs. Clinton, what was your husband's response when you asked him why he didn't turn down Ms. Lewinsky's advances?"

Christinewjc said...

Ha ha haaa!! Great questions!

Keep 'em comin!

I was just listening to Tony Snow (subbing for Bill O'Reilly) on the Radio Factor doing a synopsis and evaluation of Hillary's "we were under sniper fire" lie. So... here's my question:

Was Hillary and her daughter Chelsea and the little girl who greeted Mrs. Clinton with kisses really under the threat of sniper fire during that visit in Bosnia?

Answer: The audacity of nope!

Check out all of these photo-shopped pictures and captions of Hillary's Bosnia visit over at Michele Malkin's blog...I laughed so hard when I saw them! Especially...the Power Rangers outfit on Hillary!


Christinewjc said...

Michele has more today! I haven't had this many laughs in one morning in a long time!!

sh007r said...

OK barack, so without the typo, your slogan was supposed to be what again?