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Why Evil Billionaire Socialist George Soros Is America's #1 Enemy

The evil billionaire socialist and self-avowed atheist,  George Soros,  is enemy number one here in the United States of America. He destabilized the bank of England in the past, as well as the financial systems of other countries (some of which have banned him from ever entering again) and he is trying to do the same thing here in the United States! He was directly involved in the housing crisis here in the United States which has (and continues) to cripple our economy. There is much, much more.

He is the puppet master behind the puppet - Barack Obama - who is working hard to turn our Constitutional Republic into a socialist nation. While railing against capitalism, it is such a system that is being manipulated by Soros and his cronies in order to add to his 22 billion dollar net worth, while robbing American taxpayers of their hard earned money!

He has poured four to five hundred million dollars a year into left wing activities. The damage he is doing is unconscionable. But don't just take my word for it. Please view the videos over at:

The first video informs us:

Cliff Kincaid introduces the “Soros files” conference and the new website, a project of America’s Survival, Inc. He says the public must understand how hedge fund billionaire George Soros and his puppet, Barack Obama, are transforming and destroying the American system.

Kincaid reports that Soros is also trying to manipulate the criminal justice system.

Soros is currently financing and manipulating the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters through various left-wing groups and organizations. It has been documented that out-of-work young people were offered money to show up and protest. Some of them didn't even know why or what they were actually supposed to be protesting against!

Since Soros is financing all of the chaos going on, you will notice that the protesters don't protest against Soros' wealth - just those with whom the leftist agitators disagree with politically.

There are four videos to watch at the above link. This is VERY SERIOUS INFORMATION FOLKS - SO DON'T TAKE IT LIGHTLY!

The second video reveals:

Former FBI informant Brandon Darby describes the threat posed by the modern revolutionary movement in the U.S. that is behind the “Occupy Wall Street” campaign and how Obama functions as the leader of this subversive force in U.S. society.

The third video reveals:

Former FBI informant Larry Grathwohl exposes Hollywood actor Robert Redford’s plan to produce a Soros-funded film glorifying the communist terrorist Weather Underground. He says the film is part of an effort to rehabilitate Obama friends Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, former leaders of the Weather Underground, as the U.S. enters a critical election year.

The fourth video reveals:

Dr. Tina Trent, a national advocate for crime victims, discusses how Soros-funded groups favor criminals over victims of crime and how they are transforming the criminal justice system. She explains the information that can be found on the website and how it will be expanded and updated in the weeks ahead.

The fifth video reveals:

Anti-communist researcher Trevor Loudon, author of the new book, Barack Obama and the Enemies Within, examines the next phase in the campaign to destroy America — massive cuts in the national defense budget of the United States — and what must be done to save America and Western civilization.

Next, go to the new website:

The Soros Files

Please consider sharing this extremely important information with everyone you know! America's future is at stake!

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