Thursday, May 05, 2011

Is This Blatant Technorati Bias or What??

I just happened to check where Talk Wisdom's "authority" was in the ranking system over at Technorati (last I checked, it was somewhere around 400 or higher) and look what I found!

moved down -23054 places

32727. Talk Wisdom

Auth: 83
Moved negative places Change -298

I don't think that I have EVER seen ANY blog move 298 negative places in a few days before!  What gives?  I guess they didn't like what I was blogging about?  It can't be due to visitors reaching this blog.  I had one of the highest amounts of visitors ever today.

Today's stats as of 5/5/11 at 10:16 p.m. PT:

Total page views 479 68 (14.19 %)
Total visitors 366 42 (11.47 %)
Total new visitors 323 32 (9.9 %)
Page views per visit 1.3 1.6 (+ 23.1%)

So, I decided to see where Atlas Shrugs is ranked since I originally linked to Pam Geller's blog when the "White House Insider" story broke.

Found this interesting! Look at the huge difference in ranking for Pam's blog when she wrote about the "son of Hamas" being a fraud! Guess they didn't like that over at Technorati so dropped her rankings when she posted that essay!

  • 311.

    moved up 15 places
    Site thumbnail

    Atlas Shrugs
    Recent: Obama Turns His Back on 911 Family Members
    In case you were wondering who selected the 50 911 families that would meet with the Obama at Ground Zero …
    Auth: 639
    + Change +2

  • 5212.

    moved up 15 places
    Site thumbnail

    Reboot Congress
    Recent: In The Fight: Episode 50
    Watch: In The Fight: Episode 50 The Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System produced Episode 50 of …
    Auth: 433

  • 16807.

    moved up 33 places
    Site thumbnail

    Atlas Shrugs
    Auth: 96
    Recent: Son of Hamas "Defector" a Fraud?
    Mosab, "son of Hamas," has been exposed as a fraud by counter jihad fighter Walid Shoebat. many of

  • Isn't that WEIRD?

    Perhaps not.  Obvious bias is typical of ranking sites like Technorati with an ideology that doesn't agree with certain blogs and their posts!  I have seen their bias before!  But this had to be the most blatant kind that I have ever seen from them!

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