Saturday, March 22, 2008

None But Wise Men

It has been a busy, yet fun Saturday. Our family has been active all day. At one location, I picked up a copy of Architectural Digest. There was a story and photos on how First Lady Laura Bush had redecorated several rooms at the White House. She had good advice from others and came up with some beautiful results!

More on that article in a bit.

My husband has been watching (and recording) the HBO mini-series on John Adams. I have seen several parts of it, but I look forward to some quiet time after the holiday to watch the past two segments uninterrupted. The portions that I have seen have been really entertaining and historically educating.

I have to admit that watching our country gain its independence is a wonderful thing to behold! I am so very grateful to God for our great nation. How very brave our Founding Fathers really were! Despite all the obstacles and set-backs, they prevailed to achieve their goals. As Michael Medved often quips, we are "the greatest nation on God's green earth."

Here is one review at the website:

Magnificent work from HBO, 16 March 2008

Author: Schmiggy_JK23 from United States

The first two episodes of this mini series have captivated me like very few things have. It is interesting to see a detailed look at the foundation of this great nation come to life instead of merely being read on page.

The cast is stellar. Giamatti is a great actor and he brings John Adams to life. Wilkinson as Benjamin Franklin is one of the highlights. The realism of the time frame is brought to life like few movies have done; accuracy in costumes, to architecture, and locational shots.

This is a truly moving piece, and a must watch for fans of history, and those with a appreciation of great cinema regardless.

Back to the article and pictorial in Architectural Digest. Near the end of the article, the author wrote:

Presidents come and go, and the next president, or the president after that, will probably make changes in other rooms [of the White House]. But one thing will doubtless remain unchanged - an inscription carved into the mantel of the State Dining Room, just below a portrait of Lincoln himself. It is from a letter written by John Adams, the first occupant of what was then called the President's House, to his wife, Abigail, on the second night in that new and strange building. It reads:

"I Pray Heaven To Bestow the Best of Blessings on This House and All that shall hereafter Inhabit it. May none but Wise Men ever rule under This Roof."



Matt W. said...

You make me think here about First Ladies, even though I know that wasn't exactly the point.

It makes me so mad when I hear people disparage Laura Bush. No matter what people think of President Bush, Laura is such a lady, and has so much grace and class.

Of the First Ladies that I am old enough to remember in my lifetime, Nancy Reagan is the only other one to be on Mrs. Bush's level of grace and elegance. I had nothing against Barbara Bush, but she always seemed more the Grandmotherly figure to me, a fine lady to be sure, but not in the same league with her daughter-in-law.

To me, one of the saddest things about Bush's second term coming to an end, is the loss of a great First Lady in the White House. I don't know enough of Cindy McCain to know how she is exactly, but the little I've seen so far, I think I like her... regardless of how I feel abou ther Husband. I do know more than I ever wanted to about Michelle Obama, and let's face it, Bill Clinton could never be the classy First Lady that Laura Bush is... no, not ever...

Christinewjc said...

The rabidly angry liberals who hate Bush also hate his entire family. There is, of course, no good reason for that! Just goes to show that Michael Savage was right when he entitled his book, "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder."

Not to go too far off topic but you and I have both seen the craziness of these people in the photo essays at They certainly make use of free speech, don't they? Trouble is, they ALWAYS use it to disparage people! Why don't they do something useful for America?

I have relatives who are intending on voting for either Hillary or Obama. I just shake my head in disbelief. Not that anything I would say would change their minds, but I'm sure that the one college student who wants to vote for Obama is just following the crowd.

I shared the fact that Obama voted against the "Born Alive Infants Protection Act" of 2000 with her dad. Hopefully, they will both do some more research on the guy before they go into the voting booth! I'm tempted to email them this article!

After reading the Architectural Digest article and looking at the photos of the White House, I recalled how badly the Clinton White House staff trashed some of their offices upon leaving. The bitterness over the election of 2000 is still with so many Dems.

IMO, neither Hillary or Obama have the correct vision for America. Neither should ever be voted in to grace the halls of that place. Especially not their spouses, either!