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Pagan Culture Rejects God the Creator in Favor of Self-Serving Desires.

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For some unknown reason, FaceBook did not post my last blog post, so I am re-posting it here again in the hope that it will feed over to FaceBook.  It may have had something to do with a brief period of time where I was locked out of my FaceBook page when I tried to log on with my IPhone and didn't do it correctly.  Today, I added an essay written by Peter Jones to the original post.  The title asks the question, "The Official End of Christendom?"  That is an eye-catching title, that reveals what the enemies of Jesus Christ, God, and the Bible might desire, but the truth is that Christ's victory at the Cross of Calvary will be followed by the victory of His Second Coming and the Judgment that will happen at the culmination of history.

If you have already read my previous blog post, you might want to scroll down here to read Mr. Jones essay.  I have borrowed a line from his essay as the title of this updated post.  I thought that it succinctly reflects what he has written in his excellent essay!

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I find it quite interesting that some black pastors have been bold enough to state that their congregations won't vote for Obama again because of his obvious flip-flop over "gay" marriage. A narcissist like Obama would think that he has most of the black vote "in the bag" because 95% of black voters voted for him in 2008. However, now that Obama has turned his back on God's Word concerning this matter, we are seeing that the reason why is not because of any kind of "evolution" about the issue (Obama was for homosexual "marriage" back in the 1990's, but shifted his position for political reasons when he ran for senator and then president), it was done for the purpose of raising huge amounts of money for his re-election campaign. With millions of blacks unemployed, underemployed, and living in poverty (because of Obama's failed economic policies), Mr. Zero knows that he needed to go where the money is - rich homosexual supporters.

Joe Fuiten, pastor of the Cedar Park Church in Kirkland, Wash., said Obama's support for gay marriage will not change deeply held beliefs. "He decided he had to do it to get his liberal base behind him again," said Fuiten, "but it's not going to play well in the country."

I think it had more to do with the fact that going gay means more green - as in the color of money - for Obama's campaign. Obama would sacrifice some of the black vote for all of the gay vote; simply because there is more money to be had by doing so.

According to BuzzFeed, an online journal:

Already, gay donors, mostly men, reportedly constitute 1 in 6 of Obama's top fundraisers known as bundlers. And in the first 90 minutes after the news broke Wednesday, the campaign received $1 million in spontaneous contributions, a Democrat told BuzzFeed.
Most observers think of the Obama campaign as cash-flush, but campaigns -- particularly failing ones -- tend never to have enough money. And if Mr. Obama's fundraising network includes more than a few gays as bundlers, it doesn't hurt to energize these super-activists.

Moreover, the gay marriage issue resonates throughout liberaldom. And young people are more inclined to support -- or tolerate -- gay marriage. Hence, the president is hoping for ancillary benefits from flipping and flopping.

One interesting note from the Washington Post after the 2010 midterm elections. Jonathan Capehart reported that, per exit polling, 3% of the ballots cast in 2010 congressional elections were cast by gays. Nearly a third of the gay vote went to Republican candidates. That represented a 4% increase in support by gays for Republicans from 2008 (and an 8% increase from George Bush's 2004 tally).
In other words, the trend line, however modest, has favored increased support for Republicans from gay voters. Gays care about jobs, the economy, and government debt, too.

That slippage in gay support for Democrats was noted at a lesbian online journal back in December 2011, which anticipated Obama's gay marriage about-face.

Obama claims to be Christian. But almost everything he does in his political life turns out to be the most startling, anti-Christian, anti-Bible, anti-Christ, anti-moral-values types of moves that are typical of those who hold to political expediency over true faith, convictions, and obedience to the God of the Bible. Obama would go so far over the cliff that he has announced his intention of repealing The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)!

To the liberal minded, such an obvious disconnect between Obama's professed claim to Christian faith and the total lack of Christian values doesn't really matter. However, there are some Democrats who are alarmed about Obama's chances for re-election. When the Kool-Aid drinkers notice how quickly Obama is losing ground in this election, then we KNOW for a fact that his re-election campaign is in deep trouble.

I think that Obama is in serious trouble.

Most biblically-based Christian voters will not vote for him in 2012. Why? Because God's Word means more to them than "coolness," "color of skin," "likability" or whatever other reason they may think might be a reason to vote for him in 2012.

Bible-based Christians know how the God of the Bible regards marriage as a foundational institution created by Him for the purpose of bringing together one man and one woman to be "as one." We are to procreate within the bonds of life-long matrimony. Children need a mother and a father and are raised better within that most ideal situation. Please know that my purpose in stating this is not to disparage single moms or dads. But it is a fact of life that children do better when their parents are married; especially when they are raised in a good Christian home setting.

Back to why certain biblically-based black pastors reject homosexual "marriage."

I have written several blog posts about this subject over the years, but one of the most powerful discoveries that I have found is in my post entitled As In The Days of Noah Revisited. You will also find several important additional links within that post.

One of the most startling discoveries (for me, personally, highlighted in bold below) can be found in the following excerpt:

1. True Discernment: Jesus, The Days of Noah, and Same Sex Marriage informs us further:


Jesus said in Luke 17:26-30, “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all. Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when Son of man is revealed.”

Jesus being a first century Rabbi, like most Jewish teachers, coupled Sodom with the flood generation as a typical image of evil. His intent was to inform his audience that at His second coming the conditions of the world would mirror Noah’s days and the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

As in the Days of Noah

The Midrash Rabbah Genesis is a specific form of rabbinic literature of ancient Judaism commentaries of the Hebrew Scriptures. It is based on the interpretation of the Torah (Old Testament). It speaks about the subject of same-sex marriage during the days of Noah.

The rabbis wrote in the Midrash Rabbah Genesis that the flood in Noah’s day was primarily triggered when males starting writing marriage deeds with other males, and between men and beasts (bestiality). Based on the account of Midrash Rabbah Genesis, same-sex marriages took place during the days of Noah. There was nothing new under the sun and this is stated by Solomon in Ecclesiastes 1:9. Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah is synonymous with the destruction of the flood generation in Midrash Rabbah Genesis. It states in the Midrash Rabbah Genesis that Lot pleaded all night for mercy for the Sodomites, and that the angels permitted him to plead for them. But once the people said, “… bring them out [the angels] so we may have sex with them,” mercy ran out. The angels told Lot, “for now on you have no right to plead anymore.” Judgment was sent upon Sodom. Flood water was the judgment of God on the people in Noah’s day. Fire and brimstone was the judgment against Sodom and Gomorrah.

The blog author explains that the book of Enoch is not inspired, and thus not part of the canon of Scripture, however the book of Jude contains some quotes from it. Enoch is being used by the author as a good reference resource.


The book of Enoch was written before the birth of Christ and although it is not an inspired book, it is a good resource. Parts of it are quoted in Jude 14-15. 2nd Enoch 34-1, 3-4 states, “God convicts the persons who are idol worshipers and sodomite fornicators, and for this reason he brings down the flood upon them. And all the world will be reduced to confusion by iniquities, wickedness and abominable fornications. That is, friend with friend in anus, every other kind of wicked uncleanness which is almost too disgusting to report, and the worship of the evil one. And that is why I shall bring down the flood onto the earth, and shall destroy everything, and the earth itself will collapse in great darkness.” Second Enoch states that perverse homosexual relationships were the main cause of the flood. Both Midrash Rabbah Genesis and the second book of Enoch state that God frowns on homosexuality in cultic prostitution, and in so-called “loving consensual” homosexual relationships. So don’t believe the liberal Christian theologians, gay-affirming churches and inclusionists. Homosexuality and same-sex marriage are an abomination in God’s eyesight.

I was pleased to see that the author linked to my blogging friend DL Foster's GCM Watch: Why Gay Marriage And Why Now?

John, the blog author concludes:

GCM Watch’s article on June 24, 2008, “Gay Marriage: the ‘days Noah’ return” examined the fact that same-sex marriage caused the flood in Noah’s day in the Babylonian Talmud. The Talmud is the interpretation of the Hebrew scriptures 1000 years before Christ.

The True Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is the prophetic voice to this world. Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! We must be prepared to start looking up for our redemption draweth nigh. We must get the gospel message out and call sinners both in and out of the church to repentance. Acts 3:23 says, “And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which shall not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed among the people.” That Prophet is Jesus.


Jeremiah 6:10 says, “To whom shall I speak and give warning, that they hear? Behold, their ear is uncircumcised, and they cannot hearken: behold, the word of the Lord is unto them a reproach; they have no delight in it.” If you continue to believe that same-sex marriage is right, if you scoff at the Word of God, if you ridicule the true Bible-believing Christians as ignorant and small minded, let the Sword of the Spirit circumcise your spiritual ear to receive the truth…or believe a lie and be damned.

So you see, dear readers, as Solomon so wisely stated there really is "nothing new under the sun" when it comes to the homosexual agenda!

I know friends and relatives (some Christian, some I'm not sure about) who don't see what the big deal is about this subject. It is as if their minds have been seared with anything but the truth of God! When the God of the Bible tells us that homosexual behavior is sin and that marriage is the union of one man and one woman, who are we to try and change such truths?

But people still try. They use every weapon of human error in order to get their way here on this earth. But every person who dismisses what I am sharing here must ask themselves this question, "what about how it will affect your eternal destiny?" Isn't that even more important than the here and now? I think so.

Hat tips to all links.


UPDATE 5/18/12

The following is an essay written by Peter Jones on May 13, 2012 which contains a related message on this blog topic!


The Official End of Christendom?

Fox News journalist, Shep Smith, welcomed President Obama into the 21st century and declared those who still oppose same-sex marriage to be on the wrong side of history.

May 9, 2012 was indeed an historic moment. Though President Obama bathed his decision in Christian principles: "…our faith…is not only Christ sacrificing himself on our behalf but it's also the golden rule…treat others the way you'd want to be treated…" For the first time ever, a sitting US president, considered the most powerful political leader in the world, has endorsed a marital arrangement that formally constitutes the pagan "worship of the creation rather than worship of the Creator" (Romans 1:25).

"How do you get there?" you may ask. My statement is neither panic nor exaggeration, since it comes from the theological reasoning of the inspired Apostle Paul: "For this reason," he says, "God gave them up to dishonorable passions [of lesbianism and homosexuality] contrary to nature" (Romans 1:26–28). The "reason" to which Paul refers is what he stated in the previous verse (25), namely the exchange of the truth for the lie, and the worship of creation rather than the Creator. That process includes an exchange of sexuality for a practice "contrary to [created] nature."

Historian Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, once a radical Marxist feminist, observed (as a chastened older observer of the Cultural Revolution in which she had enthusiastically participated): "within a remarkably brief period …has occurred a cataclysmic transformation of the very nature of our society."

The speed of this "cataclysmic" change takes our breath away. At the same-sex Stonewall riots of 1969 few people had even heard of homosexuality. Just forty-three years later, a president publicly announces support of same-sex marriage. In the 1960s, thanks to the Beatles and the hippies 1960s "Christian America" discovered for the first time the spirituality of the East. In August 2009, Newsweek announced: "We are all Hindus Now," as yoga studios outnumber Starbucks cafes in New York City, and we massage our karma with mantras and meditation.

The "cataclysm" is due to the invasion into the "Christian" West of pagan spirituality, with its strident intention to "eliminate the binary." The foremost "binary" is the distinction between the Creator and the creature. Other binaries then fall like dominos-the binary of right and wrong, for example. "We must beware of thinking of good and evil as absolute opposites," says a leading theorist. Modern psychologists tell us that a binary view of reality (as made up of opposites) produces guilt, the hallmark of neurosis. The Hindu notion of Advaita, "not two," dominates spirituality and "non-dual spirituality" is taught even in some "evangelical" schools. Lesbian activists ask: "Can We Put an End to the Gender Binary?" (The because "there is no one way a person should be."

On all these levels we see Two-ism (theism) undermined for the promotion of a One-ist worldview. Of course, it is said that same-sex "marriage" will not harm anyone. However, its legalization will introduce a God-denying civilization that will erase 2000 years of Christendom based on Two-ism. The past will be labeled "homophobic." Nursery rhymes, literature and art that consider heterosexuality normal (including the Gospel) will be declared illegal and obsolete. Christians will be outside the law. Already the fifteen Christian groups (Catholic and Protestant) at Vanderbilt have been kicked off campus for refusing, by principle, to allow gays on their leadership teams. This is a classic preview of what the future holds.

May 9th 2012 is in many ways the final "sacralization" of the Sixties, where behind the pretext of the Golden Rule, the "revolution" fraudulently covers its unrestrained libido in the white robes of bridal purity.

We must not panic or exaggerate, nor cease to love homosexual individuals. But we must not re-interpret "Christian" love, so that our contemporary culture can reject God the Creator in favor of self-serving desires. The Gospel love story of creation and redemption must be heard via a clear witness to the biblical worldview, as Paul articulates it in Colossians 1:19–20:

For in Christ…by whom all things were created…[God] through him reconcile[d] to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross.

The President's "Christ sacrificing himself" is not a decorative element of the Faith but the very essence of all things, expressed distinctively in male/female marriage as the love of the other for the different. In this way, Christ the Creator loves his people. Paul in Ephesians 5:32 calls this a "mystery," the deep meaning of all things on earth and in heaven. The radicals rightly call their same-sex marriage "the sacrament of monism," and see in it a pagan celebration of One-ist sameness and of the divinity of self-creating Nature. Alas, Paul would call this a part of "the mystery of lawlessness" (2 Thessalonians 2:7). /unquote

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By Peter Jones



Susan Smith said...

Christine, I loved the words written by Peter Jones. A very wise professional counselor once told me to SPEAK TRUTH. Mr. Jones speaks truth and thank you for posted his article at Talk Wisdom.

“How do you get there?” My journey into a sexual death style was mind-boggling as I look back now at the age of 63. I lived as an active and passive lesbian for more than 20 years of my life. Those years were also heavily immersed in what professional clinical counselors call alcohol dependence today.

I had no clear understanding of my feelings (emotions) at all. My early childhood included both physical abuse from my mother and sexual abuse by a brother. A very defensive emotional detachment from my mother began in my middle childhood that became more intense during my adolescence and young adulthood. I became an emotional surrogate wife to my father.

I felt like a ragdoll being tossed back and forth between my mother and my father. I loved them both, but it seemed to be impossible to be accepted and love by them together as my parents. Their marital strife was vicious. I was the baby of six children.

My older sister (in her 70s today) has shared how she remembers our parents yelling and arguing, and there were stories of domestic violence when I was either unborn or too young to remember. All I remember is it seemed like a cold war all the time in my nuclear family. There was very little communication between my mom and dad.

They had a lot of personal issues and the greatest issue that affected my development was their marriage relationship between one man and one woman as God intends for all who marry. Marriage is a holy institution planned by ONE God.

My guess/hypothesis is that the first couple had a perfect marriage in paradise before the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden. Children are a beautiful blessing for any marriage; however, children are not necessary for a marriage between one man and one woman to be complete and very happy.

The God-ordained marital union is complete between one male and one female. The union fits together as our awesome creator planned. The gay lifestyle is about sex. Homosexual behavior simply does not fit, because one participant in the same-sex union must pretend to be the opposite sex.

(continued next comment)

Susan Smith said...

The acting out of behavior of the opposite sex is simply not part of God’s creation. Of course such behavior can be witnessed in the animal world; however, you and I are human beings created in the image of God. Animals of all kinds are simply beasts including our domesticated cats and dogs.

The LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being (Genesis 2:7). God formed the woman from a rib out of the man’s side while the man slept (Genesis 2:21-22). The woman was not formed from man’s head or his feet. The woman was formed from his side.

Women are side by side with men regarding their value in the eyes of the Holy ONE of ISRAEL. Men and women are equal in the eyes of God. Our roles are simply different.

Before I get carried away with too many words, suffice it to say that I chose unnatural behavior in order to survive as a child, adolescent and adult. My need was pure and simple God-ordained love from my mother and my father. My parents did not meet my need.

My parents did the best they could. My mother was a first generation immigrant from Switzerland (she was conceived in Switzerland and born in the USA), and my father was alcohol dependent. My maternal grandparents had heavy German accents. They were from the German-speaking area of Switzerland and immigrated to the United States before the holocaust began in Europe. I loved my parents, but felt very rejected and abandoned by my mother.

It was not until I was well along in my adulthood that I realized something was very wrong with my relationship with my father. I thought our father/daughter relationship was normal, and it seemed to be for me growing up. It was simply not God’s plan. It was perverse and emotionally abnormal. My dad used me to meet his emotional needs for a wife. Emotional neglect or abuse by an opposite-sex parent in reality is sexual abuse. I was very unaware that I used my dad as a surrogate boyfriend and as I got older he was my surrogate husband. I survived.

My nuclear family was isolated in the country on a beautiful farm. There was little or no socialization with others outside the family system. I cannot remember my parents ever socializing together with other adults outside our family system. My developmental years were very unhealthy for me as well as for my siblings.

Thanks for letting me share Christine. God is able to heal no matter what. Healing is a lifelong process for me. Thank you for being one woman who has nurtured me tenderly for many years. You have the spirit of prophecy, because you have the testimony of Jesus (Revelation 19:10). I love you. Why? The answer is very pure and simple: Because you love me. I am grateful. (ss)

Susan Smith said...

Hi again Christine,

I would like to recommend a book to your readers. “No Stones” by Marnie C. Ferree.

Mrs. Ferree is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She is director of Bethesda Workshops in Nashville, Tennessee.

She writes: “Because of the tragedy of the sexual abuse most of us have experienced, this God-given need for relationship is often perverted into a need for sex. The two have become confused by our trauma experiences. If the only connected relationship we feel is a sexual one, sex and connection get merged in our belief system. Or if we must give sex in order to get love, the same thing happens. It’s a tradeoff we’re willing to make, because it’s the only way to meet even partially the need for relationship.”

Her book is about women redeemed from sexual addiction. The book is outstanding, and from my perspective is applicable to all women regardless of the choices they make that will affect their lives.

Thanks for being there for all of your worldwide readers Christine. Have a beautiful weekend. (ss)

GMpilot said...

”The speed of this 'cataclysmic' change takes our breath away. At the same-sex Stonewall riots of 1969 few people had even heard of homosexuality. Just forty-three years later, a president publicly announces support of same-sex marriage. In the 1960s, thanks to the Beatles and the hippies 1960s "Christian America" discovered for the first time the spirituality of the East.”

So very wrong, on so many levels.

Homosexuality has long been known, but in 1969 America most people never mentioned it. Certainly the rich and powerful never did. Doctors and psychiatrists and psychologists knew of it, of course. They discussed it in their papers and their lectures, but who listens to those chrome-domes, anyway?
”Confirmed bachelors” and women who were still called “Miss” at age fifty probably knew something about homosexuality, though. Rock Hudson, anyone? J. Edgar Hoover?

"Christian America" has flirted with Eastern spirituality before, too. Nearly eighty years before anyone ever heard of the Beatles, a Russian woman named Helena Blavatsky spent time in Tibet, and later published (1888) what she considered to be the secret history of the world: The Secret Doctrine.
Many (Christian) Europeans and Americans followed in her wake, literally and figuratively; and Eastern-style spirituality was in vogue in the last decades of the 19th century, and well into the 20th. Meditation, seances, table-knocking, automatic writing, communication with spirits, etc. Much of this was repeated by '60s hippies, who thought they were examining something new; but the fact is, we've been there before. This isn't new.

The change has been neither 'cataclysmic' nor especially fast. Now, if I was a Christian, I'd find comfort in the fact that the church not only survived that earlier period, but prospered after it. But no believer seems to be saying that—it's gotta be all or nothing, that's the attitude. If God's Word™ loses ground anywhere, it's another Waterloo or Gettysburg, and defeat is imminent. That's not showing much confidence in your god's supremacy!

What other lies would you like to spread? I can smack them down all day.