Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Thoughts On America's Racial/Political Divide

My blogging friend Steve's latest post turned a comment I wrote over at his blog, Cry and Howl,  into a new post here at Talk Wisdom! It is a very touchy subject (what discussion about race isn't these days?) so reader discretion is advised. In other words, you might possibly find a reason to be offended...

Here's what I wrote in response to Steve's post:

Wow Steve! You are certainly bold to put the call out to vote for Romney "because he is white" out there! But the fact that Obama and Holder are racist members of the black community is spot on!

As a white Christian conservative woman, I can't know all of the reasons why the black community does what it does and/or why they would be compelled to vote for Obama again despite being the worse president in the history of this nation.  There are many social issues that come into play that I can only know about from the news and what I observe from the outside.  What I am about to write might cause me to be labeled a "racist" or some other kind of derogatory name.  But my purpose is to share just some of what I have seen and heard and apply it to the current racial and political divide we are (unfortunately)  experiencing with Obama in office.

I once asked a Christian conservative black woman (who refused to vote for Obama in 2008 because of his radical pro-death to babies in the womb stance) just why so many Christian blacks voted for Obama despite his anti-Bible ideology and secretive (back then) support for Arab states and Muslims over the Jewish State of Israel - the apple of God's eye? She told me that it was a matter of pride. They felt so very proud to pull the voting lever for a black man. ( I can understand this because as a woman, I felt great joy pulling the voting booth lever for Sarah Palin as V.P. in 2008!)

Knowing the history of all the suffering that many generations of blacks endured before the civil rights era compelled them to ignore Obama's radicalism (and the media of mass deception played right along) and think that "he can't be that bad" when voices of reason like Hannity, Savage, Beck and many others were sounding the alarm bells. Many whites were duped, too - including some of my relatives!!! ALL RACES were complicit in placing the most reprehensible person into office that I have ever seen in my lifetime!

This terribly corrupt and destructive experience known as the Obama administration demonstrates to me just how the Antichrist will one day come to power. But that's an entirely different topic!

My blogging friend hinted at the fact that many blacks still believe that they deserve reparations (that is - their descendants believe this) precisely because of mistreatment during the early years in the history of this nation.

It is certainly sad to realize that the Democratic Party takes the black vote for granted while they continue to make them dependent on "nanny state" policies that keep them in poverty.

It is only the conservative blacks that "get it." Herman Cain, Allen West, WND writer Mychal (sp.?) Massie - just to name a few - don't just identify themselves as "black men." They see themselves as AMERICANS FIRST. This may be a weak analogy, but recall the movie "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" with Sidney Poitier? Remember the line where he tells his mail-carrier dad that "he sees himself as a black man, but Sidney (can't recall character name) SEES HIMSELF AS A MAN?"

Now, a liberal black man might come along on this blog and tell me that's pure bunk. So be it. But from what I gathered from my email conversation with my Christian blogging friend (who was scorned mercilessly by all her relatives for voting for the "white man" instead of Obama), part of the reason was not only historical (voting for the first black president) but a matter of pride in their community and heritage; plus the fact that it became a way of showing how "they shall overcome." Many Christian blacks adhere to the "black liberation theology" which takes them down the wrong path (IMHO) and away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ through God's Word - the Bible.

What is REALLY sad to realize is that Obama did not come through for his black constituency. Oh...if you were a RICH black man who owned a company like Solyndra - then you would get rewarded. But how many blacks were given positions in the Obama administration? How many have genuinely benefited from his 3 1/2 years in office?

If Obama was more like Martin Luther King Jr., I'd be celebrating the "first black president" too! But knowing that Obama shares the radical ideology (and has demonstrated this over and over again during the past 3 1/2 years!) of Muslim activists like the Black Panthers, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, socialist Malcolm X and communist Frank Marshall Davis is severely disturbing.

Steve, I wonder if some blacks have now come to their senses and would vote for "anyone but Obama" since they have seen with their own eyes the destruction he has wreaked upon our nation? We must remember that Obama is "half white" too - that is, if his nativity story is factual. Therefore, his radical ways don't only have to do with his race, but mostly his ideological upbringing. He was surrounded by radicals his entire life! I don't need to list them all. But because he is "half black," (recall before the 2008 election he shared derogatory comments about his "typical" white grandmother) most in the black community, of course, embraced him as one of their own.

The fact that many people in this nation are not educated enough to know what is really going on with this administration is troubling and very unfortunate. We have suffered over the past 3 1/2 years because of this:


 I hope that most American voters see the dire need to elect a true American Patriot rather than allowing Obama to continue to send our country swirling down the cesspool of despair, terrible foreign policy, economic ruin and failure; while he tramples upon our religious freedoms and liberty guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence!!

Let's just continue to educate the masses on our blogs and pray for mercy from God that this monster puppet and his evil puppeteers (like George Soros)  will be booted out in November!

Your obvious happiness regarding Representative Allen West being a great choice for president proves that you certainly aren't racist, Steve! I think that the black liberation theology issue (among several liberal social issues) divides the black community. It has a lot to do with the difference between the blacks who would follow Mr. Cone of Black Liberation Theology vs. true Bible-believing Christians and what separates the conservative blacks from those who see themselves in the Obama camp.

Hat Tip: Cry and Howl: Vote For Mitt Romney Because...


steve said...

Hey Christine! I replied to your comment thus:

No problem at all with how long your comment is. I appreciate very much your taking the time to point out many things I fail to do. I wanted to make a couple of points with this post. First, just how ridiculous it is to vote for someone simply because they are of the same color. And if it’s racist of me to say “Vote for Romney because he’s white … it should be racist for blacks to say and do the same. It’s clear B. Obama doesn’t give a rat’s rear-end about the black community, beyond exploiting an occasional misfortune for his own gain. I can certainly understand the sense of pride the black community had with having a black candidate to vote for in the 2008 presidential election. This brings up something else I hadn’t thought about until just now. Why is it only liberal blacks that get the overwhelming support of the black community in general? I don’t remember Clarence Thomas getting that support. And I Herman Cain may have well been a white man. That is a question I would put to the black community.
What ever happened to voting for the good of the nation as a whole? What about voting for America, liberty and freedom? It’s like the black community right along with the gay community etc are willing to see America plundered just as long as blacks get “reparations” and gays can marry each other. To hell with everything else. I mean talk about a thank less people. If blacks and gays were sincerely honest they would admit that they have it very good lliving in America.
The next point I was making is that we have so much corruption and neglecting of law enforcement; so much letting Obama and Eric Holder get away with breaking any law they feel like just because they are black … the problem could be and should be solved with replacing Obama with a white guy of integrity. (don’t know if that’s Romney, but being white is a start. Jeez that sounds bad, but heck, telling it like it is: Obama and Eric Holder are breaking the law, committing felonies with impunity, not fearing prosecution because of their skin color. That’s the truth so replace their a$$es.)

Christinewjc said...

Hi again Steve,

Your post was excellent and very thought provoking! Your points made me state things and ask questions that tend to make this particular white person squirm!

I always seem to get into trouble when I bring up gay or black issues on my blog. When one's ideology is the opposite of the leftist progressive one, I have learned to be prepared to get attacked when a liberal comes along to "correct" what has been stated!

I think that we make a good blogging "tag team." You brought up an important argument that I left out. Since the majority of blacks are Democrats, they naturally hate any blacks who happen to be Republicans and/or Conservative (like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain). The liberal left lunatic bias is alive here in America. There are some who will NEVER escape from such biases, but perhaps a few may be persuaded with thoughful and reasonable conversations. The trouble is, certain media outlets only allow their own biased reporting and spew hatred towards those who disagree. It is a sad state of affairs. *sigh*

Have a question for you. Do you think that people are to scared to go up against Obama and Holder because they are black (and because of who they are right now) or could it be because of fear of "the powers that be" behind them? Maybe it's both?

I once read a blog post that stated the fear of racial uprisings if anything was done to oust Obama from office. I don't doubt that scenario is true, but is it the only reason nothing is being done?

I really feel like we are living in an alternate reality. It's the Obama matrix and many choose to be stuck in the "blue pill" version right now.

From Wikipedia regarding the red and blue pill choice:

"You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes." -Morpheus [1]
The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are pop culture symbols representing the choice between the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue) and embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red).

Keep up the great writing at your blog and here in my blog's comment section! You remind me of Paul when he wrote in Ephesians 6:20 to "speak boldly, as I [you] ought to speak!"

Steve said...

Hey Little Lady!
Ah ... the "painful truth" of which Patrick Henry said "We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth". It's a painful thing to think that those within our government would sacrifice 3,000 innocent people on 9/11 ... but I digress.
Anway dear lady, your question brings to mind some thoughts I've had for some months now but I really haven't put them together. I'll try to convey a little here. I think of course the race thing has a little to do with the lack of zeal for ousting of Obama ... but not much.
When I think of why the main media folks and the conservative commentators will not touch the Obama fraud thing ... Hmmmm ... okay, I think the media in general realizes that the United States is headed for a European and/or Socialistic style governing body. Now, if we look at the Bilderberg group attendees ... there are media personalities there. George Stephanopholis (sp?) for example. Realizing the media will soon for sure be 100% state run, those in the media, both conservative and liberal alike want to be part of the show. If they buck that system right now, say bringing up the birth issue or 9/11 conspiracy, they are out. That's part of my opinion. It has to run deeper than just intimidation or fear of a racial uprising. Like I said though, I haven't put the whole thought together yet, but that's kind of the line I've been pondering.
These people (political commentators)are not stupid and for them to deny the "birther thing" which is so obvious makes them look ridiculous and they know it. If you get the chance, check out my last post today ... the guy that wrote the main part told it better than I could, even though the thoughts are exactly what I've been thinking for years.
And you keep up the fantastic work you do here Christine. You seem to be the catalyst at times to bring forth thoughts and ideas that I would generally keep to myself.

GMpilot said...

To vote for Obama simply because he's black is just as bad as to vote for Romney because he isn't.

CJW:”As a white Christian conservative woman, I can't know all of the reasons why the black community does what it does and/or why they would be compelled to vote for Obama again despite being the worse [sic] president in the history of this nation.”
Good use of adjectives there: white, Christian, conservative, woman. But you forgot one: American. Somehow that never entered into your equations even though you salute Cain, West, and Massie for being 'Americans first'. I guess you don't think of yourself as one.
No one is being 'compelled' to vote for Obama again, no more than evangelical Christians are 'compelled' to vote for a Latter-Day Saint Christian. Who's forcing whom?

”My blogging friend hinted at the fact that many blacks still believe that they deserve reparations (that is - their descendants believe this) precisely because of mistreatment during the early years in the history of this nation.”
My barracks mate Malik once put it like this: “My great-granddaddy didn't get his 40 acres and a mule, but government has lied to people before. Me, I'd be happy with just two acres, if it was in downtown Dallas.”

I always laugh when a discussion of 'the black community' comes up. It's usually led by someone who isn't black, and who nearly always thinks that blacks are a monolithic voting bloc. No one ever talks of a 'white community'. Why? Because whites are the default in this country, and everyone knows it. Of course, there are whites of all kinds. During the Civil Rights era, some whites marched along with the Negroes (how quaint that sounds now!) in Selma, while other whites used water cannon and attack dogs to stop them. Most people are smart enough to tell the difference.
Why does anyone think that black people don't cover the whole spectrum, too? Sidney Poitier is not Samuel L. Jackson, and Maya Angelou bears little resemblance to Octavia Butler. Most people are smart enough to tell the difference.

”Many Christian blacks adhere to the "black liberation theology" which takes them down the wrong path (IMHO) and away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ through God's Word - the Bible.”
I don't know how many 'Christian blacks' you talk with, but I can tell you this: many others don't adhere to 'black liberation' theology. Many subscribe to the 'prosperity gospel'--which has seduced a great number of Christian whites too, in my observation. Both share the same belief: God wants them to be rich. If I were a Christian, I'd say that was also a path away from True Christianity™. But I don't suppose you want to talk about that.

BTW, that term you used ('Christian blacks') means you think of them as blacks first, and Christians second. I think that runs contrary to what the Bible teaches (Gal 3:28).