Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Power Over Those Who Refuse to Think

I was out all day yesterday.  Bible study in the morning, lunch with a friend, a bit of mall shopping, and then at least three more errands were completed.  As I was driving home, I happened to tune in to Roger Hedgecock's radio show.  He was discussing the Obama campaign's new slogan - Forward.

Several blogs, including Gateway Pundit have already covered the historic meaning of that term as it relates to socialism, Marxism, and Nazi-fascism.

Here's a great comment (with additional links) from Gateway Pundit:

#7 April 30, 2012 at 11:28 pm
S. Wolf commented:

Patty #2 ‘The Obama campaign apparently didn’t look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, “Forward” — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism.

Many Communist and radical publications and entities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries had the name “Forward!” or its foreign cognates. Wikipedia has an entire section called “Forward (generic name of socialist publications).”

“The name Forward carries a special meaning in socialist political terminology. It has been frequently used as a name for socialist, communist and other left-wing newspapers and publications,” the online encyclopedia explains.

The slogan “Forward!” reflected the conviction of European Marxists and radicals that their movements reflected the march of history, which would move forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism.

The Obama campaign released its new campaign slogan Monday in a 7-minute video. The title card has simply the word “Forward” with the “O” having the familiar Obama logo from 2008. It will be played at rallies this weekend that mark the Obama re-election campaign’s official beginning.

There have been at least two radical-left publications named “Vorwaerts” (the German word for “Forward”). One was the daily newspaper of the Social Democratic Party of Germany whose writers included Friedrich Engels and Leon Trotsky. It still publishes as the organ of Germany’s SDP, though that party has changed considerably since World War II. Another was the 1844 biweekly reader of the Communist League. Karl Marx, Engels and Mikhail Bakunin are among the names associated with that publication.

East Germany named its Army soccer club ASK Vorwaerts Berlin (later FC Vorwaerts Frankfort).

Vladimir Lenin founded the publication “Vpered” (the Russian word for “forward”) in 1905. Soviet propaganda film-maker Dziga Vertov made a documentary whose title is sometimes translated as “Forward, Soviet” (though also and more literally as “Stride, Soviet”).

Conservative critics of the Obama administration have noted numerous ties to radicalism and socialists throughout Mr. Obama’s history, from his first political campaign being launched from the living room of two former Weather Underground members, to appointing as green jobs czar Van Jones, a self-described communist.’

New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism

Commie by any other name h/t bg.

See also ‘Government is greater than God: Hussein bin Obama 2007′

All of the corruption and nefarious actions and issues surrounding evil ObamaFRAUD are most certainly serious. This one is as well.   I wonder, how many young people actually know about the history of that word being used in European communist campaigns of the past?

Mr. Hedgecock played a tune that made me burst out laughing. Even though it had to do with Hitler (and the horror of that disastrous era cannot ever be forgotten), the fact that the song was written for a movie called The Producers and the intent in the storyline was for the film/play to be a "flop;" ended up having the additional purpose of mocking Hitler and the Nazis.  After all the 1960's TV hit "Hogan's Heroes" was done for the same purpose.

At the following link, you can view a YouTube clip of: The ORIGINAL performance "Springtime for Hitler" from the movie The Producers by Mel Brooks.

Some comments at the Youtube site:

so heilarious! it's reichdiculous
bombercat9909 3 weeks ago

Some people were offended by it, but one commentator perhaps tells us why some may not be offended:

The song celebrated and praised Hitler, while the guy's performance as Hitler could be interpreted as him making fun of Hitler, a satire.
MissTJOwnz in reply to COLovesYou1 2 weeks ago

If anyone is, was, or will be offended by the video clip (especially if you are familiar with the film) then don't click on the link. I can certainly understand anyone who might feel that way. Perhaps anything to do with Hitler should not ever be considered as "funny."

But while growing up, I watched Hogan's Heroes and laughed at the bumbling stupidity of it all.

On a more serious note, this past weekend I watched a two-part series on The Third Reich. The first part was “The Rise” and the second part was “The Fall.” I had seen “The Fall” several months ago, but seeing “The Rise” and how Hitler came to power in such a short amount of time was astonishing…to say the least!

One of the narrators of the documentary stated that the people screaming “Heil Hitler” and using the Nazi hand sign were “insane.”

The wild-eyed people that were filmed in the crowd reminded me of the ObamaBorg Bots of today who would succumb to a dictator-like “leader” because they fell for an undefined slogan back in 2008, and now want to continually have a hand out from the government instead of the American way of a hand up.

 It is scary to think that millions of people will mindlessly vote for Obama again because they have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the propaganda via all the Alinsky tactics used on them.  After 99 weeks on unemployment, many either STILL can't find a job (because of Obummer's disatrous policies) or they really don’t want to work again.  Like mindless zombies, they will vote the fraud back in because they think that if they don't, they will lose their “benefits.”   They don't know how bad the future would be with another four years of ObaMAO!  They would trade away their freedom, liberty, pursuit of happiness and  genuine justice;  all for the lies of a would-be dictator.  Here's a warning for you:  Germany has been there, done that!

I wish that every single one of those people would watch The Third Reich series documentary so that they would see how the dictatorship of a totalitarian “leader” quickly becomes corrupted and only ends in misery, suffering and death.

The Third Reich documentary shows horrendous original film footage  (often smuggled out of Germany back then) of the slaughter of millions of Jews with their bodies stacked up in a pile like they were garbage.  Such inhumanity will NEVER escape my mind. It was one of the most brutal, treacherous, ugly, insane and devastatingly evil times in history. It makes me tear up and cry every time.

To see the country of Poland being bombed and hear that the people (my grandparents escaped from there) being taken over by the Nazis were raped, pillaged, put into slavery, and brutally killed turned my stomach.

To see evidence of a camp for teen girls and boys where their own parents were unaware of the "counselors" that encouraged them to fornicate (and get the girls pregnant) in order to produce babies of what they considered a "superior" Aryan race was disgusting.

To see evidence of the sterilization of those who were considered "unfit" (i.e. the lame, the mentally challenged, the deformed etc.) or the outright killing of such individuals was grossly appalling.

That is why the documentary has warnings to the viewer that some of the footage (all original) would be too disturbing to see.

  But I think that every American over the age of 12 SHOULD see it!

Then, when they enter into the progressive bastion of insanity known as liberal colleges and universities, such educated students wouldn't fall for the Marxist propaganda so often preached by professors. That is exactly what happened during the beginnings of the ObamaBorgBot era of 2007-2008. These young adults had been so brain-dirtied by ObamaMao's call for "hope and change" that they didn't even know WHAT kind of deleterious change he was actually referring to!!!

Some of the information included in my previous paragraphs (in bold) were originally posted in the comment section at my friend Steve's blog. I thought that Steve's reply was spot on!
Cry and Howl May 1, 2012 5:52 am

I think what the underlying, subconscience feeling for all people is the need to feel safe and secure. To be assured the government is doing their main function of securing safety for the people. The need of security for people and their families is the motivating factor in determining who they “cheer” for. Obama and company deceive the people into thinking the Republicans want to take the security away using financial and health concerns to frighten people. Sowing the seeds of class warfare. And it works. Convincing people that they’ll be safe and secure financially, emotionallly, health wise, in retirement and the latest, safe from terrorist attack is the key to staying in power and yes, even securing complete power over those that cannot think.

[Hat Tip to Steve for giving me this blog post title idea!]

My response: Christine  May 1, 2012 9:38 am

Well said Steve! I think you are right. The damage being done by Obama is changing minds towards hopelessness, which leads to dependency. They seem to think that having a pResident who will preach the socialistic cradle-to-grave mentality of “we will take care of you” won’t end badly.

As you so brilliantly pointed out, the “safety and security” of the people which is done in this way gives far too much power to the “leader.” Thus, such a leader turned dictator will “secure complete power over those that cannot think.”

The manipulation of people’s minds is astonishing! How could they be so blind, deaf, and dumb to not see what is REALLY happening here??

I think a lot of it is due to spiritual deception.

 People are very desperate these days.

Crime is up in my area where we have lived for almost 12 years. This was NEVER an area where break-ins happened often. All of that has changed under Obamafraud’s criminalship!

Even though many Christian organizations that provide relief such as food banks and shelters are working around the clock, it is not enough to cover the needs of so many who are suffering these days. People who have lost jobs don’t have the income to help support such efforts anymore. Therefore, some people think that government will save them. This is being done all by design by those who follow the father of lies. Heck, didn’t Saul Alinsky dedicate his book, Rules For Radicals to Lucifer?

I continue to pray that enough people will be awakened to the truth about all the criminality surrounding Obama.  They need to take the blinders off and really see the radical in the White House and his ilk before it’s too late. A second term of Zero would give him an unchecked ability to absolutely crush our way of life and decimate America into something we won’t even recognize.

Lord Jesus, please help us!!

I sincerely hope that people will be educated about the Marxist/National Socialist (Nazi) history of Zero's new campaign slogan and wholeheartedly REJECT him and all his radicalized ilk this coming November!

Hat Tips to all links.



Also see: Nice Deb: Hump Day Link Around - Forward



Steve said...

Hey Christine;
Thank you for the mention here...though I'm not too sure of any 'brilliance' I may possses. ;)
You know I watched some of the video 'Government is greater than God' and hearing the cheering crowd and reading some of the comments only reinforced the thought than even Hitler was thankful that it's fortunate for leaders that people do not think. Obama obviously does not know anything about God's word and the cackling people cheering for sure know nothing. As I watched Obama, I couldn't help but think of a couple of scriptures.
"Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?"
"But unto the wicked God saith, What hast thou to do to declare my statutes, or that thou shouldest take my covenant in thy mouth?
Seeing thou hatest instruction, and casteth my words behind thee?"
..."and a fool's voice is known by multitude of words."

The first applies to his perpetual lies and perverting of anything that is decent and good, for his own gain. And to cause division.
Next: People like Obama will take the statutes of God into his mouth to use them for his own purpose but in practice cast them aside. (the rest of the scripture is very telling though, ending in ... "Now consider this, ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver."
The fools voice is known through the multitude of words ... I could also add, "in the multitude of words there wanteth not sin".
Obama rambles on most of the time literally saying nothing of substance and the sin is in his lies and deceit.
Sorry to ramble on dear Christine. You did a very good job detailing things I think about, yet don't have the ability to articulate.

Christinewjc said...


Thanks for sharing the genius of Scripture on this issue. You are a bright light sharing and reflecting upon God's Word for all to see!

It was difficult for me to watch the Obama video. You are correct that Obama's narcissistic demeanor and anti-God rhetoric shows "his perpetual lies and perverting of anything that is decent and good, for his own gain...and to cause division." That sums him up quite well.

Thank you for the compliment, but I think that YOU have a great ability to articulate important matters via your blog posts and comments here. Continue to keep up the good fight, Steve. God is smiling down upon you!

No matter what kind of havoc Obama and his ilk wreak upon our nation, we know that one day he (and all his cohorts) will stand before God at the White Throne Judgment. If he (and they) never repent of their sins, they will all suffer eternal consequences like all the other unrepentant dictators and evil people who once roamed the earth.

Our salvation, hope, comfort, and joy in the Lord Jesus Christ can NEVER be taken away from us. We know Who wins in the end.

Christinewjc said...

Received the following comment that I wanted to publish, but when I took a look at the person's website, could not in good conscience (and, especially in deference to God and reverence for the Lord Jesus Christ) allow the accompanying link to be placed in the comment section. Therefore, I have copied and pasted it here:

"Here's a clue: when referring to people, you use "who". So, Those WHO Cannot Think."

The point is well taken. Perhaps the title is not grammatically correct. Now that I think of it, it might be better to refer to such people as "those who refuse to think."

Most people can think; but many who reject God, Jesus Christ the LIving Word and God's written word - the Bible, lack the wisdom, knowledge and reverence required to think correctly about worldly issues.

Christians are urged to "have the mind of Christ." Quite the tall order and not something that we will ever achieve this side of heaven. Of course, it is essential to attempt to gain more and more of what our Savior taught us via the Scriptures so that we work towards that lofty goal.

I found it certainly curious that the person leaving the comment had nothing to say about the content of the post.

If you had seen this particular blogger's site, you might be given a clue as to why he/she didn't comment further. The name of the blog included references to "empty fists in the end" and "forever in hell."

I often wonder how such people find my blog. I wonder still why someone like that would even bother commenting here.

Those who are lost often do curious things. It probably has more to do with the empty heart and soul rather than "empty fists."

Prayers need to be sent up for individuals like that - even though they most likely will disparage, berate, spew hatred, and refuse to acknowledge the God of the universe. There are some who will be "pulled out of the fire" through the grace, mercy, and salvation offered and we never know which of these souls will eventually respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As believers in Jesus Christ - who is Lord and Savior of us all - we must continue to carry out the Great Commission by pointing the way towards salvation. After all, it is God who does the saving of each individual soul who repents at the cross of Jesus Christ.

DosJuanies said...

Well I guess that's it. Using the word "Forward" as his campaign slogan definitely means President Obama is a card carrying Communist/Marxist/Socialist or whatever your silly word of the day is! And Jim (Dim) Hoft's cut and paste from Wikipedia seals the deal.

But but but wait...the phrase “Forward Together” was used for the 46th Inaugural of America’s president, the alleged anti-Communist, Richard M. Nixon, in 1969.

Was Richard M. Nixon a closet Communist/Marxist/Socialist? This could perhaps explain his eagerness to meet Mao in his famous visit to the People’s Republic of China and the ease with which he approved the communistic government agency, the Environmental Protection Agency. This is a rather disturbing revelation and may prove that Richard M. Nixon was the first Communist/Marxist/Socialist president ever to be elected in the United States of America — a Republican-Communist/Marxist/Socialist no less. It might also explain the ease with which Nixon handed over South Vietnam to the Red Chinese!

Oh and the state motto for guessed it..."Forward" So I guess we can assume, by your logic, that the good people of Wisconsin are Communists/Marxists/Socialists too.

More far right-wing, lunatic fringe faux outrage.

steve said...

Hey lady!
I'm thinking that a lot of people that do the things you describe here do it to kind of test the waters ... maybe testing their own intellect, as they see that you are obviously very intelligent. I don't know, but that's what I gather from the attempted correction to your title. I agree with you 100% though, "those who refuse to think" is corrct as we all have the ability to think ... many just don't think beyond how they're programmed.
Oh, and you are way to kind to me! I'm a man of little consequence ... but I'd like to thank you for your most kind words.

Christinewjc said...

As you can see, Steve, more than one liberal had his/her feathers ruffled by this post. "Dos Juanies'" irritation about the connnections made about Obama's obvious Marxist tendencies caused him/her to go back to the Nixon administration to counter what was written about ObaMAO. lol! He/she is just another example of a person who "just does not think beyond how they are programmed." You were precisely correct in that analysis!

It's funny that he/she would compare Obama and Nixon. At least Nixon resigned when his criminality (which pales in comparison to Obama's multitude of sins) was made public.

You're too kind regarding my "intellect." Just ask my family...ha ha! Aren't we all humbled at times by the errors of our ways?

We can all be "lifted up," though, through the kindness of others - especially those in leadership positions. I think that is a big example of what is sorely lacking in this current aberrant Obama "world" we live in.

Enjoy your weekend my friend!

DosJuanies said...

Yes Hostess, Steve was too kind regarding your intellect. I was in no way comparing Nixon and President Obama. If you actually read and understood my comment, it was in reference to the first paragraph of your post and the use of the word "Forward" as President Obama's campaign slogan, which is ridiculous enough in and of itself. Nor are my feathers in the least bit ruffled. And I most certainly am not irritated by anything I read on this website. Amused? Yes. Irritated? No. Most of what I read here is just laughable! You actually are the one who "just does not think beyond how they are programmed."

DosJuanies said...

Yes Hostess, Steve was too kind regarding your intellect. I was in no way comparing Nixon and President Obama. If you actually read and understood my comment, it was in reference to the first paragraph of your post and the use of the word "Forward" as President Obama's campaign slogan, which is ridiculous enough in and of itself. Nor are my feathers in the least bit ruffled. And I most certainly am not irritated by anything I read on this website. Amused? Yes. Irritated? No. Most of what I read here is just laughable! You actually are the one who "just does not think beyond how they are programmed."

Steve said...

Mr. DosJuanies, Obama isn't a card carrying Communist/Marxist/Socialist because of his new campaign slogan "Forward". He's a Communist/Marxist/Socialist, enemy of the United States, enemy of free enterprise, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to worship how we choose, not to mention a racist, and part time sodomite (though I hear he does have a good jumpshot)because those things define his ideology, and his methodology. That's all. Jeez, Ray Charles could see that literally everything Obama does is of a globalist/socialist nature. Pleasing the "global community" is far more important to him than protecting the sovereignty of the United States. All those things describe him ... not the word Forward. I hope I've clarified the confusion somewhat.

steve said...

Hey Christine!
I hope you and your family had a good weekend! I got invited to join a very new website I think was started by a friend of mine over at WordPress. It's brand new and there's only about 15 members thus far ... I'm the newest member. I'd like to invite you to check it out and join as well if you'd like to. The site has only conservatives and Christians ...
Here's the web address:

steve said...

I was thinking about you this morning ... hope you're doing okay.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Steve,

I'm doing well. I was away for about 5 days and didn't have easy access to a computer. Therefore, I didn't have much time to get online.

I took a quick look at the forum you recommended but could not find where or how to become a member.

So much has happened over the past week. Obama's "gay" advocacy and marriage definition flip-flop, the attack on Romney by the Post (11 PAGES????) about an incident (which is turning out to not be true!) when he was in high school, and all of the other distractions being pushed out to make people ignore how horrible the economy continues to be!

I certainly hope more and more people are noticing how Obamafraud and the demoncraps are into the Alinskyite politics of personal destruction and what liars they all are!

Romney wasn't my first choice from the GOP field of candidates, but he would be far better than another four years of the most criminal organization to ever be in the U.S. governmental administration.

Thanks for being concerned about my absence! With Mother's Day coming up, I will be busy. I expect to do a new post on Monday or Tuesday.

Have a great weekend and a very blessed Sunday!

Susan Smith said...

Christine said: "...some people think that government will save them."

Government (even by and for the people) will never save anyone.

The ONE God of ISRAEL has the ONE government resting on his shoulders (Isaiah 9:6) that saves.

Loving you and all your readers from the east to the west Christine! (ss)

Steve said...

Just stopped by to say Happy Mothers Day to my dear friend.

Christinewjc said...

Thank you Susan and Steve!

I finally got a chance to put up a new post! So much has happened but the gay "marriage" flip-flop of Obama needs to be addressed today.

Jeremy Dolan said...

Hi Christine,
Have you perhaps considered of your comment "It is scary to think that millions of people will mindlessly vote for Obama again because they have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the propaganda via all the Alinsky tactics used on them." That these millions of people have their eyes open to what's going on and either are fully behind Obama's ideas, or are so scared by the alternatives that they are behind Obama - with all his faults - 100%?
For example, can you reconcile being a Christian woman and voting for a man who receives his backing from billionaires who allow prostitution in their casinos? I would like to understand that thinking more fully.
I'd also like to understand your message more fully.. as you probably know, the ideas of Marxism and National Socialism are opposites, so if these are both involved with the word 'Forward', which, incidentally was also used by Margaret Thatcher of GB in the mid eighties, how can you paint the Obama camp with a single political color based on this thinking?
No doubt the word Forward is used many times in the good book as well, yet you don't cite this in your arguments.
Also, I'd be grateful if you'd take the time to explain how you can relate the Third Reich, disgusting, abhorrent thing that it was, to this American President. I have seen documentaries about it too but hardly needed to as a single trip to German or Polish concentration camps will stay with you for life.
Is it not possible that, instead of all the people who voted for him being brainwashed, that they actually wanted change? That they see corruption in ALL American politics and they're fed up with the lies and the posturing and the media frenzy that it has become?
These are my beliefs.
I look forward to your rebuttal.

Christinewjc said...


With half of the population now dependent on food stamps, welfare, unemployment checks, etc. it could be said that they would vote for Obama again to keep their "goodies." But what many don't realize is how much liberty and freedom is being taken away by this evil government.

I do not know who you are referring to regarding the "backing of billionaires who allow prostitution in their casinos." Plus, how do you know whether or not I have voted for such a man?

Read all the links in my new post so that the true nature of Obama will finally be revealed to you.

The term "forward" has many meanings. But if you read the links I recommend in my new post, then you will see the Marxist direction Obama and his ilk are taking America.

Marxism and National Socialism once worked together, before they warred against each other. Remember Nazi Germany and Marxist Russia? Two evil governments with minor differences spawned from the same satanic pod.

If you don't see all of the corruption going on inside the Obama administration over the past 3 1/2 years then you are truly blind. Nothing I could write here would convince you otherwise. You are brain dirtied to the point of no return.