Thursday, November 03, 2011

Chart Sums Up Occupy Wallstreet vs. TEA Party Protests

In the previous blog post entitled "News Roundup," Mr. GMpilot commented on the post and had this to say:

I'd guess Mass Resistance is screeching about what's happening in Boston because they're in Boston. That does not explain why there are similar “Occupy” protests in New York—by far the biggest one—or cities such as San Diego, Cincinnati, Seattle, Memphis, Las Vegas, Juneau, and at least 65 other cities. Similar ones are taking place in foreign cities as well. This is the kind of public response the TEA Party can only dream of. I think they're envious!

My response:

You think that I would be envious of the class warfare Radicals, Communists, Fascists, Islamists, anti-Semites etc. - who apparently think it's OK to urinate and defecate in the streets while getting paid for their ugly and disgusting protest appearances by billionaire George Soros? Thanks for that laugh!

Well, I have since found a chart (via Neil on Facebook) that explains the huge differences between the TEA Party Patriot Protests and the Occupy Wall Street Fringe Crazies:

It would be funny if these lost people weren't so sad and pathetic! They all need Jesus Christ. We all do. Those who have been born again in Christ become different people.

Jhn 8:32 "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Hat Tip: Neil Simpson - Facebook



Gateway Pundit: Occupy Wall Street Protester & Kitchen Helper Arrested For Alleged Rape and Sexual Assault.

Gateway Pundit: Portland Protester Pushes Police Sergeant Into a Moving Bus During March Against Police Violence.

Gateway Pundit: Occupy Oakland Goons Torch American Flag During Riots (Photo)

Gateway Pundit: Occupy Oakland “Are You a Pacifist?” Flier Calls For Violence

Want to know where THE TRUTH DOES NOT LIVE? Here's your answer:

Gateway Pundit: Liberal Media on #Occupy Oakland Mob Violence: “A Day of Mostly Peaceful Rallies Against Economic Inequality”

Gateway Pundit: Hundreds of #Occupy Oakland Goons Smash Bank Windows – Roam Streets With Sticks (Video) …Update: More Video of Goons Smashing Store Windows. peaceful, aren't they!

The Blaze: Oakland Liberation Front Leaflet: ‘How Dare You Even Ask for Non-Violence’

The Blaze: Riot Gear and Bonfires: Occupy Oakland Degenerates Into ‘Chaos’ Overnight.

Yep...they are just like the TEA Party...NOT!!!!

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madmath1 said...

The Occupiers are as much to the Tea Party as the KKK were to the Abolitionists.