Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stop Taxing Americans for 2 Months

Sounds like a great plan to me!! Newt Gingrich reports that Rep. Louie Gohmert (R.-Tex.) has proposed a very important tax-cut alternative to the Pelosi-Paulson big-government bailout plan.

Where the Pelosi-Paulson plan takes the taxpayers’ money and puts it under the government’s thumb so that predatory politicians and micromanaging bureaucrats have more and more control over the American economy, Congressman Gohmert’s plan puts the money back into the pockets of the American people and allows them to choose.

Down with bailouts!


Now THERE'S a Conservative idea I like!!

HT: Human Events


spud tooley said...

i like that idea, too. of course, newt is from georgia, a state known for having more intelligent people per capita than ... oh ... i don't know ... how 'bout california? :)

i'd go a bit further with his proposal: anyone who has filed returns over the last eight years that have a combined AGI $4,000,000 or less (a very generous $500k/year) don't have to pay taxes for the next eight years, and those higher than that line pay double. obviously, pushing wealth up did not result in it trickling back down, as we are on the edge of the greatest precipice america has ever faced. let's switch the vandal's vacuums over to blower mode for a bit, and get the money we worked for back.

and, no - it's not socialism, at least it's not socialism any more than it was the past eight years when our meager wealth was 'spread around' to those who needed it least of all.

heard anything from the supreme court yet?

writing from GEORGIA,

Gary Baker said...

"and, no - it's not socialism"

Quite correct, Mike. It's theft, purse and simple. At least that's how I've always considered that type of generosity with other people's money. Of course, that's generally the only type of generosity liberals have.

"and get the money we worked for back"

Aside from what the government seems very intent on taking, what money are you talking about?