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Tell Neo-Marxists a Big Fat NO!

It has been very encouraging to me to see that the Senate (mostly Republicans and blue dog Democrats) are very wary of the StimuWASTE bill. Yet, I keep reading news accounts where, although Obama is losing the Stimulus fight but as Nice Deb points out, he seems to be clueless about the fact that the public is REJECTING it! Yet, he is STILL actively insisting on passing it quickly.

What is truly laughable, is to read this excerpt from the Real Clear Politics article:

Although Obama aides dismiss the media coverage as "cable chatter" important only inside the "Washington echo chamber," they acknowledge that Congress does its work inside that noisy hall and that the journalistic back-and-forth has tainted its key legislative objective. "We didn't give it as much air cover last week as we should," said one top adviser. "We lost a week."

Cable chatter? (In Liberal-speak...[whispers]...that must mean Fox News Channel.)

Air cover? COVER? What does that mean?

Is the Obama media-mania honeymoon over? Probably not yet. At least it's over on cable's Fox News Channel concerning this one issue. Hannity's new show is having quite the impact on the public!

But of course, as socialism steamrolls into our government, the need to shut people who dissent from their Marxist ways increases. UNFairness Doctrine anyone? PeLIARsi can't wait to impose it on us. Her goal, of course, is to eliminate the SUCCESSFUL Conservative talk radio shows.

With people like neo-Marxists (thank you Michael Savage, for coining that phrase) Pelosi, Reid, and Obama FORCING their socialistic agenda down the throats of an unwilling public; and the LAMEstream media who MOSTLY tend to pooh-pooh our concerns about the StimuWASTE bill that would cost $100,000 - $200,000 per "new job created," there is NO WONDER why the ordinary citizens, like us, are burning up the switchboards in Congress TELLING THE SENATE TO VOTE NO on this porker!

While over at Real Clear Politics, I noticed that Obama's formerly whopping 89% approval rating has dipped to 61%. I don't particularly care about polls or trust them, but we all know narcissist Obama cares about them.

Received an encouraging email from a friend yesterday. She wrote, "Do you listen to talk radio? I have listened intermittently to Glen Beck and he is working on creating a movement of some sort to get Americans to fight for their country so it doesn't keep moving into the socialist direction. He is giving details over the next few weeks."

I already listen to Glenn, but must have missed the segment where he stated that he wants to create a movement to enable Americans to reject the socialist direction that Obama, Pelosi, Reid & fellow conspirators are clearly heading us towards.

There are many great articles to read at links in my sidebar. The following are just a few of the ones that are must reads:

1. American Prophet: Welcome to the United States of Make Believe by featured columnist Gabriel Garnica

As I have often stated before every article over at American Prophet is worthy of reading. Gabriel Garnica's article is a reminder of the "blue pill Matrix" world we are currently living in with this clueless Obama adminstration at the helm. What a great line this is:

We are about to enter the liberal roller-coaster of hypocrisy where liars preach about honesty, corrupt officials preach about service, pathetically partisan media preaches about objective journalism and fawning fools preach about holding our leaders accountable.

Yep...we are in it alright!

2. Evil Conservative has a brief radio show video that exposes the truth about Obama's "emergence of incompetence."

Obama's First Two Weeks - The Emergence of Incompetence
EC analyzes Obama's first two weeks, and the emergence of a truly unique presidency, He's condensed much of the failure that took Jimmy Carter 4 years to (not) accomplish, and managed to do it in two short weeks. The attacks on private citizens and their free speech rights, the abandonment of the free market, the hypocrisy displayed by his cabinet - all that and more in this rant!

3. The Powers That Be shares, lest we forget, what a TRUE LEADER sounds like upon ascending to the presidency. Ronald Reagan's warnings, in his first inaugural speech, have unfortunately, now come to fruition.

4. Be sure to read everything over at American Thinker. Especially these two:

February 04, 2009

Obama may become a disaster - James Lewis

How the Stimulus Bill Could Kill You - Douglas O'Brien

Update: Also read The Impending Obama Meltdown - National Review Online

Hat Tips:

Real Clear Politics

Nice Deb

American Prophet

The Powers That Be

American Thinker

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