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Four Courageous TN State Representatives

Dear Readers: Being that my time is limited for blogging right now, I wanted to draw your attention to the most pertinent issues in the conservative blogosphere. Today, please read Dr. Orly Taitz' blog post at her new blog:

DEFENDOURFREEDOMS.US: Obama's Communist, Radical Muslim, Chicago Mafia style thugs are attacking 4 courageous TN State representatives. We need to show appreciation to those 4 representatives and attack those Obama thugs back.

I sincerely hope that you will contact these brave representatives and share you support for their courage in defending our United States Constitution through this valient effort to expose Obama as a presidential usurper because he is not a natural born citizen of the United State of America - and therefore - INELIGIBLE FOR POTUS!



Copy of Orly Taitz post (go to link [above] to read some excellent comments after the post):


DEFENDOURFREEDOMS.US: Obama's Communist, Radical Muslim, Chicago Mafia style thugs are attacking 4 courageous TN State representatives. We need to show appreciation to those 4 representatives and attack those Obama thugs back.
Obama's Communist, Radical Muslim, Chicago Mafia style thugs are attacking 4 courageous TN State representatives. We need to show appreciation to those 4 representatives and attack those Obama thugs back.On Monday and Tuesday four courageous Tennessee representatives: Eric Swafford, Frank Niceley, Stacey Campfield and Glen Casada have signed consent forms to be plaintiffs in a legal action to be filed by Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ, seeking a Writ of Mandamus (a mandate) from the court to unseal original birth certificates, all passports, immigration records, school registration and other vital records of Barry Soetoro, citizen of Indonesia and Kenya, aka Barack Hussein Obama, in order to verify his eligibility/legitimacy for presidency. It is a very legitimate action, since Soetoro/Obama has been hiding all his records and no court has ever heard the case on the merits, no judge has ever issued any Judicial subpoena, telling US citizens, that they have no standing to question legitimacy of the president. Clearly lawmakers have better standing and that is what the law makers should do, represent their constituency. If Obama's unsealed records show, what we actually know, that his father was a foreign National and he was a Britiish National at birth (Kenya was a British colony) and he is an Indonesian citizen now and in the past, he cannot be a US president and needs to be removed from the White House ASAP. No bill, including hotly debated economic package is valid, if he is not legitimate.

Reports came out today showing that Obama's Nazi squad thugs are at it again, intimidating and harassing honest, law abiding citizens and law makers.

According to Alexa web stats, this site has one and a half million readers per month. I want each and every one of you to send flowers, candy, banners, appreciation cards, teddy bears with big love sign and thank you sign to these courageous law makers: Eric Swafford, Glen Casada, Stacey Campfield and Frank Niceley . I want patriots from TN to pin on the doors of these law makers thank you cards, flowers and banners. They need to know that decent people of this country appreciate them and want to know all the truth about Obama, the whole Capitol of TN should see our appreciation. Please write to other TN State and US representatives and Senators and ask them to show solidarity and join the legal action to unseal Obama's records. Write to the Governor of TN, to Lamar Alexander, to Fred Thompson. If we get scared and intimidated, we all will end up in those civilian labor camps, that Obama is proposing and we will be guarded by those Hamas radical Muslim thugs that Obama wants to bring to this country, based on the new immigration bill that he signed.

One of the people that ridiculed these decent law makers was Larry Miller, a Democrat from Nashvile. He stated that they embarrass the state and "it makes you not even want to go and serve in the house with them." Everybody should write to Larry Miller, that such a gutless, spineless thug like him is an embarrassment to this Nation, that if he doesn't want to serve with them, then he should resign and people of Nashville TN can find somebody with more integrity, decency, guts and spine and a few other parts to replace him.

Many of the comments there are really good too! Lots of suggestions for actions to take!

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Christinewjc said...

Rebecca's comment moved to this thread:

rebecca has left a new comment on your post "Darwin - The Lesser "god."":

Christine I was so upset to read about SOROS and financial terrorism and NOBAMA as a Soviet plant and the SHAMULUS and the TRASHING of George Bush in the LAME-STREAM media that I wrote a poem about these issues dedicated to our great 43rd president and still the only LEGITIMATE ruler of America!

George W. Bush
From Iraq to the Hindu Kush
You set the people free
So thank you.

In everything you do
From Ohio to Timbuktoo
Saving lives is your priority
We love you.

When evil terrorists
Shook their evil fists
At America the free and brave
You stood fast.

When France and Germany
Stood against democracy
You did not cower and cave
To diplomats.

Instead you sent Marines
(Not those UN queens)
To liberate the Arabs
From their despot.

In Tikrit you did him bury
And you defeated John F. Kerry
On Bin Laden too you kept tabs
His thugs you caught.

When evil Venezuela
Chose not a leader, but a failer
Who insulted you in public view
You kept your cool

But you made the smart decision
To assist the opposition
Who almost overthrew him in coup.
Hugo's a fool!

When sick gays tried to marry
You did their their rituals tarry
You bravely authored an ammendment
To the constitution

But it did not succeed
This world has gone to seed
In Mass. and Conn. we see ascendent
Their pollution.

In 2006 some worms
Called "Democrats" won midterms
Against your brave agenda they stood

And they did legislate
For abortion and for hate
But for the Court Supreme you found some good
Strict constructionists.

You kept the economy strong
For seven years good and long
Average familys could get a mortgage
At a discount

But foreign financiers
GEORGE SOROS and his peers
The free market's mighty ridge
They did surmount.

Strange bankers from afar
Pro-Pot and Anti-War
Wanted your administration
To destroy

They made the great recession
By their intercession.
Currency manipulation
Did they deploy.

In 2008
We met an awful fate
A liberal Muslim was chosen
For our prez.

We know he is a pawn
Of Moscow and Tehran
A modern Julius Rosen-
berg in a fez.

He sent the jihadis away
From Guantanomo Bay
He put them in prisons in America's

He is proclaimed Messiah
By journalists for hire
He sets to weeping hysterical

He threatens noble Rush
He makes talk radio hush
With his Fairness Doctrine and by playing
The race card.

But we will not be moved
By his name-calling rude
He will not woo us with his swaying
We are die hard.

The MSM is mush
But you are President Bush
The last legitimate POTUS
Of this land.

For NOBAMA is a fraud
A Kenyan sans green card
Getting high on his Indonesian lotus.
Take a stand.

Let's do what we must do
Wage a constitutional coup
If he can't produce his COLB he's
Done for.

Let him be president
Of some land low-rent
Maybe he could reign at ease
In East Timor?

George Bush you were so great
Though they do not much rate
You very high in the public

I wish you would return
To that office stern
And we'll remake this republic
Your dominion.

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Posted by rebecca to Talk Wisdom at February 13, 2009 7:52:00 PM PST