Tuesday, February 24, 2009

USS Cole Victim's Parent on Blog Radio Tonight

In a previous post here at Talk Wisdom I shared the terrible betrayal that a mother of one of the USS Cole victims felt when she spoke out against Obama's decision to halt the trial of the mastermind perpetrator. Now, another parent of another USS Cole victim (who also refused to meet with Obama when invited to the White House) will be interviewed this evening at Evil Conservative Blog Radio.

Excerpt quote:

1. Before 9/11, Al Qaeda attacked the USS Cole off the coast of Yemen. 17 American heroes were murdered, including 26 year old Navy Fireman, Petty Officer Gary Swenchonis. On Feb 5, Obama dropped the charges against mastermind Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. EC is honored to interview Petty Officer Swenchonis' father about this betrayal, and his subsequent refusal to meet with Obama.

Every American who ever wore a uniform should support Gary Swenchonis, Sr. and be irate at this abomination.

2. EC will interview US Representative Charles Boustany (R-LA), about Obama's Trillion-Dollar Turd, the direction of our foreign policy, and is Obama's collectivist agenda constitutional? Will Obama's collectivist drive end up any better than the bloody collectivization of other societies?

We'll also get Rep. Boustany's opinion on Obama's treatment of the USS Cole case, and what that means for our fighting men and women. ECR is ready to hit hard tomorrow night.

Make sure you wear a chinstrap.

Remember, the government produces nothing, so anything they give you had to be stolen from someone else first. /quote

I have a question and some comments. I am wondering if these two parents of the USS Cole bombing victims would have "standing" in a new court case against Obama's ineligibility for the position of POTUS?

Also, did anyone else catch Bobby Jindal's Republican response to Obama's speech where he stated:

"Jindal just called barry the son of an American woman and a KENYAN."

HT: Commenter Rocknee over at Citizen Wells blog.

That last line in what Evil Conservative aptly labels "Obama's Trillion-Dollar Turd" makes an astonishing but accurate point!

- "Remember, the government produces nothing, so anything they give you had to be stolen from someone else first"-

is hard hitting - yet SO TRUE!



I think that is one of the MAJOR differences between liberal vs. conservative philosophy when it comes to taxes and expenditures in government. Note: I didn't say "democrat vs. republican philosophy," because there are conservative blue dog democrats who voted against the StimuWASTE bill and liberal RINO republicans who voted for it in the Senate.

In fact, we saw the 180 degree difference between the two speeches last night. Obama's tax and spend policies came roaring through in his speech; vs. Bobby Jindal's "the people's money" speech. Another point worth mentioning is the fact that Jindal believes that "the American people can do anything;" which stands in sharp contrast to Obama's constant doom and gloom "crisis" crapola.

I will be writing a more comprehensive post comparing the two speeches in a new blog post today or tomorrow.



P.S. Last night, I encountered an "error message" that I had never seen before. Has this ever happened to anyone out there visiting this blog today?

This is what happened.

I was attempting to access the "Evil Conservative" blog/radio site. Twice, while viewing the page, the following popped up soon after:


Server Error
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Please try again in 30 seconds.

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Also note that if you do not send us the entire code below, we will not be able to help you.

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[Included was a bunch of numbers and letter code which I did not publish here.]

If this has happened to anyone else reading this blog, please comment. Any techies out there that can give me more information about this - please do. It would be much appreciated!


HT: Evil Conservative Blog

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