Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Life Is A Beautiful Choice

Had a cable/internet outtage over the past two days. It is nice to be back online!

While doing some research on Birth Choice, I ran across the following two articles.

They speak for themselves...



Birth Choice Receives Grant

My comment (awaiting approval)

I would like to say thank you to Jennifer Cartell for her excellent, and positive comment.

I found this article while attempting to research positive and encouraging articles about Birth Choice. The main stream media always seems to have a very negative bias against pro-life, Christian organizations. Why is that? Just because they help encourage the teens to choose life for their babies? Being biased TOWARDS abortion is not "choice." It's dictatorship!

Jennifer, you answered the author's biased views so beautifully and graciously! Thank you! The fact that Birth Choice does so much good and offers help for at risk pregnant teens seems to be lost upon those who push the abortion agenda. They seem to be so blinded by "political correctness" regarding the issue of abortion that they can't see the beauty of encouraging a teen to choose life for her baby!!

Whether a pregnant teen decides to keep her baby or give the gift of adoption to a waiting couple, the best choice in the matter is to choose life. Why? Because your mother did!



Walk For Life - Birth Choice by Abortion Hurts - Silent Rain Drops blogspot

For more than thirty years as of this writing we have been practicing abortion on demand with no thought of the consequences. Very few efforts are made to determine scientifically whether abortion is actually a benign procedure, or if surgically or chemically interrupting a woman’s pregnancy has any long-term negative consequences. The truth is evident if we only have the courage to look at it: abortion hurts physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

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