Monday, April 21, 2008

Preliminary Review of "Expelled"

The movie was excellent!!! It is my desire, and plan, to prepare a much more detailed review of "Expelled." I definitely want to see it again!!!

[Note: This post might contain what some would consider as "movie spoilers."]

This preliminary review does not contain all of my personal feelings and reactions to everything that was covered in the movie. As I had previously stated, I will reserve most of that for my next detailed review. However, I must share some of my feelings, today, about a few parts that demonstrated how stunningly cruel Godless mankind can be.

The good part about this film is its honesty and humor. There were many scenes where I found myself laughing out loud! Ben Stein did a marvelous job with this documentary! He masterfully injected lots of humor throughout the beginning of the film.

Closer to the eyes welled with tears. The portion on Eugenics being inflicted upon the "sick," "mentally ill," and/or other "undesirables" during the Nazi era (at the place were such people were experimented on and exterminated) was so emotionally gripping! It is appalling to realize that such evil was inflicted by the Nazis who were intent on creating a "superior race." It is truly a frightening example of how history proves that Godless, unrestrained man has a natural penchant for evil, criminality and brutal inhumanity.

The entire theater was so quiet at that point. I could tell that many, if not all of the people were having an extreme emotional reaction to what they were seeing and hearing.

We can clearly see that the current 'culture of death' here in America, as well as in many places around the world, often emanates from atheism (or, in the case of radical Islam - belief in a false god) that many proponents (I'M NOT SAYING ALL SO DON'T SCREAM AT ME!) of Darwinian philosophy hold.

Though, only mentioned briefly, the abortion philosophy of Eugenics adherent, Margaret Sanger, reflects many today who hopelessly and maddeningly manage to just shrug their shoulders at child murder in the womb. To me, abortion is just as unconscionable as the Eugenics mentality of the Nazis. But the abortion industry earns many people and organizations millions of dollars. Apparently, money is more important than the lives of unborn children. We have our own shameful American 'Holocaust of abortion' perpetrated by evil groups like Planned Infanticide.

Of course the horrendous history and description of Nazi Germany's Holocaust tore me up as it usually does any time that the topic comes up.

As I had previously mentioned, it is difficult to review this film without giving away a lot of its content. When I post my detailed review, it will have many more movie I hope that you will go out and see the movie before you read it!

Today, I would like to share where my interest in this very important subject began.

Starting in 1999, I attended a series of lectures on Intelligent Design at BIOLA University (mentioned in the film). Here is a portion of what I had learned back then that was finally exposed in this excellent movie!!

In “First Things,” Phillip E. Johnson wrote, “Those in scientific leadership cannot afford to disclose that commitment (to materialism) frankly to the public. Imagine what chance the affirmative side would have if the question for public debate were rephrased candidly as ‘Resolved, that everyone should adopt an a priori commitment to materialism.’ Everyone would see what many now sense dimly: that a methodological premise which is useful for limited purposes has been expanded to form a metaphysical absolute.”

“People who define science as the search for materialistic explanations will find it useful to assume that such explanations always exist. To suppose that a philosophical preference can validate a cherished theory is to define ’science’ as a way of supporting prejudice. Yet that is exactly what the Darwinists seem to be doing when their evidence is evaluated by critics who are willing to question materialism.”

Many scientists and philosophers think that a dedication to materialism is the defining characteristic of science. If design in biology is real, then the designer also might be real, and scientific materialists contemplate this possibility (if at all) with outright panic. The concept that the universe is the product of a rational mind provides a far better metaphysical basis for scientific rationality than the competing concept that everything in the universe, including our minds, is ultimately based in the mindless movements of matter.

As Phillip E. Johnson had stated seven years ago, if the commitment to such materialistic explanation were exposed to the public, then people would realize the REAL reason that Intelligent Design is being rejected by scientist elitists in academia today.

"Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" was far better than I thought that it would be. Far better than I even could have hoped it would be!! It gets to the heart of the controversy, and how one side is not only dominating its presentation of its particular worldview, but also firing people (i.e. university professors, journalists) who don't "toe the line" towards Darwinism exclusivism. Its like a dogma! It is "political correctness" taken to an unnecessary extreme! It is, in fact, a type of "religion"!

It will be difficult to write a review without giving away the most important facts that Stein uncovered and exposed to the public via this film!! Everyone in the theater yesterday clapped at the end!!

Mike wrote a comment that had this thought:

"perhaps the bigger question, though, is why is populating all of creation by evolutionary means such a threat?"

This film poses, and answers this question:

"perhaps the bigger question, though, is why is populating all of creation by intelligent design means such a threat?"

This film answers that question...precisely...and exposes how one side (Darwinism elitists) have used the universities, media, and the courts to erect a "Berlin Wall" preventing the free speech, presentation of a worldview, and ideas of those who hold counter scientific views (with evidence to support such views) against the "sacred cow" of Evolution (particularly macro-evolution which is really an extrapolation of the evidence for micro-evolution used to create a long-held but worthless fairy tale portion of the theory).

What is most obvious in all of this is the fact that intelligence in science matters!! However, it is being squelched by those who fear that a competing theory might have some measure of merit. ID is currently only able to chip away at that Berlin Wall, but when more of the public find out the REAL MOTIVES of why such a Wall is up in academic circles, they will most likely protest and work to change what is going on!

Those who have lost their jobs because of speaking out against the "powers that be" in science academia are the real heroes - because they have determined to follow the evidence where it is now leading - despite being forced to lose such things as tenure/jobs in their fields of expertise.

Everyone, please go out and buy "The Privileged Planet" to help support one such science professor (Guillermo Gonzalez) who was denied tenure because the book he co-wrote showed SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that our planet is, indeed PRIVILEGED because of evidence of design (and because of such design - a purpose for our lives) in the Cosmos!


Anonymous said...

Of all the responses to Ben Stein currently on the Internet I thought this one was best:

Christinewjc said...

I don't agree.

Perhaps others who come along and decide to watch your "choice" of what was "best" will want to take the time to refute such a hopelessly irrelevant "response" that is exhibited in that video.

[Hint: It doesn't answer the questions that Mr. Stein asks in the movie. That's typically called "evading the question(s)."]

Anonymous said...

And what question would that be, Christine? It is Mr. Stein, not myself, who is making accusations of restrictions on intellectual freedom. Is it therefore Mr. Stein, not myself, who have the onus of providing proof for these accusations.

As of yet, he has provided no scientific evidence which would dispute the general consensus. He argues that scientists are punished when they say (or publish) clearly un-scientific assertions -- but they really should be expected in that field. If you'd like to delve into "intelligent design" you should do so in the Theology Department, not Biology.

I also noticed that "Dispelled" flopped pretty badly with its release. Even with over 1000 theaters, Stein could only manage to bring in a little under $1M. Ouch, that's gotta hurt!

Christinewjc said...


I have a sneaking suspicion that you have not seen the movie. Am I correct about that?

Strike one!?

Expelled is about more than just "intellectual freedom."

Synopsis from CNS News:

“Expelled” calls attention to the plight of highly credentialed scholars who have been forced out of prestigious academic positions because they proposed Intelligent Design as a possible alternative to Charles Darwin’s 150-year-old theories about the origins of life. Instead of entertaining a debate on the merits of competing theories, the scientific establishment has moved to suppress the ID movement in a “systematic and ruthless” way at odds with America’s founding principles, the film asserts.

Strike two.

You are incorrect about your assumption that the box office take for "Expelled" was only 1 million.

According to this site it has taken in just under 3 million. I also heard (but need to verify this) that it did better (on less screens) than the opening weekend of Al Gore's fantasy on global warming.

Strike three! You're out!

Christinewjc said...

Made the top ten too!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank goodness this is science and not baseball!! See Christine, you have to follow something called the "scientific method" to be considered scientific. If you'll give me your address I'll be happy to send you a high school biology textbook.

Christinewjc said...

Still ignoring my questions anonymous?

1. Have you seen the movie?

2. You still won't admit that highly educated and intelligent people who question the weak aspects of evolution theory are pressured into keeping quiet about ID. Some, in fact, have lost their jobs. Yet, the liberal elitists can say things like, "life started on the backs of crystals" or "life was seed planted by aliens" and remain tenured professors despite the fact that they have no scientific method evidence of such beliefs?

What's that spell? BIAS!

3. You didn't apologize for misquoting the box office take for the "Expelled" movie.

If you'll give me your address I'd be happy to send you the Book on life which includes, among other facts, the importance of honesty, integrity, confession and repentance.

Anonymous said...


I have no doubt that there are highly educated and intelligent people who question basic scientific principles -- but we don't call those people scientists. There are also a number of scientists who are religious (Francis Collins and others) who readily accept the reality of evolutionary biology and use it in their professional work. There are also respected theologians and churches that accept evolutionary biology (Catholic Church, National Council of Churches, Southern Baptist Convention, etc.) You represent that very small segment of American Christianity which believes evolution to be a threat to your religion. This is misguided.

I've also noticed that in your second question you keep referring to how "life started". If you have even a basic understanding of evolutionary biology you'd understand that it does not speak on abiogenesis.

And for your first question, no I haven't seen "Expelled" although from what I've read it offers nothing new that wasn't covered when Intelligent Design proponents lost their case in Dover.

patrick said...

it would seem that Ben Stein's goal here is to promote dangerously-free thought, especially more thinking about motivations that drive American academia and a lot of other behind-the-scenes worldview that we tend to take for granted... well done indeed

Christinewjc said...

Don't you worry about little ole' me, anonymous. I've "been there, done that" with other Darwinists who like to side-step the abiogenesis issue. It's their usual "elephant in the room" that they like to dismiss outright.

I think that it might be a good idea to go and see the movie. Relying on what others say about the film does not have the same impact as viewing the movie.

I would also suggest that you go to Patrick's blog and read the two posts that he wrote about the movie.

I think that it is kinda dopey for you to be posting comments about a movie that you have not even seen yet!

Go see it! Go read Patrick's posts. Perhaps you will gain some semblance of wisdom! Then again, over the years I have found that when it comes to clinging to their liberal elitist worldview - people like you, "anonymous," would rather cover their eyes, ears and minds instead of ever giving themselves the opportunity to be exposed to the Truth!