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Who is a Pathological, Sociopathic, Traitorous, and Evil Liar?

I love it when Democrats implode.  They can be their own worst enemies sometimes (Good!!).  When Newark Mayor Cory Booker made some comments about the class warfare (without using those words, of course) going on by saying that the Obama campaign should stop demonizing Romney about job creation during his Bain Capital days, and the "right" should stop harping on Obama's former radical pastor, Jeremiah Wright; the man was expressing his own opinion.  But he should have known better.  In the Progressive/Socialist/Marxist/Nazi world of ideology, one cannot move away from the usual deranged mastermind script which has been dictated to them.  Like the Borg on Star Trek - The Next Generation,  the Collective gets angry if you profess a genuinely held opinion that does not agree with the programming.  Therefore, you get verbally harassed into compliance to backtrack your original statement or you face the "danger" of being severed from the collective and put on the Obama enemies list.

Even though this can be considered aggregious, it is NOTHING when compared to what is happening behind the radar screen of most Americans.  When it comes to recognizing what the radicals are doing,  we must watch both the right hand and the left hand of the actor.  Please realize that they want you to focus on the circus going on within the media of mass deception while they are subsequently dismantling our Constitutional Republic behind the scenes.

Bill O'Reilly still does not understand the Marxist and radical ways of Obama.  He seems to be unable to imagine that although Obama has socialist tendencies, he just can't really be a true blue (make that red) Commie.  He keeps inviting various guests on his Factor show and asks them the same question about the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) fanaticism that has become more and more dangerous, cruel, and brutal where it once was a "legitimate" protesting group.  He wonders why Obama refuses to repudiate the group now that they have completely stepped out of the bounds of a "legitimate" protester group.  Bill rightly says that the OWS protests appeared to be a "grassroots effort" to get their voices heard, although those of us in the know about the Cloward Piven / Saul Alinsky tactics of the left were never fooled.   However, the evidence has always  pointed to the typical hate-America leftist financiers (Soros etc.) who fund these low-life radicals and their nefarious activities for the specific purpose of stirring up deep trouble! 

O'Reilly seems to have fallen for the original hype spewed forth by the media of mass deception regarding OWS.  Earth to O'Reilly!  OWS was ALWAYS meant to stir up radicals into a frenzy for the purpose of breaking the law, getting arrested, and being jailed - right in front of the media cameras for all to see.  If enough people can be convinced to participate, it could be determined that the goal is ultimately for the purpose of bringing about an "excuse" for the "powers that be" to institute martial law here in America!    Recall the recent controversial executive order Obama signed? Listen to a great video about that HERE!  [Warning:  your head may explode but it is ESSENTIAL that you know about this!!!!]  Two commenters wrote:
This is a preparation for multiple outcomes. Police State, War and or Economic Collapse. This is a Total Control Act and as the Dollar is the base currency of the world it makes you wonder what this preparation is intended for. It is important that this is recognized as a completely unlawful and insidious action by the Actors manipulating our world. Fire them all. -  UncleGrinder
This basically gives them total control over everything. We the people have nothing now. We don't even have ourselves. They OWN you....sounds great! Makes you wonder what they have planned, what else is there? Total Global Domination. This isn't even a country anymore this is a prison. - realmofoz

Now, I know that the radio show explanation of the executive order signed by Obama was long, but if you did listen to it then you will understand why I think that the answer to the question as to why Obama refuses to criticize the current OWS radicals is precisely because he "agrees" with them! Therefore, he can't repudiate them or even their tactics. However, when you read the excerpt below from Western Journalism, you will find out why Obama (or any of his spokespersons - like Jay Carney - who had trouble responding to Fox News Channel's Wendell Goler's question about this!) won't refute them, why he won't comply with them, and why he just refuses to say anything about them right now! If Obama is re-elected (God forbid...PLEASE!!!) then his "hidden" agreement with the radicals would not need to be disguised anymore.

Some of the more moderate former protesters have dropped out (good for them - they put down the Kool-Aid).  This  "movement" no longer wants to use the disguise they though they were displaying to the public in the past.  The radical ends that they desire need to now be done through radical means.  They can no longer wear the masks they once did.  Now, the movement's  anarchist/socialist/communistnazism core are on display for all to see.  They are trying their very best to get the police stirred up enough to strike back; but the police aren't complying with their sinister plot.

Western Journalism has a great article (and cartoon posted above) that identifies exactly why these radicals are turning on their "messiah" Obama, and why the hypocrisy of the Obama campaign attacking Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney for his Bain Capital days is ludicrous.

Western Journalism: Radical Left Begins To Turn On Their Messiah, Obama
  [P.S. There is a warning at the site that the video contains strong language and viewer discretion is advised - but it's only one word that might be considered offensive.]

Barack Hussein Obama has embraced Marxism since at least his Occidental days, hanging out with Marxist and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers in the 1990s and 2000s, sitting on boards and foundations with him, and funneling millions of dollars to radical ‘social justice’ groups like ACORN.

Something that happens to all socialists and communists that gain power, however, is that they come to like living the high life, so while they are redistributing wealth, they tend to redistribute it into their own pockets.

The hard line Left that do all the legwork to put their token Marxist in office tend to not like this and come looking for the dictator that they have installed as The One to usher in their communist utopia. And this is exactly what is happening today with Obama.

The socialist/communists/anarchist Occupy movement that Obama and the ‘Progressives’ (that is, communists and socialists) in Congress embraced, lacking their utopia, are beginning to make some grumbling sounds. The Occupy movement that Obama has coddled is doing more than protesting. Now they are taking on the strategies of Obama’s crony from his New York days onwards, good old domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, who in the 1970s rarely changed his underwear but liked to set a bomb about once a month to keep ‘The Man’ on his toes.

But Obama is having too much fun golfing, going on lavish vacations, buying his wife expensive clothing and jewelry, and throwing lavish parties with the Hollywood elite to be bothered with the rabble that his Marxists babble sought to save.

The Occupy Marxists, however, don’t go away so easily. When they invest in something, they want a return on their investment. Perhaps the only form of capitalism that they approve of: “We put you in office, you better deliver.”
It is interesting to note that the video begins with a sentence stating that Glenn Beck predicted some time ago that the radicals would one day turn on Obama. Heck!  Even the radical Reverend Wrong has already turned on Obama!  Over at the Western Journalism "Obama Turnaround Cartoon" post, two commentators summed it all up quite well:
heavy6878 says: May 23, 2012 at 11:17 am

Obama took all of the money, intended to spur the economy, and gave it to the bankers, Golden Sachs, the huge insurance firms, and the auto industry and the unions. All his hype about shovel ready jobs were just that, all hype, no substance. Now he wants to talk about Mitt Romney and his money while talking out of the other side of his mouth to his friends on Wall Street so as not to anger them. Typical Obummer BS.
jUSTacOUNTRYbOY says: May 23, 2012 at 12:39 pm

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Western Journalism
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Update 5/28/12:

If readers here think that my language against Obama is harsh, read this: Trevor Loudon's New Zeal Blog: Barack Hussein Obama’s delusions of grandeur. Does he actually believe his own lies?



Christinewjc said...

No comments on this so far...even with that catchy headline.

I can't blame anyone for not being willing to sit and listen to the 2 hour radio show podcast link at Youtube regarding the ILLEGAL, thoroughly anti-constitutional executive order that Obama signed back in March. Besides dozens more complaints about what is in it (all important, of course) would it surprise readers to learn that it literally gives Obama dictatorial capabilities to declare martial law and confiscate food, water, energy, etc. from residents personal property when an "emergency" is declared?

Don't believe me? Then you will need to listen to the podcast to see how dire a situation it would be for ALL AMERICANS if the implimentation of that executive order happens! It would effect EVERYONE, people!

This is NO JOKE and I fear that Obama will use it to somehow create either a reason not to hold the election in Nov. 2012, run a false-flag operation here in the homeland, manufacture another crisis (like Soros did with the economic crisis in 2008), start a war, or any other type of event that would give him the power to become the new Hitler here in America.

You can label me a "conspiracy theorist" if you want to. But I think that Obama and his ilk would do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to maintain the power, wealth, and influence that he now seems to enjoy - to the detriment and destruction of our beloved country!

During the podcast, I heard of an author named Gary Allen (Alan?) who wrote a book years ago that would be considered prophetic today. It is called, "None Dare Call It Conspiracy." I plan to get the book and read it.

All I can say to readers regarding this post is - what you don't know WILL hurt you!.

Christinewjc said...

A review of Allen's book:

184 of 191 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Frightening., March 4, 2005
By Robert P. Beveridge "xterminal" (Lakewood, OH) - See all my reviews
(HALL OF FAME REVIEWER) (VINE VOICE) (REAL NAME) This review is from: None Dare Call It Conspiracy (Hardcover)
Gary Allen and Larry Abraham, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, rev. ed. (Buccaneer Books, 1986)

It has been my experience for the past half-decade or so that when I want to read good horror, I don't go to the horror section of the bookstore. I go to the non-fiction section. There is a short but powerful list of nonfiction books that are guaranteed to put a good scare into you, and I seem to have stumbled across the majority of them. Stanton Peele's The Diseasing of America. Robert Weinberg's One Renegade Cell. Glenn Gaesser's Big Fat Lies. Add to the list Allen and Abraham's None Dare Call It Conspiracy.

Allen and Abraham here attempt to make the case that the events of recent world history, from the Bolshevik Revolution forward, have been brought into being and controlled by a relatively small group of insiders, mostly international banking magnates and (later on) the Council on Foreign Relations. While it's certainly conspiracy theory, Allen and Abraham have done a fine job of backing up their assertions with a huge amount of primary and secondary source material (just looking up the titles in the bibliography took me the better part of two hours). Whether you're a fan of conspiracy theory or not, the facts presented, and the conclusions drawn, in this book, are thought-provoking and outrageous.

I defy any reader of this slim volume, conservative, liberal, neocon, free-thinker, what have you-- not to be incensed by it. Even if you only believe a fraction of what Allen and Abraham put forth in this book, it cannot but make you want to do something to stem the tide. And there is certainly a tide; the book, originally written during the Nixon administration, can be looked at now with three decades of hindsight. There's no denying that much of what Allen and Abraham forecast for America's future has either come to pass or is in front of the Cabinet as we speak. (Michael Badnarik dissects the final chapter of this book, and points out a number of ways these predictions have already happened, in his book odd to Be King). Whether you believe that there really is a conspiracy afoot (and, really, "follow the money" does work here) or whether you believe it's all the result of incompetence, stupidity, and lack of communication, there's no denying it's happening. All you have to do is step outside and look around.

Terrifying. A must-read. Do whatever you need to do to hunt a copy down. The first book guaranteed to make my Best Reads of 2005 list. **** ½

Christinewjc said...

There are several great reviews at the site, but this one is one of the best:

20 of 20 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Wake Up!, February 6, 2010
By Brian (Tacoma, WA) - See all my reviewsThis review is from: None Dare Call It Conspiracy (Hardcover)
Beginning in October 2008, several private Wall Street banks received taxpayer bailouts totalling over $6 trillion (and counting). This is not by accident. The word "conspiracy" has gotten a lot of bad press; it is an idea which has been targeted for ridicule. It is a word we have been conditioned to recoil from. We have been trained to reject anything called a "conspiracy" instinctively, without considering the merits of the information being presented. In most aspects of our lives, we recognize it is in our best interest to ask questions, be skeptical, and base our decisions and actions on as much information as possible. "Caveat emptor" (buyer beware), "look before you leap", etc... are well-known principles. Yet if somebody suggests that many of the problems presently facing our nation are due to the influence of a highly secretive banking cartel, we have been trained to dismiss this idea with no further investigation. Sadly, it is the case. It is a matter of public record that the Federal Reserve Bank system is not a government institution (no more "federal" than Federal Express), rather privately owned by a handful of very wealthy families.
Have you ever heard of an organization called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)? If you look into it, you will discover that ever since the 1960's, every Presidential administration- Democrat or Republican- has had a large percentage of CFR members on their staff. What does this signify? Considering the power they wield, why isn't more attention paid by our "watchdog" media?
Did you ever wonder why Democrats and Republicans bicker endlessly, but once they are elected to office, they basically follow the same policies? When a politician comes along who differs with the narrow Right-Left monolith, (s)he is ridiculed or ignored. (e.g. Ron Paul, Tammy Duckworth, Dennis Kucinich).
Did you know that the Russian Revolution was primarily funded by Western bankers? On the face of it, that is absurd, since Communists claim they would take the assets of the wealthy, and redistribute them to the poor! What could possibly explain such behavior?
Were you aware that while millions of people lost their fortunes in the stock market crash of 1929, a small clique of the very wealthiest families in this country (Rockefellers, Morgans, Melons, Loebs, and Harrimans) were safely out of the markets when the crash hit? What did they know that the rest did not?

(con't next comment)

Christinewjc said...

I could go on all day. There are literally thousands of instances I could point out which show clearly that the worlds of politics and finance do not operate as they claim to. Their driving principles have been obscured from the public. This book explores the history, philosophy, and function of the shadowy, secretive, insular, and unaccountable institutions which really run the world: the Federal Reserve System, the Bank of England, the CFR, and their international counterparts in the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and countless others. The ultimate goal of all these groups is to centralize wealth and power into the hands of a very small number of American and British banking elites. The book elucidates how worldwide socialist movements over the past 100 years were intentionally created or supported by this Western banking cartel, for the purpose of establishing a world political-financial system. The European Union, NAFTA, CAFTA, the African Union, and the widely discussed (sometimes denied) North American Union are all manifestations of this concerted effort. Gary Allen's insightful narrative describes many (not all) of the milestones this effort has passed over the past century, including the the secretive drafting of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, passage of the graduated federal income tax, establishment of tax-free "charitable" foundations (by the Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford families), and the 1907 stock market crash- which was planned and executed by (Rothschild collaborator) J.P. Morgan.
In this age of the Trans-Texas Corridor, discussions about replacing the US dollar with a multinational "Amero", and $750 billion taxpayer bailouts of private Wall Street banks, it is very late in the game. President George H.W. Bush spoke of an imminent "new world order" in a speech in 1991. That phrase has been discussed for decades in private think tanks. However it has been packaged to us (usually as a United Nations-led "partnership for peace" or a "brotherhood of nations"), this new order has at its heart a monopoly on the creation of currency in the hands of a small banking cabal. As has been shown in nation after nation, if this is allowed to happen, monopolies in manufacturing, communication, transportation, and all other significant economic activities will follow, and that is itself just a transitional stage on the way to estabilshment of a world totalitarian dictatorship.
The book is a short 138 pages, but if you read it, you will never see the nightly news in the same light again.

Christinewjc said...

One more:

35 of 40 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars None dare take it seriously, August 9, 2005
By Luna Dante "luna dante" (USA) - See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: None Dare Call It Conspiracy (Hardcover)
This is one of those subjects so maligned and so ridiculed in the ultra-liberal university system, it's taken for granted that what is discussed here is paranoid fabrication.
I read this first as a teenager. Futher reading on the various connections made, studying world history, and keeping up with world events has made me realize that it was one of the most important things I've ever read.
A lot written on the subject of conspiracy is hysterical misinformation. This book is the antithesis of that. It is simple, serious, and very calmly put forth.
When you read about the Tower of Babel, Alexander the Great, and Napoleon, you clearly see that people don't change; nothing has changed, only the cast of characters.

As I write this, we are one step closer to the objective. As you read this, we'll be closer than that. Everyone chooses what to believe instead of believing what's always been true.

Christinewjc said...

Any readers here recall Obama's comment that was captured via a phone call where he stated, "The powers that be want Romney."

Now, it depends on what was meant by that. Did it mean that these "powers" believe that Obama can defeat Romney at the polls? Did it mean that Romney is, (as Soros was quoted as saying) "not much different than Obama?"


steve said...

Hey Christine!
Gonna watch the thing here shortly! Be not dismayed, Ol' Steve is makin' time for my favorite blogger! Just been kinda busy. Had to get some stuff done before tomorrow ... gotta go back to work around 10 p.m. tomorrow night!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Steve,

It's OK if you don't have much time to view it. I understand. Besides, you keep tabs on all that is going on so you probably wouldn't be a bit surprised at what is in the bill.

I have been busy as well and haven't kept up on my former daily blogging plan for quite some time now. But that's OK - when I get the time I share a new blog post.

GM left me a nasty comment....again. Typical...huh?

Thanks for stopping by and being a loyal reader here! Appreciate it!

steve said...

Hey little lady! I plugged my way through it and most of it I knew already ... but it's good to have the details put forth in plain english! I had posted something about the NDAA signing and I had read one 'conservative' person (for the life of me I can't remember who) that basically said we're making too much of it. I posted something about it, but it's been a while.
Truthfully Christine I just cannot imagine how any one that cares about America at all could vote for this character. Blacks do because he's black, gays because of his gay policy, unions because of how he supports his buddies, teachers the same. Is there anyone that cares for America just a little more than what they may gain temporarily? I mean no one cares if he's selling out the nation ... just let me marry my boyfriend! Gawd! This fits in line with my last post about the 'dumbing down' of America and how it's reached the White House. Our standards for morality, etc are out the window.
I can't imagine GM leaving you a nasty comment. You're too nice to everyone. Well lady, I hope you and your family have a great weekend!

Christinewjc said...

Yeah...some people aren't worried about it. Maybe it was someone on Fox News? They may not be worried about it until a crisis happens. Then, when such an order is implemented, the troublesome crackdown on our liberties, freedom of religion, and freedom in general will begin. Those who are unprepared will be shocked.

I think that Obama and his ilk will do everything possible (illegal things too - like voter fraud) to stay in power. It will be ugly.

I agree with you that the MO of the Dems is to "dumb down" Americans. I need to read your post on it later tonight or tomorrow.

GM is just being his usual self. Calling me "paranoid" and accusing me of spreading "BS" and being "crazy." He wrote the comment on the "None Dare Call It A Conspiracy" post. Ya gotta wonder why he even bothers to read here if he thinks that way about me and what I report at this blog!

I am having a nice relaxing weekend (in between the Spring cleaning I am doing - ha!) and I hope you are too!

God bless and thanks for being so kind to me!

Christinewjc said...

Update 5/28/12:

If readers here think that my language against Obama is harsh, read this:

Trevor Loudon's New Zeal Blog: Barack Hussein Obama’s delusions of grandeur. Does he actually believe his own lies?