Sunday, December 28, 2008

Flight 93's Crescent of Betrayal

If you ever doubted that the Media of Mass Deception is being highly controlled by someone, I think that just this one example might change your mind.

While flipping through the typical news channels, I first heard about Flight 93 Families Ask Bush to OK Land Seizure for Memorial.

Even CNN had a brief segment about this subject.

The trouble is, NOT ONE WORD was shared about the controversy over the design of the memorial that would be placed there!!!

Isn't that VERY STRANGE???

Here are my two previous blogposts about the controversy:

Islamic Symbolism in Flight 93 Memorial???

Crescent of Betrayal Controversy

Please see this video.

Oh wait...IT'S NO LONGER AVAILABLE! How about that???

Zombietime has diagrams to show exactly why objections are being made about the memorial plan. Be sure to click on the additional links there. Especially the one called Flight 93 Outrage. That one depicts the fact that although the "architects" changed the design somewhat - it STILL looks like an Islamic crescent. Even worse, the memorial itself would be oriented towards Mecca!!

Need any more proof?

I'll keep looking.

More at Read the comments, too.

Here is a link to another page and a link to a petition against this awful design that you can sign.

The Error Theory blog has a very comprehensive analysis of the "Crescent of Betrayal."

Read A letter from Tom Burnett Sr, (whose son died on the plane): Please sign our petition to stop the Flight 93 Memorial.

If I recall correctly, I also read (in a previous article or blogpost) that the land owner does not want to sell the land because he either sympathizes for, or agrees with Tom Burnett Sr. - that the current Islamic design is UNACCEPTABLE!! I still need to locate the article where I read that.

Crescent of index


Fox News


Error Theory blog


Anonymous said...

You may as well join the Flight 93 Memorial blogburst. Just email Alec Rawls at Error Theory, and give him your url, and email address. He'll email you the future posts, and add you to the blogroll.

Here are all the blogbursts done so far (scroll down):

rebecca said...

the crescent is a symbol of our muslim-in-chief. has anyone considered bho to be one of the forgotten hijackers, the 20th man? he was certainly in on the plot, and now this memorial will serve to glorify him?

i feel that we are living in the new saddam hussein america, where the portrait of the great leader will be hung from every wall?!!

call a new election. this one was a fraud. vote McCAIN/PALIN!!!!

James A said...

I agree with Rebecca, and the fact bho wasn't even born in America and he's somehow our president now escapes me, we are living in the new saddam hussein america. Have you seen the merchandice, tribute dvds, commeritve plates, coins, special print newspaper, just makes me sick. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. LOOK AT COLONY14.COM FOR ALL THE RESEARCHED INFORMATION YOU EVER DREAMED OF ON bho. AMERICANS NEED TO TAKE THE COUNTRY FROM THE RICH, ABOVE THEM ALL TYPES, OLD POLITICANS, AND RESTORE THE FOUNDING FATHERS DREAM OF A TRUE AMERICA

Christinewjc said...

Thanks for that tip, NiceDeb.

I have been reading your blog for quite some time now and really admire your writing.

I have contacted Alec via email and he stated that he plans to add my post to the blogburst. Thanks again!


Christinewjc said...


You might be correct. Obama was brought up as a Muslim. He doesn't act like a Christian, either. He's more like a pseudo-christian; using such a belief to con genuine Christians. What a liar!

What I find so hypocritical is the fact that the Dems went ballistic whenever Conservative radio talk show hosts dared to use Obama's middle name. Now...because Obama WANTS to use his middle name, "Hussein," during the Inauguration - it's O.K.?

Geesh! What hypocrites!

Christinewjc said...

James A -

I took a brief look at the "Colony 14" site. Although I didn't read it all, I did not find anything about Jesus Christ included in the "philosophy" over there.

Since I follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, I cannot recommend your site to others.

Thanks for sharing your views.