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What You Are Missing On GBTV

Now that I have GBTV, I can share some of what I am learning from there here at this blog. In a recent post here - I shared some information that I found on Face Book regarding the connections between Obama, George Soros, and the Occupy Wall Street protests.

In the past, I have claimed that they all have been staged. I think that is an accurate statement. But let's back up a bit so that I can share parts of Glenn Beck's GBTV show which was broadcast on October 24, 2011.

In the beginning, some of what was shared was reminiscent of Beck's show on Fox News. For example, his belief that:

"Radicals, Communists, Socialists, Revolutionaries, and Islamists will work together to destroy Capitalism and the Western way of life."

Glenn asks us to consider:

1. What part of this is not clear?
2. What else explains the facts?
Something is happening and we each need to do our own homework. I do such homework while online, and the proof of the facts are out there. However, there are people who do not want to see it, hear about it, or believe it. That's fine - to each their own. But when explanations about events offer clear factual information, how could we ignore it? Why would we want to ignore it?

Glenn informs us:

1. These Occupy protests are NOT being led by students.
2. Unions are DEEPLY INVOLVED in the planning.
3. 1960's radicals and revolutionaries are leading it.
4. The movement is significantly anti-Jew.
5. They are trying to collapse (they label it "transform") Capitalism and the Western way of life.
6. Big organized money is involved.
7. George Soros is involved.
8. Those around the president are involved.
9. Tides Foundation is funding it.
10. C.A.P. is involved.
11. The media KNOWS and supports the destruction of Capitalism.

During Glenn's presentation, he produced video evidence to back up these charges. Obviously, you would need to sign up for GBTV in order to view the entire episode online (if you do, it is the 31st episode which was broadcast on October 24, 2011). You would have nothing to lose because you can get a FREE trial subscription for 14 days.

The way the media portrayed the TEA Party as a "danger" to our country, vs. their falling in love with the OWS movement:

What is it for? What are they seeking as an outcome?

The media claims that "they don't know." But Glenn Beck's organization can find it all out! Why is that?

Glenn's first video is one of David Swanson on "The Real News" who is a member, or some kind of leade,r in ACORN (remember them??). He might be credited with planning out the OWS events due to his interest in copying the protests going on in various places in Europe. The video of Swanson was created in August. Students weren't even back at college yet.

Actually this plan was started back in the Spring by Steven Learner of SEIU. He exposed this plan in NYC. Beck exposed this on his former Fox News show back in March, 2011. Learner's plan was to get people not to pay their mortgages, shut down the banks, and create a crisis on Wall Street. The video of this was scrubbed from the Internet. Isn't that weird? Glenn's original copy was over at Fox News. Unfortunately, Glenn doesn't own any of the material that he presented over on Fox News. It belongs to Fox News. So that video, of Steven Learner, is in the Fox News archives. Maybe some day they will break it out and show you the truth.

On September 10, 2011, exactly one week before the OWS protests began, Steven Learner listed all the sites where the OWS protests would be held and claimed, "we got some stuff that will really be spectacular in Boston and New York." But wait! This is supposed to be spontaneous. How does he know that "he's got some things planned in Boston and New York that is going to be really spectacular?" Who is this "we"?

Going back to the chart:

1. These Occupy protests are NOT being led by students. YES
2. Unions are DEEPLY INVOLVED in the planning. YES (SEIU is a union)

Look up Steven Learner and find out more about him.

In the video, Learner states,
"This is about gaining power. We are not going to convince the other side through intellectual argument. We need to create power, and in a way, we need to create a crisis for the super rich."

Glenn states, "Mission accomplished, Steve."

You know what's weird is they protested around the residences of the super rich - and beat their drums in front of the homes. What do you think that was all about? Do you think that was about "creating a crisis for the super rich" that might live there? There seems to be a crisis brewing. Some of them are talking about "eating and killing the rich." That isn't even on the chart.

They advocated (back then @ Oct. 24th) how "peaceful" they were. We know better now, don't we? Glenn charged that they would be violent and he was right.

During a janitor's strike in Houston where SEIU dumped garbage all over the streets there.  Learner joined up with another radical named Lisa Fithian. Previously, Glenn had never heard of her before. She is quite famous in the radical world. During the 1999 WTO (World Trade Organization) meeting in Seattle, Fithian is recorded on video organizing radical occupy movements. She rattles off many U.S. locations, and like dumbo-bots, the crowd repeats what she says. She ends with "and St. Louis is going down too."
That's an interesting choice of words. She is organizing OWS protests too. She used to be a member of SEIU, but now claims she no longer is a member. But who is she? She is a 1960's radical. But how radical? How committed is she?

Let's look at the chart again:

1. These Occupy protests are NOT being led by students. YES
2. Unions are DEEPLY INVOLVED in the planning. YES
3. 1960's radicals and revolutionaries are leading it. YES

They are re-creating the riots that happened back in 1968. Remember, you are considered crazy for saying that. Glenn described two books in his library:

1. "The Roots Of American Communism"
2. Abbey Hoffman's "Steal This Book."

Hoffman's book talks about how you can steal things and how to roll a joint. But there is really good information on how to build a bomb - even schematics are shown!  It includes information on how to trash things and how to make Molotov cocktails and all kinds of "great" things.

Back to Lisa. Her hero is Abbey Hoffman. Hoffman was a radical that incited violence at the 1968 Democratic convention. Hoffman wrote that book that includes how to make bombs. Lisa is leading the OWS protests. There is also a new version of Hoffman's "Steal This Book" out in print and Lisa wrote the dedication in it. It's a "love letter" to her hero:

Dear Abbey,

The world is crazier than ever. We need ya man! Your spirit is alive and well and your thoughts, "Steal This Book" is timeless. Today we are dropping bombs on Afghanistan while today's elites are promoting terrorism. In retaliation, America got hit hard more than any one's imagination. Planes turned into bombs, the Twin Towers collapsed, the Pentagon in flames, two of the most powerful symbols of capitalism and militarism left gaping and destroyed in a matter of moments. The founder's nation of the old order were cracked open. Meanwhile the government propaganda machine is full tilt boogie (Glenn laughs and says, "oh I miss that word - boogie - don't you?) and the right wing is doing everything it can to consolidate its power. The democratic system is a joke. Would you believe the Supreme Court actually chose the last president? You know that when his wife's nickname for him is "stupid" we are in trouble. Yeah GWBush Jr., son of ex- CIA and oil man, GHWBush is now our president. He can barely articulate a coherent sentence. This makes ya sick. Now he wants to wage war on fighting terrorism. [Glenn adds: But remember, she (Lisa) is not a conspiracy theorist]. They want to control the market and keep the rich white boys in charge and squash an intensely amazing growing resistance movement. Their plan is not inevitable. This new war will not stop us. Everything, Abbey, is still up for grabs and we are winning. This resurgence of activism has dramatically changed the political landscape; both as ... {sorry, missed the rest of statement).

I know that the roots of this work are buried. We don't have the language quite right yet. Is it an anti-globalism movement? Is is a global justice movement? Is it the peace and justice movement? Is is a popular movement? Is is a "one" movement or many? Convergence says it best:  It's the coming together of all forms and strands of resistance.

Glenn walks back over to the blackboard and points out:

"Radicals, Communists, Socialists, Revolutionaries, and Islamists will work together to destroy Capitalism and the Western way of life."

Lisa's comments continued:

It's a culture, or emerging culture, that has taken hold; Anarchists rejecting the material laden anti-democratic multi-national corporate f____ that permeates our planet.
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“When people ask me, ‘What do you do?’ I say I create crisis, because crisis is that edge where change is possible.” — Lisa Fithian

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