Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CA Marriage Amendment on Ballot!

Great news! The California Marriage Amendment will be on the ballot in November!

Five months and 1.1 million signatures later, the California marriage amendment is headed to the November ballot.

Ron Prentice, executive director of the California Family Council, said he was "thrilled."

"The fact that we will turn in 1.1 million signatures is unprecedented, coming from the grassroots and the churches of this state," he said. "We know that the road ahead will be especially quarrelsome, but we look for Christians to stand up, to represent biblical truth and God's will for marriage."

The amendment to the state constitution would protect marriage from the courts and the Legislature. The state Supreme Court is scheduled to rule by early June on a series of lawsuits challenging the state's existing one-man, one-woman marriage laws. The Legislature has passed back-to-back same-sex "marriage" bills, both of which were vetoed by the governor.

"This shouldn't be something left to the court either now or in the future," Brian Brown, executive director of the California office of the National Organization for Marriage, told The Associated Press. "The idea that California voters should be the ones to decide this is an idea that resonates with people."

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