Friday, December 05, 2008

The Day Concerned Citizens Have Waited For

There are many blog links in my sidebar that have great information about what will happen at the U.S. Supreme Court conference today, what the "rule of four" means, and additional links with further information.

1. The Right Side of Life

Also mentioned at above link is that We The People Foundation will be holding a conference at the National Press Club on Monday, December 8, at 1:30pm ET. Dr. Taitz thinks it’ll be aired on C-SPAN.

2. Citizen Wells has information on yet another lawsuit filed with the U.S. Supreme Court.


Christopher Strunk, on December 4, 2008, placed his NY lawsuit before the US Supreme Court. Strunk’s Writ of Mandamus attempts to restrain the NY Electoral College from voting on December 15, 2008.

“Christopher Strunk, being pro se in two cases (one in DC District Court and another appealing to the Supreme Court), served the Supreme Court with an application for Writ of Mandamus to Associate Justice Ginsburg yesterday and served the DC District Court with a Writ as well.

3. ZachJonesIsHome has more details about the We The People presentation at the National Press Club on December 8, 2008.


WeThePeople to present at The National Press Club on December 8, 2008. The presentation will be about the question of Sen. Obama’s citizenship status and the Constitutional requirement that he be “Natural Born” to be eligible to hold the Office of the Presidency.

There is a growing body of evidence and circumstances suggesting that Obama was born in Kenya. Much as been made of the media’s (mis)interpretation of the Hawaiian Government Officials’ statements. The press has said (or strongly implied) that the Hawaii Officials said that Obama was born in Hawaii. Go back a read the original statements - they never said that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Also of note: Sen. Obama has evidently spent around $800,000 defending hiding his original birth certificate (naming the hospital) in numerous courts - when it would only have cost him $10 to get a copy of the real thing to put all these questions to rest. Hmmm. Would you spend so much money if you had the truth on your side?

Others have been questioning the hospitals in Honolulu and it seems that no hospitals have any records of Obama’s birth.

This should be an interesting presentation. Will the MSM be there? We will see.

Check back for update throughout the day.

Related and added at 8:35 a.m. PT:

A VERY interesting story in our history with excellent examples and analysis regarding the establishment about "natural born citizen" status.



The Right Side of Life

Citizen Wells


Natural Born Citizen


rebecca said...

what a crisis! I would almost prefer obama, though, even if he's an alien, to known RADICAL and FAR LEFTIST Joe Biden, the VIOLENTLY anti-family and CRIMINALLY liberal FRAUDULENT supermarxist senator from DELAWARE. at least obama's not a JERK with fake hair that that COMMUNIST from Wilmington!

my husband likes obama and says he's the only president that ever reminded him of ronald reagan and dwight eisenhower! i don't know what to say to him with being a bad wife.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Rebecca -

Why don't you tell us how you REALLY FEEL? heh heh....j/k

I do not agree with the policies of either of them! If this is your first visit here, then you may not be aware of all of the postings against Obama that I have done over the last year.

My first and foremost objection against Obama is his pro-death-to-unborn babies position. I am staunchly pro-life and could NEVER support ANY candidate that is pro-abortion. Period.

If this issue gets resolved before the Inauguration on Jan. 20th - better yet - BEFORE THE ELECTORS CAST THEIR VOTES ON DEC. 15TH; then we won't have to worry about Biden taking over when Obama is found ineligible for POTUS. I PRAY EVERY DAY that SCOTUS does it's CONSTITUTIONAL JOB and declares Obama ineligible BEFORE Jan. 20th. What happens after that will be interesting to say the least!

rebecca said...

I pray with you that NEITHER of these clowns goes anywhere near the White House -- EVER! Joe Biden is the author of the MONSTROUS anti-God, anti-Family "Violence Against Women Act" that has ruined the life of my family on multiple occasions!

I believe that Pres. Bush should declare a state of emergency and push back the inauguration date until these issues have been resolved. I believe he is entitled to serve two more years under the Constitution. After that time, VP Cheney can take the helm until we can have a REAL election that's not "bought and sold" by liberal RADICALS clerics like J WRIGHT and J JACKSON et al.

NEVER TO LIBERAL ANTILIFE POLS! I pray that the results of this FRAUD election will be revoked and J McCain and S Palin can take their rightful position of power adn dignity! NEver to heaving liberal nightmare like B Obama or JOE BIDEN!

Anonymous said...

Have been following the stories at Jeremiah Films added your post

Your other post was also added

I don't know what think, I've suspected that he had a valid document and has not used it to snob those who are against his Presidency, But now we are talking about the Supreme Court.

So the question is what will the court do in regards to this Constitutional Crisis? Clearly what they should do is acknowledge that citizens have the right to redress of grievances and tell Obama he will not be the President unless he can show the court ...